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  1. My advice is to stay at Breakers Express. The rates really aren't too bad, it's Clean, Comfortable, and close to the park. You will also receive 1 hour of extra ride time in the morning if you stay there, on select rides.
  2. Yes, and that excites me. I really love the super slow twist on X Flight.
  3. Not sure why they would do that. They just painted it a couple years ago. A new ride in the area might pump more life back into it as well.
  4. Was kind of disappointed that the Trojan Horse Go-Kart track no longer spirals up the Trojan Horse. Really hope that's just temporary and that section of the track re-opens at some point. Oh wow, I didn't know that was the case. I, as well hope that is just temporary. That track has been there as long as I can remember going to the Dells when I was a kid. It's an icon of sorts, and will be missed if it should leave.
  5. That's actually brilliant. I hadn't thought about it till now, but with SFGAm running Batman Backwards this year, it's at least conceivable that this ride could be designed to run entirely backwards... I think if I were designing a backwards invert, I would keep the row at the front of the train facing forward, because the experience in the front row of an invert is really awesome.
  6. What about the Wilderness theater back in the Picnic grove? In all the times I've been to the park since 2000, I have never once seen that theater being used. It's close proximity to the Iron Wolf site makes it a great candidate for demolition, if you ask me. You could then, easily, fit a launched premier coaster back there, whether its something like Sky Rocket, or even Full Throttle, it would be a great addition to Great America.
  7. Even if you find nothing else to do at Mt. Olympus (there's more than plenty) there is an entire city full of attractions that could easily keep you entertained for several days. The trojan horse track is really unique and I thoroughly enjoy the massive wave pool at Mt. Olympus.
  8. You're absolutely right, I am a Voyage Fan Boy. I will say that the 2012 and 2013 rides I've had have been *significantly* better than 2010 and 2011. Is it smooth like Outlaw Run? Definitely not, but it is smooth comparatively.
  9. The Voyage has been smooth these past two seasons - very re-rideable. But I would agree, it seems like the Timberliners amplify the non-smooth parts in the track. I found Hades to be very lack-luster earlier this summer, with the highlights being the pre-lift as well as the inversion. Everything after the 2nd trip in the tunnel seemed to drag with no airtime or excitement. But Cyclops was awesome this summer, as always!
  10. It's certainly a hoax. Why would they send out a comb for a ride called "The Bat"? Also, why would they re-use the name of a defunct coaster in the same park? Makes no sense to me.
  11. Clearly it will be much larger than this, but honestly out of Sky Screamer at SFSTl, Windseeker at KI and this, this has the most intense ride cycle. (Sparkler at HW)
  12. St. Louis is in the 200 ft range, and I think it's a great ride! I'm hoping for the best with this announcement, but prepared for the worst. Maybe Brookfield Zoo is done with their Dinosaurs Alive after this summer...
  13. No truer words have been spoken, or written in this case. That man has a passion for his job, and he is an expert in deception. I look forward to Thursday night!
  14. I am very happy to hear good reports from Silver Dollar City. I was there in May for my first time, and I was blown away by the location, the theming, the service, the food, the shopping, the cave, the rides, the shows, just EVERYTHING. I can't wait to see what this park does next!
  15. That Intamin observation tower looks downright terrifying, but overall it looks like you are having a great time. I really enjoy the pictures.
  16. Raven: Average Friday Night, Super Fast Saturday (Rumors of recently oiled track) Legend: Very smooth, and running very fast. Mucho airtime on the airtime hill Voyage: Smooth in the A train, not so smooth in the B train. (You can look at the rear left bottom of each car to identify which train it is) Hallowswings: Smoothest ride all night
  17. So just curious if anybody made it out to the park this weekend, and if so, how was the downtime situation at Outlaw Run.
  18. Philrad71: I don't think it includes park admission, just waterpark. But the penthouses or what ever they're called are NOT the best. I repeat, I would not recommend those.
  19. Hopefully after this weekend we will hear better reports of uptime on the ride. I fully understand the challenges with a new ride system. But usually the bugs work themselves out. Hopefully for SDCs sake this happens sooner rather than later.
  20. Dan Koch mentioned last fall to expect "Big Big things" in 2014, 15, 16
  21. Well, if you want to stay "on-property" the hotel has just undergone a simple facelift with new paint, carpet, bedding, furniture and flat TVs. Otherwise, if you have a large party the Beach Club duplexes are really nice. Those are the best bets at the park. Down the road 5 miles is blue door cottages, my personal favorite in town. Small, but really nice, with new everything. Full kitchens is a plus, and there is a bar across the street on the lake. There are also grills and fire pits at that resort. If you don't mind driving, Lafayette is just about 40 min south and offers hotels from just about any chain you can think of.
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