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  1. You just walk up to the gate and hand them your Voucher. They will scan it, they will scan a SP Card, then you register your finger. The whole process is under 10 seconds long. You can then print your name on your card on your own time.
  2. Check out www.dellsparkmotel.com under $100 includes 2 days at Wilderness. Noah's is great too!
  3. As long as it doesn't take them a half-eternity to build it...
  4. How not? Because they already have 3 of the best woodies, they lack steel.
  5. I would not see an RMC happening. Mack however, not only would I love to see this, I actually see it as being a feasible option for this park. You can probably make a great multi launcher, and keep it family friendly.
  6. From what I've heard they're awful inside. I've only stayed there once, and I never will again. All rooms start above $100, in the summer anyways. If I'm going to spend more than $100 in the Dells, it will be at Wilderness.
  7. ^ because there's no immediate return on investment from good operations like there is from slummy motels. They don't see the long term goal, just the get rich quick schemes.
  8. RMC has control of everything, except weather. And this year, weather played a huge factor in any delays that were experienced. I think Six Flags could have, however, played it safe like Kings Island and started construction much sooner, except that the train wouldn't have been operational for parts of last season if they did that.
  9. Seeing as Voyage was announced in July, I believe, I would anticipate this is an even bigger addition, if they do intend to announce as early as May. We'll see. I look forward to finding more hints, and the speculation is always a fun game.
  10. I wouldn't be shocked if they're planning the announcement for May 15 when they've invited card-carrying members of coaster clubs for a free day in the park. The bottom line of the information about the day says: "One More Thing: You won’t want to miss this walk in the woods. So don’t."
  11. The former Coco Key Water Resort attached to the Sheraton Chicago Northwest in Arlington Heights, IL will reopen within the next year or so with a new design. I, for one, am very excited to hear this news as I worked there for its short 3-year existence as a Lifeguard. I also really enjoy the Wilderness' Wisconsin Dells properties, so this is really an all-around win. I'd like to quote the article, which can be found in the Daily Herald: "...Trandel said he hopes to get construction started on the next phase of the project -- a new Four Points by Sheraton Hotel with 161 rooms and an expanded water park -- in June. Developers have a deal with Wilderness Resorts, which owns resorts and water parks at Wisconsin Dells, to renovate the water park, which will include an additional 10,000 square feet of space, two more rides and a redesign to gear the park more toward a teenage crowd, Trandel said. Construction on the water park could take five to seven months and construction on the hotel is about a 10-month project, Trandel said..." Thoughts? This could be a nice stop for those traveling to Great America, when it opens.
  12. Two: One during media day, and one during Scream for a Kid Again
  13. It seems to me like this was a last-minute decision to remove Pilgrim's Plunge/Giraffica. Below is a snippet from a 2014 Park Map (made apparent by Mayflower) that I received with my Club TPR membership. So they had already printed maps with the ride on it for this year. 2014 Park Map
  14. Really wish I had been able to stick around until Saturday, as Friday was BRUTAL!
  15. It probably won't look quite so cluttered on the ground. Also I doubt we'll notice that as much when there's an enormous purple and blue coaster beckoning us. I guess, I should also remember that there are a bunch of trucks, and such laying on the ground that won't be there when the park opens. And where is the photo booth? Under the station, I believe.
  16. Actually that station would be a great location for a new coaster's station. I would Imagine a new coaster would have to depart from the park's present boundaries to be of any substantial size anyways.
  17. ^ A sports bar opened at Great America in 2013, so That is definitely not the only one. Nice Trip Report, however. I look forward to my first visit to this park in June.
  18. Great America's (as well as Kalahari's) are no longer manually-controlled unfortunately. I agree on the copious amounts of water, however. It makes the slide less enjoyable.
  19. In case you missed it, this was posted on facebook (https://www.facebook.com/IndianaBeachAmusementPark) "Indiana Beach announces additional operating days and extended hours. (Monticello, IN) – Indiana Beach, Indiana’s largest and most popular amusement resort and vacation playground has announced that additional park operating days have been added to the 2014 season. Park operating hours will also be extended on several days. This year will mark the 88th season that Indiana Beach will begin welcoming nearly one million annual guests through its gates. The dates and extended hours added to the Indiana Beach Amusement and Water Park calendar will be: August 11, 12, 13 and 14 (11 am – 10 pm), August 15 (11 am – 11 pm) and September 6 (11 am – 6 pm). These additional dates will bring the total to 94 operating days that Indiana Beach will be open this season. This season seven exciting new rides have been added to the park. Several new events and upgrades are also planned to continue the tradition of creating memories for young and old alike. Indiana Beach President Bob Gallagher stated, “Indiana Beach is here to create fun and happy memories for families to cherish for years to come. If you’re planning a summer family outing, Indiana Beach offers something for everyone.” Indiana Beach has also adjusted the opening date for this season to May 23rd. Indiana Beach President Bob Gallagher explained, “This winter has taken a toll on our crews preparing the park for opening. Also, with area schools extending their school calendar it has had an impact on the available workforce within the park. It’s unfortunate we’ve had to change the opening date but we want to make sure we are ready to provide our guests with a great experience.” Gallagher added, “Indiana Beach is adding seven new rides this year and having them up and running for our guests is a high priority.” Gallagher finished by saying, “By adjusting our opening date this will allow us to prepare the park and hire staff in order to provide our guests with the fun experience they deserve.” "
  20. Wow! I'm kind of at a loss for words. The team at RMC dreams big, and builds even bigger. Robb is absolutely right, this is a game changer. It combines the best elements from the best coasters: Boulder Dash's terrain, Outlaw Run's drops, El Toro's air time. I think I need to plan a trip to Sweden in 2016.
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