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  1. Yeah, ABC Letters! my favourite childhood candy! Do you like Glee!?
  2. ^ Yeah, TOT is intense, but I think I find launches like California Screamin more intense...just the way I am..
  3. Ghosts of Christmas looks great! I am very close to it, but It closed after Christmas.... Check out the creepy trailer on You Tube!
  4. Oh, and make sure you ride the Florida version. The USH version is great but there are no scary mummies and fiery roofs! and it tends to have the single rider line closed.
  5. Hmmm.....I think this is quite a tricky one... My mum is a total wimp (no offence mumsy) and when we visited she was to scared to ride. So, I went on as a test try. I loved it! Parts of it are creepy and made me a bit jumpy. However, the ride layout is quite tame. The scariest part of the mummy is the fear of it. Fire, AA's and more fire from nowhere! So, Big Thunder Mountain gets about a 2 out of ten for it's scariness. Space Mountain gets about a 3-4 and Mummy gets 4-5 Ride it! it's fun! Only my opinion.
  6. In my opinion, Christmas lights are nice up till Christmas, then they are just lingering....
  7. Didn't go this year..even though I live 15 minutes away! The rides are similar here every year...but..that tower coaster is new!
  8. ....you shouldn't hit, it's wrong and hurts peoples feelings! However this didn't make any difference as the guy pulled out his deadly ray gun and blasted all peasants into oblivion!!!!! They slowly ascended the lift...then...over the edge..Don't look down!.....
  9. ^ Good point! It must depend on design and type of coaster/cars then.....
  10. No, eggs with fish and maybe some ketchup on top! Do you own a guitar?
  11. No, echhh.... Have you ever seen Avenue Q?
  12. I try to play every day. It makes my fingers rough and easier to play bar chords for longer!
  13. ^ We have people near us who leave them up till February......How can people do that?!
  14. Mine came down one week ago! hate taking them down, should leave them up forever.
  15. ^ Looks great! I used to have a fake Les Paul, they feel really good and I like the shape! This one looks really nice.
  16. I have played guitar for two years now and love experimenting with it and learning lots of new songs and techniques. I own three guitars - A Jim Deacon Candy Apple Strat (Electric), a Washburn D10S Acoustic and my newest one which I bought last weekend a blue Ibanez Electric-Acoustic. I love them all. As for my taste in music, it's weird! I love Iron Maiden and Guns and Roses! but I am also a huge musical fan and enjoy orchestral movie tunes! Pictures to come.....
  17. Random guess - I think it may depend on the type of lift, track, car or design. For example, say a coaster has only one sided entry, the stairs are only on that side. Just a guess? but I think it depends on the design.
  18. My mums friends' son has recently gotten employment with Disney over the summer with www.yummyjobs.com, Check this site out, it has some great offers. Especially for us enemployed fourteen year old losers (we can always dream)
  19. Darn, now I may have to live with an insulting title. I wonder if title fairy likes fine chocolates.....
  20. ^ I know i'm not a mod, but before they nag you, You need 150 real posts to get a custom title. P.S. love that avatar!
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