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  1. My credits so far this year are Avenue Q, Jekyll and Hyde, 13 and Les Miserables. I am going to see Legally Blonde soon!
  2. I'm from Scotland and have been to: England Northern Ireland Sweden Norway Denmark Germany Austria Holland France Spain Portugal Morocco Tunisia Greece Egypt Italy United Arab Emirates Canada North America China Belgium Poland Czech Republic
  3. At the moment my favourite song has to be "Hey Stephen" by Taylor Swift, because: - My name is Stephen! - It's really catchy - It basically describes my relationship
  4. I really don't know how I started to love coasters....I used to be scared of them all...I just got braver I suppose In answer to your question, I like Robb's idea and also the ones outlining a first ride on Saw. If you go in with a "nothing is too scary" attitude you should be ok! -- Stephen
  5. I would love to visit a Universal park at Halloween! I have only been during the Summer months to Florida and Hollywood and wish I could make it at another time because this looks amazing! Having visited the "House of Horrors" I guess he "Horror Nights" are just like an even better version with many shows. It all looks amazing from past years.
  6. Nice pictures....Does Ben Ten have a lot of indoor queuing indoors? and is it well themed?
  7. Well it still rides Rough...Very rough! But the new trains are really comfortable and are very eye friendly. It looks like a new coaster!
  8. - Spend a day at Aquatica! - Try Beverly Coca Cola in Epcot. - See Clyde and Seamore at Seaworld! - Go to Mickey's house at The Magic Kingdom. - Spend a long time just exploring Main Street in The Magic Kingdom! and most important one - ENJOY IT ALL!
  9. On Tuesday I visited Blackpool Pleasure Beach with my school. We had a great day and were all shattered by the time we got home! It was a lovely day and all of the rides were open apart from the "Gold Mine" which I guess isn't opening again any time soon as it was closed when I visited two years ago. The reason that this is very much a mini report is that my friends wanted me to be sociable and not take pictures all day, I agreed! However, I did get on a few rides but was forced into holding bags a few times. The park is looking really good with the addition of Nickelodeon Land and it seemed a lot cleaner contrasting to my last visit. So enjoy the pictures that I took and feel free to comment and discuss ADMIN EDIT: I went ahead and added "Photo TR:" to the title of the thread. Thanks for sharing this with us! The park entrance...replacing the old entrance area under the ark....We were in a terrible rush to get in! The Infusion track in the morning sunlight with The Big One in the background....That is just shouting out ride me!! Lovely Vekoma twisting! Swoop! The Big One! Only got on once but it's always brill! Nothing's ever too high!...... The new Nick Land! This sign is on the side of the old Space Invader 2 building! "Blue Flyer" is the newly painted "Zipper Dipper" kiddie woodie! Didn't get a chance to ride. The kiddie Log Flume is now Rugrats themed! Had to ride it! Spongebob's Splash Bash sits close to where the "Tetley Tea Cups" were... The whole place is so much brighter and fresher now! Noted! New funky theming on the Log Flume! Rugrat style! Replacing the "Rollercoaster" is Nickelodeon Streak....So awesome and bright! And possibly the coolest shop EVER! So much Sponge! Robyn wouldn't leave without the guitar! New trains on Nick Streak! My favourite shot. A tribute to a great ride and tagada! And we closed the day with lots and lots of water!
  10. Really nice looking area now....It was very shabby before. Two points - 1) OMG, Nice refurb of the rollercoaster! 2) What is inside the old Space Invader building? Is the coaster still in there?
  11. Ummm....Well I have never visited Miami but have had good hotel experiences in L.A., Vegas and NYC! L.A. - We stayed in The Crowne Plaza Beverly Hills. It was just an average four star hotel in quite a quiet area about a 30 minute walk away from the "biz" There is a swimming pool and the interior is decorated in a similar fashion to my local Crowne Plaza in Scotland. Apparently it was good value and I enjoyed my stay. Vegas - When we were in Vegas we stayed in The Luxor Hotel. It is huge! Comes in at around number 5 in the "largest hotels in the world" list. The hotel is similar to any other in Vegas....Large lobby with a casino, arcades, restaurants and cafes. There were also some great exhibitions when we were there on the upper levels - Titanic: The Artifact Experience and Bodies. There are also shows and comedians. The room was basic for a four star hotel but did the job. If you choose the Luxor be sure to get a pyramid room as to access these you must ride in an "inclinator" Basically a sideways elevator! The Luxor is towards the top of the strip! N.Y.C. - Helmsley Hotel! Average three star with a great location! Hope this helped!
  12. If you want something interesting and different to do....Buy "Hidden Mickeys - A Field Guide to Walt Disney World's Best Kept Secrets" It's basically a guide to where to find hidden mickeys around the parks, hotels and restaurants. The book gives you hints so that you can have fun finding the mickeys by yourself. P.S. I would only do this if your friends would find it fun too OR if you couldn't care less what they think!
  13. I will be visiting with my Aunts school at the start of Summer holidays! I'm really excited to check out the new stuff around the studios and go back to my favourite park in Europe! I plan to take many pictures...So watch this space.
  14. Indiana Jones et le Temple du Peril at Disneyland Paris...Everybody else hates it..I love it! I love its theme and its simpleness.
  15. Love Fantasmic! The finale is my favourite Disney music ever! So great to see in Tokyo.
  16. Ride whatever you can, whenever you can! When I have visited in the past I have just rode whatever comes to me as I walk around. You might not get on everything but it really helps to "take in the surroundings" of the area. Have a great time! And ride Popeye!
  17. A family friend recently visited Islands of Adventure and obviously visited this area of the park. He was disappointed. He said that he had to queue for forty-five minutes or so to just get in to the area. Then all of the shops had long queues like the attractions. He did however very much enjoy Forbidden Journey! I would be interested in visiting but find it strange that it is being advertised as a theme-park in British holiday brochures. It isn't.
  18. I really need one of those models for my room! I wonder how much??
  19. It's strange, IOA has always stood out to me as being very bright and cheerful. It makes me smile.
  20. I must say that my experience on Tornado at M&D's (Scotland's Theme Park) gave a very bad ride. There are many warning signs about roughness and a huge height restriction.
  21. ^What a great list! How was Spamalot? I haven't had a chance to go see it!
  22. There must be some connection between rollercoaster and musical lovers!
  23. ^ It's strange to see that ride outside Loudon....I visit the Valley a lot though so will probably ride all of the new rides soon enough..
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