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  1. Didn't really think to take pictures of the food court, my mistake. But they have sandwiches, hotdogs, burgers, pizza, pasta, icecream, popcorn, cake, and hot & cold drinks. The drinks you take yourself, while the food and icecream is all you can eat, and made to order.
  2. The price corresponds great with the general pricelevel in Hurghada. The touristareas in Egypt and Cairo is not really comparable when it comes to prices.
  3. So yesterday, me and 2 colleagues went to the new waterpark Makadi Water World a little outside of Hurghada in Egypt. The park has 46 slides for all ages, while I think this is in impressive, coming from Europe where waterparks really aren't that big. But the park is still not finished, they are planning on building a 80500 ft² wave pool and a 3000' lazy river. When you have paid the 25 Euros it cost to come into the park. Everything is all inclusive, drinks, icecream, food, sunchairs. So you don't need to bring anymore money than the entrance, which is good, since the park fails to have lockers where you can store your valuables. Most of the guests in the park gets in for free, since the park has deals with a couple of hotels in Madinat Makadi, and they have shuttlebusses going up there every 15 minutes. On the day we were there, there was about 400 guests in the park, which you really can't tell out from the pictures. ADMIN EDIT: I went ahead and updated the title to include "Photo TR:" and added something to the subtitle to give people an idea of what to expect. Thank you so much for sharing this with us! This is the view from the entrance, which I think is pretty impressive. This is the view from the restaurant, which is the only place to eat or drink in the park. It is kinda bad, since if you decide to lay in the opposite site of the park, you have to walk really far when you need something to drink. This is one of 3 kids pools, they all has this pirate theme! Argh! There is a pirateship also! As I mentioned, there was about 400 guests in the park this day. I think the only one I saw on these two slides was one of my colleagues and myself. This is 1 of their boomerangs! The single rider whirlpool, on the other side they have a whirlpool twice as big! The random shower giraffe! Twisted slides in fanzy zebrastripes! The racing slides were closed... And really dirty! To the left you see, what turns out to be the parks best waterslide! This one starts with an awesome drop, then up the hill where you get a little bit of airtime. Then you continues through the tunnel, where it will be totally dark until you get to the light effects inside. Then another drop going into a semi boomerang, it all ends with a hill that gives you nice airtime right out in the pool. And the slide from the top! Kamikaze and Free Fall. Hurt myself on both, so it was a one time only experience! Kamikaze and Free Fall from the top, with a nice view of the Red Sea. The park also has a regular pool if you just wanna relax. And the cabanas are free of charge, so is the sunchairs. The whole park is really clean, until you turn around and look outside the fence. Then it's filled with trash, which is pretty typical for Egypt. Three stories up in the air. If you look close you can see the rings that you need to carry all the way up yourself. Which basically sucks. Even the big rings here, you have to carry up yourself. But this was actually a good ride. Another boomerang style slide and a good view of the Red Sea Mountains! A little bit more of Kamikaze and Free Fall. I think I was the only one trying these during the day. And when nobody wanna try the slides, the lifeguards just take a nap instead! The slide on the left was closed, but the slide to the right was awesome, short but really fast! This little bump actually gave you a good deal of airtime! And the random shower clown! So many slides! The bigger whirlpool. The racing slides from the top, but still closed... In the sun it was 122 ºF, so the concrete got crazy hot. But the park has a solution in these small mats placed all over the park. With 30-40' between each mat, they don't really help! On the way out of the park, I found this little rabbit. It looks about ready for some bunnystyle! Even more slides!
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