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  1. You consider this terrible? I was kind of impressed with Black Widow's set-up. This is new. That certainly did NOT look like that when I rode in 2012.
  2. The newest rumor is that all B&M hypercoasters are installing airbags this season. Wow. Seat belts AND airbags on Diamondback for the 2014 season? I'm front in line! They don't even need Banshee with these kind of improvements! Or the original restraints.
  3. Their problems don't lie within the dry rides exclusively. Their lifeguards are undertrained, understaffed, and under equipped. I've been there several times and have noticed at least one thing every time that leaves me feeling uneasy. Specifically, I was at the Mat slide up on the hill in the old family land section waiting for a friend when an older gentleman came off a slide. The gentleman splashed into the pool and was unresponsive. The lifeguard was not even paying attention. The man's daughter was screaming at the lifeguard, so he stood up, climbed down the platform, took his shoes off, took his shirt off, then went in attempt to rescue the man. So not only was he not properly scanning his zone, but he had absolutely no sense of urgency. If you want to visit the park, fine. But if you have kids, please, please keep a close eye on them, or just avoid the place altogether.
  4. Rougher than I ever remember it being at Great America. The theming and effects are nice, though. And the station is designed better.
  5. I'd be pretty damn concerned about riding that "looping" wooden coaster of theirs. The Timberliners didn't feel overly secure to me last year, and the track has had an absolutely BRUTAL winter to suffer through.
  6. Now, this looks like some potential lift hill action may be coming soon.
  7. From what the guards at Wilderness were telling me, the people who are just above the minimum weight frequently have trouble.
  8. Like Blue Turbo, above, I've ridden the one at Wilderness in Wisconsin Dells. Prior to the Aqua Loop, I have been on several of Proslide's Sky Box slides, both straight down and their "super loop." The Aqua Loop is a far superior experience to the Super Loop, as you have the upward sensation, the fear of not knowing if you'll "make it" up the loop, and much much less water going up your nostrils and in your eyes. I think it totally meets the hype.
  9. ^ Thanks for sharing your experience. Did you eat anything while at the park by chance?
  10. I'm right there with you. I go to the Dells 2-4 times every year. I've never had a bad experience at Noah's Ark or The Wilderness. I've never gad a GOOD experience at Mt. Olympus. I don't feel any need to go back. Thanks but no thanks.
  11. I'm hoping for a Facebook or Twitter update from the park soon. It is difficult to see the progress from this angle.
  12. Alright, I now have all my accommodations booked for the parks we're going to. Does anybody have any specific advice for the following parks regarding Food, Rides I can't miss, or What to ride first to avoid long lines, etc. Kings Dominion, Hersheypark, Knoebels, Dorney Park, Great Adventure, SFNE, Quassy & Lake Compounce
  13. When they re-did the Spaghetti bowl portion of Voyage they opted to leave some of the railings off.
  14. Looks like they've committed to strobe lights. Epic night rides await. I can't wait until April 17!
  15. Does anybody know how much the Hersheypark tickets go for at the Hershey Camp Resort?
  16. I'm signed up for this already. Will I have my membership card in time for the event?
  17. The concept art looks great! It's nice to see theming for shops & restaurants like this at a regional, family-owned park.
  18. Yep, you're definitely correct, my friend. I've updated my original post to reflect this.
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