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  1. I have cruised with Thomson three times and Ocean Village two. Thomson are a bit better for the older generation (lacking slides, proper nightclub,large pool deck and vibe) Ocean Village is a step up from Thomson Cruises though. I think it has a better open top deck and more to do. We mustn't forget Thomson Spirits 360 degree promenade - deck 6.
  2. ^^ ALL GREAT SONGS! I think Purpose wins my vote!
  3. Oh, and to those who aren't yet persuaded to go see AVENUE Q, here are some songs - Fantasies come true It sucks to be me What do you do with a BA in English? You can be as loud as the hell you want.......you get the picture!
  4. Oh, and to those who aren't yet persuaded to go see AVENUE Q, here are some songs - Fantasies come true It sucks to be me What do you do with a BA in English? You can be as loud as the hell you want.......you get the picture!
  5. I have an order from the store! hope it gets here by Christmas! And yes, Bags of Crap should definitely be worshiped. All hail!
  6. Hmmmm....tricky.. Well if i want to see the whole ride e.g. track,cars,station,themeing i opt for Offride...but.... if i want to feel like i am on the ride, see what the rider sees, i would go for POV Overall i think that i prefer Point of View!
  7. Pyrotechnics? Lasers? Do tell....?
  8. That massive puppet is freaky! but the flashing multicoloured pyro during fantasies come true makes up for it!
  9. I was sitting browsing the forums when a great idea popped into my head! The idea was this new topic - "What did you do at the weekend?" Post as much as you can and make it funny! I will start. Last weekend i went shopping in a local town for Christmas presents for my mum. I bought her a nice gift set from Boots and a little soap set. The catch is i lost the £5 soap set and had to own up about it! So i guess i have spoiled my mothers Christmas! I also had a snowball fight, browsed these forums, ate a nice big curry and attempted to put posters up on my bedroom wall (attempted) POST AWAY!
  10. ^ I guess it just depends on what you like from a cruise. I prefer taking pictures of other ships docked and visitng the bridge to sunbathing and chilling!
  11. Join Club Theme Park Review and get the greatest hoodie of em' all! I got mine recently but haven't seen it yet as it is a Christmas present.... Can't wait Stephen --- Club TPR hoodies are the beez knees! --- Hamilton
  12. Apparently the movie "Waterworld" is terrible! but the show is great! I love the seaplane crash! wow!
  13. VELOCITY (Hold on tight) at Flamingoland UK! It has a nice layout!
  14. Harry Potter I didn't like it as much as the others. I think that no Hogwarts failed it!
  15. I just find all that much too complicated! I will stick to Algebra and Pythagoras!
  16. Aren't Carnival the more outdated company now? Their ships just seem to have successors every year. Don't listen to me though, I have only been on five cruises.
  17. Avenue Q is touring the UK next year! I highly recommend everyone to go and see this one! I saw it in London two years ago and WILL be seeing it next year in Glasgow when it tours! Avenue Q is probably the best musical to go and see if you aren't that keen on musical theatre because - 1. The music is ROCK (a quite diverse kind though, a mix of sax and guitar with drums and keys!) 2. The storyline is one that many can relate to (and if not laugh at!) 3. Those puppets are so darn cool! 4. It is modern and bright! 5. The lyrics are spectacular! Oh, if you do go to Avenue Q buy all of the merchandise. It is witty and cool (Obviously not as cool as TPR merchandise but still pretty awesome) AVENUE Q
  18. Nice corkscrew picture! That's the one on the front of all of the holiday brochures! You really love coaster physics don't you?!
  19. Oh ok, I was just curious to find members near me. Any other ideas on how that could be done?
  20. Star Wars II I am so excited! I hope they give it some cool new effects and put the random strobes back in time with the video! I love Star Tours and Star Wars - Can't wait to see Captain Rex again!
  21. He is one of me just after I recieved my Club TPR card!
  22. I have tried using the "Find a member" function on the site but it returns no results. Where do you type in the location of a member? I was just wondering where my nearest members are? Sorry to be dumb.
  23. While we are on the subject of Harry Potter, there is a great, thorough, spoiler-filled review of the Forbidden Journey on Inside The Magic.com. I don't know how to post links - www.google.com - type in " Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey Review" and it is the first reply! BEWARE - IT IS A HUGE SPOILER, but great reading!
  24. This reminds me of when i visited Coney Island two years ago. It's like walking through a ghost town from Scooby Doo! There is something special about a defunct park though.
  25. This is more strange than random! but......at Disney everyone ignores the cast members when they tell them to move all the way in but when cartoon guys on screens or announcements tell them to everyone does! It's like a voodoo curse! Netcot pointed this one out to me, i had never realised it before a recent trip to Disneyland when i noticed it first hand! RANDOM
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