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  1. Also, I just found out that Madame Tussauds will be replacing Louis Tussauds Waxworks in Blackpool this Spring.
  2. As TPR's Dungeons geek, I bring good news! The Blackpool Tower Dungeon will be opening at the base of Blackpool Tower late this year. The picture below shows it's position at the Towers base and hints on Extremis: Drop Ride To Doom, Dick Turpin and if you have good vision you will notice a Reaper car! Hope to visit soon after opening! p.s. This is confirmed, not a rumour (check it out on the towers website)
  3. ^ I was a coaster wimp for ages before I loved them. I think it is just part of getting older and braver that we grow to love them.
  4. These pictures look fantastic! you must have a very good camera. I love the Virgin Atlantic B 744 at the start! nice angles.
  5. Panic! This is one of my favourite rides in the park! It would be a shame to lose Dudley. That train effect is unbeatable but I still think they stole it from Mr Toad.
  6. I think that Grand National at Blackpool Pleasure Beach is quite rough also!
  7. Um....well I think Tornado at M&D's, Scotland's Theme Park! It was very rough so they remover the corkscrew and replaced it with an overbank and now it's slightly (ever so slightly) smoother.
  8. 1. Possible trip to Florida 2. School Show - Hairspray! 3. My Cousins wedding 4. Glee - Season 2 5. We Will Rock You and Jekyll and Hyde in Glasgow! 6. Seeing updated events for Club TPR. 7. School Choir 8. Spring band bash 9. Visiting some kind of Theme Park/parks 10. Passing some exams 11. Making money off ebay 12. Wearing my new duffel coat 13. Succeeding in a talent competition ( next Christmas ) or at least pleasing the crowd again 14. Getting a recording in a local studio 15. Finding out what the Merlin have decided to ruin the dungeons with this year! 16. Having a laugh and singing!
  9. Wow! Nice night shots! I think the last one looking up the Lighthouse tower of IOA is the coolest! I would hate to have to queue to get into an area of a park though.....that said it looks worth it.
  10. Yeah....I can see what you mean....may not fit in. I think they are just trying to keep up with modern times by including more interactive attractions. The new for 2010 attraction - Bloody Mary has a video, The great fire, Jack the Ripper and even the queue line...
  11. The London Dungeon - Jack The Ripper Section - Mean Lady When in the Jack The Ripper section of the London Dungeon on Tuesday the actress slammed a door open and stared at us in an evil way.......this is great because she was supposed to be scary....but then she yelled at a little girl for going the wrong way and told her to use her head. Then she had a go at us for going the wrong way when she didn't indicate where to go. If you have visited the dungeon you will know that occasionally you are in dark rooms with several exits. This happening annoyed me.
  12. When I visited the london Dungeon on Tuesday my mum and I filled out a digital feedback form about the dungeon and a few interesting questions flashed up - 1. Would you visit the dungeon for a new 5-D attraction and would it be a good idea? 2. How much do you like the name "geist"? 3. How much do you like the attraction name "Seance"? I know this isn't really theme park related but I was surprised about the 5-d aspect! Does anyone here know anything about this? Also a hint of an upcoming attraction was given during the the visit. A few of the show rooms we walked through didn't have much in them and weren't official dungeons attractions........spooky. I got some pictures from outside too - Entrance! Missed the sign that said both rides were broken! The indoor queue line! It is supposed to be a graveyard and seems to be.....until one notices the flatscreen tv
  13. I recently visited family who had French guests and I asked one of the visitors if my google translation of roller coasters was right (Montagnes Russes) He said that it made sense but that he would simply say Olercoaster! Also theme park - Park d'attractions
  14. I never get to ride holiday but love the movie! The narrators voice is unbeatable.
  15. 1. School Talent Competition 2. Riding Mumbo Jumbo 3. Disneyland and Universal Studios 4. Hairspray!
  16. Ok.....let's change weirdest to only breakdown! I have only really experienced this one breakdown and it was on the Revenge of the Mummy at Universal Studios Hollywood. It was pretty weird and scary! It happened at the launch.....the ride had made its way through the slow section without trouble and entered the launch "chamber" normally. The usual effects took place with Imhotep shouting from above as the lights flicker on and off. Then the warrior mummies dropped down with a flash...then.....nothing. There was a second of pause with all lights on, but then everything reset itself. The mummies went back up and the lights dimmed....then....they went off completely. We sat for about three minutes in darkness. Then after a while the car catapulted into the darkness.....and then the ride continued as normal.....spooky! I rode later and the launch was normal! P.S. Launches off guard in the darkness of a mummies tomb are quite creepy!
  17. ^ I have the second making the magic book! it's great and has some cool blueprints and pics!
  18. Well as someone who hasn't rode either of these two eurofighters, my opinion is that of an online viewer! But..... Speed looks very average as far as rollercoasters go - It sits in a field/dirt heap but is still a eurofighter so is fun! Saw on the other hand has theming - Indoor section, big iron thing at the bottom of the drop and a cool cop car in the queue. As far as the layout is concerned they are both a bit different. So....I would assume that Saw packs in a bit more of everything!
  19. Yes, Ronan Keating in Heathrow airport! he was at security with his wife! Do you like Iron Maiden?
  20. ^ I saw this a few years ago. I really enjoyed the 3-D parts with pyro! Some of the music is great! I saw Hairspray in Edinburgh at the weekend and it is officially true.......You can't stop the beat!
  21. Merry Christmas to you too Fred! Love this! Idea - Eventually you could try to fully animate him on flipcharts or something then he would come alive! But still cool voice!
  22. Indiana Jones et le Temple du Peril - Disneyland Paris Everyone thinks its average and rough! it has great themeing and is really fun!
  23. No, family is more important! Dinosaur or CTX?
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