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  1. Great show! You will be singing the songs for weeks after though!
  2. One of the best things about the Alvey trip reports is that thay always force you to go downstairs and make food!
  3. I saw Michael Bourne's new dance adaption of William Golding'S Lord of the Flies today in Glasgow. It was a community project in which professionals are mixed with local kids to produce a collaboration of different forms of dance talent. The production had a very lively feel to it at the same time being dark and eerie much like the book. In contrast to the original novel, this new dance adaption portrays modern children being stuck in the backstage area of a Scottish theatre. Each prop from the novel is present but is represented in theatrical style e.g. the conch shell is a drum beater and the scene where Piggy is crushed by a rock is shown by a stage light being dropped upon him. I recommend this new dance music production. It is currently in Scotland so I don't know if any U.S. residents will be able to see it soon. I also really recommend the book as I have been enjoying reading it for my latest English assignment.
  4. On my last trip to the London Dungeon I got to vote on a name for this attraction and whether I would like to see it in the dungeons. The choices were Seance or Geist.
  5. The London Dungeon are now releasing information on their new 5-D ride opening in May. It sounds interesting.....
  6. You guys do all realize that The Mayor of London actually only has half the brain cells of a normal human being. Kidding, This is a great idea. P.S. love your hair Boris.
  7. Oh tricky....The Railroad. Rather than picking one of the great Disney attractions I will pick the one which makes me feel most like i'm seeing the original Disney product.
  8. I am hoping to apply for a University in the UK which does the WDW college exchange and go over there to work. Any ideas or issues with that?
  9. I rode the Wild Mouse at Loudon Castle 15 times in a row...probably a park record!
  10. ^Nice stuff, you will have to do a new Star Tours after the re do!
  11. ^^ Oh yeah, bad for me..... Don't know why I said that. Of course you are right. The Flip - Flop is pretty brutal! and there is a random shark that hangs out in the water.
  12. I have been to many of the places on your itinerary. Be sure to take many tours. Great choice.
  13. ^^ The frisbee at Flamingo Land is called Navigator. Flamingo is in the middle of the country! ^ I completely agree with you on the Blackpool front. It is scruffy, dirty and it looks abandoned. I enjoy the coasters but it just feels very dead. I hope this new refurb will help.
  14. ^ Good choice! Great show with a great plot. Sad at parts but very lively with a great orchestral score.
  15. ^ The Jaws one is very true. It does however depend on where you sit as you say. 1. Pirates of the Caribbean in Disneyland Paris. I only mention Paris as I think this is the only one I got wet on. I know it's a wet ride but I have only ever gotten wet once on it and I wasn't in the very front! 2. Shrek 4D. Okay, I was young I didn't understand 4D. 3. Journey To Atlantis in Seaworld Orlando. Yes, I knew I would get soaked, but not on that mini drop after the big one. It assures that you get mucho wetto! 4. Cinemagique at the studios in Paris. It rains. Simple.
  16. Yeah, I am straight. I am quite camp though and like Glee and musicals. People compare me to Gok Wan. Oh yeah and I am 14!
  17. Microadventure! Tokyo Disneyland - Under Microadventure the subtitles are Japanese for Microadventure. Under that the subtitles mean " Starring Rick Moranis". The bottom right " Tokyo Disneyland" and the bottom left "This attraction may be frightening for young children"
  18. Great Maps! I always find it funny how the only attractions in Disney history that are officially scary are Captain EO, Great Movie Ride and Honey, I Shrunk The Audience. I mean, your five year old won't be scared on Snow Whites Scary Adventures or The Backlot Tour! p.s. I love Epcot too.
  19. This ride looks great. Now build one in Williamsburg in time for my probable visit!
  20. Hopefully they will paint them. They are a little bit chipped, but are still fun!
  21. I have ridden all of these rides at Loudon. They are pretty good. It will help Lightwater's growth and repair (Let's call the new land Protein for the park!)
  22. This looks really cool! I love the last shot of Manta! I haven't had the chance to ride it as it wasn't open the last time I visited.
  23. My early celebration of The Muppet Vision 3d 20th anniversary. I coloured it in today and it's ready to go on the bathroom wall!
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