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  1. Thanks, it's just a pretty unheard of ride....but that helps. Merci
  2. Dear Coaster Fans, I as you may know I am a Merlin's Dungeons geek! I have a folio and details of all attractions within apart from the Hamburg Dungeon Boat Ride (Sturmflut 1717) Does anyone know who the manufacturer is, where I can find pictures and/or more information about the ride. As you may know The Dungeons website is simply covered in false advertising and played up information. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  3. Hey, just a quick question, I have read the terms of posting and see that some people have banners advertising things under their names. I have found a great Avenue Q banner! are we allowed to upload these or not? There is no animation.
  4. I am a bit surprised that the Saw sign warns that the actors "May touch you" I have been in a few scare mazes but have never had an actor touch me, In Universals House of Horrors the actors don't even come near you never mind touch you! The closest actor to me was the 6 foot guy who was playing mother from Psycho, but you know he is coming! This maze sounds scary! Stephen - Visit the dungeons, no touching, few scares, more fun! - Hamilton Oh, and great report and pictures!
  5. Oh dear and wonderful Title Fairy, I have reached the mark and hope that you can grant me a great title. I would love something to do with musicals, I love them so that would be great! Thank you x10!
  6. I don't really like Canyon Blaster at Circus Circus! The ride is short and the queues can get long, plus it pink!
  7. Peter Kay - going to see him in February! and...Lee Evans!
  8. My now closed home park - Twist And Shout My new home park (m&d's) - Tsunami!
  9. ^ The Kings Speech is very good! and very funny! It received a UK rating 15 due to the f-word being repeated loudly in rhythm, but took it down to a 12A as it is apparently okay to swear therapeutically!
  10. On a similar note (Same manufacturer) mine is Twist and Shout at the recently defunct Loudon Castle Theme Park in Scotland! If you don't know this coaster it is the same as Busch Gardens' Scorpion.
  11. ^ Even if you can't ride it, try to get a side on picture of the drops, they are so steep and make for a great photo!
  12. Selections from Wicked, Avenue Q and Les Mis! Stephen - musical geek - Hamilton
  13. ^ Universal have been unlucky, very unlucky. I recently visited USH and they are still working on the backlot! Anyway, back on point, I amen't a mechanic or a robotics whizz (see "The Setgo Guys") but surely a water ride can go on fire!
  14. Yeah...The Brit Crew.....I am one of about three Scottish members!
  15. Question - How much of Hogsmeade is just facades? Are there many shops and restaurants or is lot's of it just for show?
  16. ^ I can definitely see what you mean! They do hurt quite a bit, more afterwards, but the sensation is heightened by your body position. It's similar on Velocity.
  17. Great! The best thing about these Disko rides are the restraints, they make you feel like you are flying.
  18. The Avatar Airbender looks great! I wonder if it will be on the thrill rides list. These are such fun rides, I love the one at Flamingoland. Is this version smaller because it's in the kids area?
  19. I though Tron was very boring! I can see why 50% of people like it and the other 50 hate it. I just thought it lacked what I like in movies - Humour, a bit of action and a good storyline. The special effects were amazing in Tron, but the rest just went over the top of my head.
  20. 1. The Social Network 2. Grown Ups 3. Marmaduke 4. Toy Story 3 5. The Other Guys 7. Deathly Hallows (Part 1) 8. LES MIS!
  21. This looks kinda fun! It tells me that there are over 500 people waiting though.....I also believe that sleep is more important!
  22. Nice pic of Flying Unicorn...em...Hippogriff
  23. Colossus does have a great layout! I think the 12 inversion one beats it though, hands down......
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