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  1. I went to the park yesterday and Goliath is looking fantastic! If you're interested, I did post some pictures over at Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/115122102@N02/sets/72157644739748494/
  2. I think it will be a launched coaster similar to the likes of Verbolten or Cheetah Hunt. Maybe it will be more intense a la Maverick, Blue Fire or Helix, or maybe it will be more family friendly like Fire Chaser. Whatever it is, I cannot wait to see it revealed!
  3. I am quite certain it will not be a water ride. Last September they announced Mayflower in the video below, and in the video the narrator says: "Starting Today, September 6, 2013, Focus moves back to Thanksgiving starting with the Mayflower." This tells me they're holding off on water rides for now. Video Link:
  4. Already in progress. They went back by Voyage and someone found a box with papers that say "66daysatsea.com" and now they're headed to Giraffica's station.
  5. And that was the same year (2003) that both Great America and Great Adventure received their Supermen.
  6. Yes, absolutely. This year there's 8 total hours of ERT. Are there any other events on this planet that offer this kind of ERT?
  7. To me, the Voyage alone makes Holiday World worth the trek (which is 6 hrs from home). You should really consider Holiwood Nights, I think it is the best way to experience Holiday World /and/ Splahsin' Safari.
  8. Seeing the assembly of the track for the lift and drop out in the lot restores my hope that it will in fact be ready for Media Day.
  9. Here's another photo from the Park's Instagram from today. The seat belt is a bit clearer now, as well.
  10. You can sort of make them out in this shot. They are brown, as well...
  11. Yes, Outlaw Run has this "plate." This is the standard road steel that goes on any wooden coaster. See pic below, it is brown on Outlaw Run.
  12. I see a concrete truck on the Goliath Site. Could this contain that elusive "grout" for the track we've been waiting for?
  13. Hank confirmed this last fall. Noise I believe was the biggest reason, but should be a bit smoother, too.
  14. There are new signs this year as you drive toward the parking gate stating if you parked elsewhere you will be towed...
  15. I agree with this. But if this were to happen I think that they would have included it in this year's makeover of Gemini Midway.
  16. Arguably, most rides at Cedar Point could go for more theming. However, I don't think that is their goal with the coasters. Cedar Point provides Roller Coasters that deliver on thrill, and they build massive queues to accommodate the crowds. They're really not going after the "Disney" market.
  17. Thanks for the great trip report! Great news for voyage, yet kind of sad for the other two coasters. Good thing I spend the majority of my time over at Voyage.
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