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  1. Theme Parks, What don't I like!? When I walk into a theme park my heart beats faster and I start to shake. That's when I have to ride everything that I see! When I visit parks like Alton Towers and Flamingo Land I am excited about great rides. When I visit parks like Universal and Disney I am excited about rides, theming, food, souvenirs and of course being a part of the dream! When you walk down Main Street in a Disney park first thing in the morning, you are welcomed by happy cast members waving at you and giving high fives to everyone. When you enter a Disney park you feel like you are in another world, era. It's all because parks like Disney are the best at what they want to do, make everyone feel the best they possibly can. So that's what I love, Either the great rides in a "coaster" park or the whole dream in a park like Disney. As far as Fairs and Carnivals are concerned...Shoot me now!
  2. I watch videos and browse sites...There's this great one called Theme Park Review!
  3. We just did Hairspray a few weeks ago! I was Mr Pinky!
  4. I think that the new entrance to DCA is alright...nothing more, nothing less. I liked the letters in front of the entrance but I could never work out what those big letters spelled...hmmm...
  5. Thanks for the awesome report guys! Looks like everyone had a blast! I really can't wait for my first trip but i'm sure it's worth it. Pooh's Honey Hunt is like the most amazing dark ride I have ever seen
  6. The park used to have a free entrance policy where you basically got into the park for free but once inside everything was expensive! The Pleasure Beach used to charge different prices for different rides and I believe that a ride on "The Big One" cost around £4. The Pleasure Beach then had a deal where you could still enter free but either purchased an unlimited ride wristband or individual tokens once inside to get on rides. Now, The park charges everyone to get inside. You can either purchase an unlimited ride wristband which gives you entry to all rides and attractions including Nick Land or you can purchase a £5 ticket which allows you to ride the Pleasure Beach Express and walk around the park. Wristbands are around £22 online and closer to £30 at the gate! So purchase online for a great discount! The park also has the obvious "Season Pass" and sell tickets for surrounding attractions including "Ripley's Believe It Or Not" and the "Horror Crypt"
  7. I think that the monorail in California is so much cooler...why?..it goes through the park, has funky track and the trains look awesome! As for the WDW changes, I guess we just always have to trust that Disney make their changes with us and the company's long term benefit in mind. Plus, that's an awesome ferry ride after a long day at the park in Florida!
  8. ^ I should have included Grand National to my list! I love the double drop. You go down the first part with a big smile then an omg, that hurt face after the second part. It's all just too much fun!
  9. - Mumbo Jumbo at Flamingo Land (Just for the urgh sound you make as you're "chucked" over the top) - The first drop on the Pepsi Max Big One (Do I even have to say why?) - Incredible Hulk (Inversion into drop, very cool)
  10. I never really realised how amazingly brilliant TDL Resort was until I browsed through this wonderful report. The theming here just seems breathtaking all around, like a step back in time, even by Disney standards this is amazing. The videos are great and I found the TOT one particularly interesting. Hope all you guys had a blast!
  11. I am going to see Thriller Live tonight in Newcastle! it will be amazing! Love Michael so should love this.
  12. Since the food, drinks and all of the rides are included in park entrance price I think it's quite reasonable!
  13. This place looks pretty awesome. I was in Sharm at Easter but didn't think this was around or close. Looks like it could come along a lot with a few restaurants and the new wavepool and river!
  14. Any of the three rides at the top of the Stratosphere in Vegas! When we went to the top I really didn't feel well and I couldn't push myself to go on them, just too freaky!
  15. Great photos of some amazing looking rides and coasters. Nice to see another El Loco, I loved Mumbo Jumbo at Flamingo Land and would love to see more of these around! Typhoon looks really interestingly different too! Nice reports
  16. Yeah seems like it, I should really check Drayton Manor out! never been!
  17. ^ Word I hate Disney updating stuff and becoming more "modern" simply because I would love for the Disney parks to be as they were in Walt's time. And for my parks "To Do List!"...M&D's - "Scotland's Theme Park" should... -Employ at least some polite staff with brain cells! - Clean the place up and make it look less overall "cheap" - Get some new rides...like better ones. - Have better opening hours...i.e. not 11:30 - 4.00 in the middle of the Summer! - Think of a better park name - More coasters! - Get some nice places to eat!
  18. Yeah...I think the weirdest things I have ever heard the public say are related to inversions! e.g. When you walk past a kid trying to pull his mum on "the wacky worm" and the mum yells "Does this thing go upside down"...hmmm...
  19. ^ I completely agree! The park is cheap and very tatty! And twenty minutes from me too...creepy...
  20. Robb/Elissa - I was looking at all of my on ride photos this morning on my wall and a thought bounced into my head. Surely with all of the trips and rides over the years you have MANY on ride photos. My question is, Where do you display them? Do you lock them away or put them in albums or do you have a "photo wall"? -- Stephen
  21. The park is looking fantastic...I love the Citywalk area...Very cool!
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