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  1. ^^Looking pretty good, I'll be watching for it. ^^^^Maybe use some other shades of brown, but that is really nice. ^^^^^^ Really nice, clean. Nice to see that park be revived, that flume looked great even unfinished. ^^^^^^^I'm liking those colors, any relation to Skyrush?
  2. Really like the layout. Did you change the chairswings que? It's nice now. Only thing is that visible earth-wall near the stairs in the second screen. Maybe make it the black color, or put a wall there.
  3. In NJ, there is Sahara Sam's and the Coco Key. Both located around Cherry Hill area or so.
  4. Nice to see some new attractions and improvements... and they're all very good. Those rapids look sweet.
  5. ^You say it's a waste of time, but time is money, and the entertainment corporations sure have lots of that...
  6. Add some bushes under the left tree. That X-Flight recreation (I think it's supposed to be that) looks very nice, as does the antique cars. The reason I don't like the carousel building too much is that you can't see the carousel. Raise the roof, it would also make the entrance hut possibly hide.
  7. I don't like the carousel's building, but it's a nice photo. Add some flowers to the path and make the white que roofs black.
  8. http://themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=54580&hilit=invisible+rapids Or maybe try this rapids tutorial from dmzxbsa if you're feeling really ambitious...
  9. Nooo, Coupon! SFW is so nice. But your ncs is good too, however. ^Just don't try fitting too much into the small space, or it may look/feel cramped.
  10. Skiing, indoor waterparks and the like, and normal stuff I do year round.
  11. Nothing is really supporting the glass. I know the rooves do, but maybe use backwards entrance signs (but be wary of the sign limit). I like what I see.
  12. A watercoaster would also boost the coaster count. Obvious point to make, but I think it would be nice to see one use some terrain nice.
  13. So? Dotro doesn't find it perfect. I also just noticed the ride's little logo near its entrance, nice touch.
  14. I grey a little on the first immelman, and the airtime is nice (all occasions of it). I gotta say, the position the ride is in on the lift is really comfy.
  15. I love watercoasters, and this one is fantastics. I just noticed the usage of the flat roof pieces to use from transitioning from dirt to sand... smart.
  16. This is nice! Welcome to TPR. I do agree on the roofs. They are a bit plain.
  17. Black Holes? :c You previous update was nice, good supports. Too bad, that red coaster was looking good.
  18. The buildings are... flat. Make some stuff stick out or in. You've got an interesting style.
  19. Really nice, but it's so short. Extend the track some! Love the brown bridge though.
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