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  1. I saw on the Cedar point website they are hosting an event coaster mania on June 6. I am hoping someone can tell me how this event works and overall how was the experience. The information on the website seems a little contradictory. Information says you must be a member of a roller coaster club in order to gain access to the park or be with someone who is a member. Season pass holders can also get in but they do not have to pay. This would lead me to believe that this is closed to the public but they offer ERT. I am not sure why they would offer ERT at the park if it is only open to roller coaster clubs technically speaking the whole day would be ERT correct? Unless the park is open to the public and members of the roller coaster club get ERT throughout the day on select rides. Do they have events like this at other parks?
  2. Paladin - Thx for the info. After checking out the hours. I think BG on Friday and KD on Saturday. I know you suggested the opposite but our main purpose is the coasters. With that said KD is open 4 hrs longer on sat than on Friday. Even if the lines are longer i think we will get more rides in. Also BG is open longer on Friday than KD is. So for the maximum time in the parks I think this is the way to go. One more question. I cannot seem to find discount tickets for BG anywhere. Website has them at $72 each. That is steep. That would be about $230.00 for tickets and parking. Any ideas on where to get the best ticket prices. Due to expenses probably only be able to spend 1 day at each park before driving home so multiple day tickets will not help me. Thx for the help and great advice.
  3. Any suggestions on which park would be better to stay longer at? Both parks have good selection of coasters. Haven't been to either park before.
  4. Well I was hoping it wouldn't be hugely crowded but guess that is not case. I was there a few years ago for a few days one of them being the Friday of Memorial Day weekend. It wasn't horrible - lines were about an hour for MF and maverick. Most other rides were about 45 min. I was hoping because it was earlier in the year it wouldn't be too busy. Maybe I should try going mid week. I don't think that will be an option though
  5. I am hoping someone can help me this. I am thinking about a 2 day trip where I could spend a day at KD and a day a BG. This would be on a Friday and Saturday. What kind of crowds can I expect? What park would be best to visit on what day. Thanks
  6. What kind of crowds can be expected in may? I was thinking of taking a 2 day trip on a Friday and Saturday. The dates would be the 15th and 16th. This would be the 2nd operating weekend of the year. this would also be a week before Memorial Day weekend. I know mid week would be better but that is not an option. Anyone know what the crowds should be like?
  7. According Cedar Point, the last two weeks of August is considered their off peak season. (aug 19th - on) I heard in the peak of summer lines could get as long as 3 - 4 hours. Does this mean that during the summer of off season the lines will be down to about a 2 hour wait ? Not exactily what I would consider off season wait times. Would it be worth going in August or should I just wait until Next May? I would be going mid week Tues, Wed, and Thursday. Any advice you guys could share would be great. Thanks
  8. Steve - you have some awesome parks lined up. June would be less crowded than July, but if you could pull this off, I would try and go during beginning to mid weeks of May. Great adventure is open during the week and most things should be just about a walk on or at the worst - 30 min wait. You will not need to invest in flash pass. I don't know if Hershey and Dorney should be open during the week but weekends shouldn't be too busy this time of year either. I went to Cedar point for 3 days this past year. I went on wed, Thurs, and Friday before Memorial day Weekend. (last weekend in May) Friday, was a little busy with about 30 - 45 min wait but Wednesday and Thursday, walk ons all day. I think any park after memorial day you could be waiting a long time, in July it could be 2 hrs at least for the major rides. The bad part of this is Skyrush I believe is not scheduled to open until Memorial Day weekend. You may want to think about if you want to experience much longer lines at every other park just for this one ride. There is a radisson about 10 minutes away from Great Adventure. There is also a days inn about 15 min away. Days inn was nothing special but it was a room at a reasonable rate. I hope this helps. Enjoy your trip.
  9. Thanks for your help. Does anyone know where to get discount tickets for KIngs Dominion or Busch Gardens?
  10. I cannot speak to of too many parks but I seriously doubt you will have a problem at Great Adventure on a Monday. Even if schools have trips there, buses tend to leave between 4pm - 6pm. We go there alot and have been there mid week in June and never a problem. 30 min or less waiting time. I would be shocked if you need to invest in the Flash Pass. I know you set your schedule but Hershey and Dorney are only about an hr apart. If you could adjust, try to do Hershey on Monday and Dorney on Sunday. Dorney is usually less crowded than Hershey. Especially with skyrush coming to Hershey it could get quite busy. Hope this helps and enjoy your trip
  11. I thought about taking a vacation during spring break down to Kings Dominion and Busch Gardens VA. How crowded can I expect these parks to be during the week? Is this a good time to go or should I try to go during the week in May? How many days should I plan at each park? Any other suggestions for Kings Dominion and Busch Gardens would be greatly appreciated. Mike
  12. Now that Great Adventure is closed until at least March, I was wondering if there were any indoor water parks in the NY, NJ or PA area that could be worth visiting on a day over the weekend. Geography wise, I'm about 3 hrs from hershey, 2.5 from Great adventure and Dorney park.
  13. Unfortunately I do not know of any hotels in the area but I don't know if you ever visited SFGADV and thought I would give you some tips to enjoy your visit: INVEST IN FLASH PASS. Summer time is EXTREMELY BUSY. You could be waiting 3 hrs for rides. There are a few different options. I think the most expensive flash pass lets you ride twice in a row without having to get off the ride. I wuold at least buy the flash pass so you can skip the line. Try and hit El Toro early. If you are lucky you may get some rides in where the line could be an hr or less. I would save the flash pass option and use it later in the day when the lines get to be 2+ hours. This may allow you to get an extra ride or two in. El toro is in my opinion the best ride in the park. I have not had a chance to ride Green Lantern. Kingda Ka, Nitro, Bizarro are also great rides and should not be missed. Batman, an inverted coaster is good but short. For some reason I think this is the most intense inverted coasters I have been on. I think it is because it is short with tight loops. The spirals are all close together (especially the 1st 3) and I don't get time in between them. Superman is ok. While it is certainly not the best ride in the park you may want to hit this 1st thing if you are not getting a flash pass. The line for this gets VERY VERY long and with only 2 trains it seems to move VERY VERY slowly due to the loading time. IF you don't care about riding it, go to KInda Ka, Green Lantern or El toro 1st and come back to it later. Hope you enjoy your trip
  14. I started a new topic since not only will there be an update from the original post regarding management but a trip report as well. Unfortunately I do not have any photos to share. From the original post, I had made some negative comments I had regarding my season pass and some other issues...well here is the update and the trip report: THE GOOD: The day started with me going right up to guest relations trying to get my season pass problem taken care of. In case you didn't read the original post, in short, I was entitled to 20% off of this years pass but by the time they figured this out last year the season was over and had to renew once I got to the park this year. THe price had went up since last year, I wanted the 20% off of last years price when I would've have renewed it. Anyways....get to the window briefly explain what happened, showed them the email, within minutes, the problem was resolved. No questions, no, I need to go talk to my manage about this, NOTHING. Literally within 10 minutes the entire problem was taken care...HASSLE FREE no less. I also add parking to my season pass, which they subtracted the daily parking fee from the total parking pass. AWESOME. They also have lids and straws....hmm was this really ever a go green policy and everyone complained about this or they just ran out 3 weeks left in last years season and didn't want to reorder more. Whatever the case, I'm glad I got my lid and straw! I feel like I got my $4 worth. The crowds were VERY light. Got lots of multiple rides in, didn't even have to get off the trains! OH YEAH..... The Green Lantern looks awesome! THE BAD: Most rides were up and running but the following did have some downtime which always seemed to occur once we were about to get on, Superman, Kinda Ka, Bizarro, and Batman. El toro only had one train running which made this wait a little longer. I'm sure this is just an opening day issue and none of the problems seemed to be anything serious. Within 30 minutes everything was back up and running when the rides did break down. THE UGLY: Daily parking fee is now $17. OMG... I understand charging for parking but this is robbery. Considering in 2009, parking was $10. During the Fright Fest of 2009 it went up to $15 and stayed that way all of last year. The preferred parking did stay at $25. How nice of them. Overall - very good day at the park. All of my problems were taking care of immediately at guest relations. Looking forward to another great coaster season! Mike
  15. This post is going to be somewhat negative and I hope I'm not breaking any rules or guidelines and hope this post doesn't get deleted. These are my opinions and honestly hope that maybe some good will come out of this, maybe if enough people state similar problems maybe someone will get these simple things corrected. I personally do not know who is doing the better job. I do know, the park needs help in the management dept. I'm not sure what the problems are or why they are happening but I think they are minor which could be easily be fixed which will leave a much better impression on guests when they leave the park. My home park is SFGADV. With Dorney Park and Hershey park in the vicinity it surprises that they let the little things go. I'm not sure if these problems occur just at this park or it is a national problem. I would be really interested in hearing some other opinions on this subject as well. This park is about 2.5 hrs away and we make the trip about 10 times a year, at least. We really do love the park. The rides are amazing. I get the feeling that they know this so they ignore the little things. They really need flat rides, and honestly, we wouldn't ride them now anyway. We go for the coasters. However, this reason also kept me away from this park for several years until my youngest one reached the 54 inch mark. 3 of us got season passes last year. I signed up for funatic club awards. Depending on how many times you visit you get free drinks, parking, 20% off next years pass etc. I never got email notification like you are supposed to when you qualify. I kept track so I knew what I was entitled to. HOWEVER, I don't want to have to call, email every few weeks because I'm entitled to something that they can't keep track of. I don't want to be a member to something that is causing me more aggravation. The biggest problem here is, last year I qualified for the 20% off of this years season pass. They couldn't get this corrected in time last year before they closed for the season when the pass was cheaper. Of course no one is there to answer the phone. Fast forward 4 months they did get it corrected but now the pass is $99 because I had to wait. When I got my season pass for $79 a few years ago I knew about the 20% off if I had visited enough times, I thought this was great, I was thinking my next pass would be about $64. NO...NOW I can only get a pass for $79 if I buy 4, I only need 1. Because they couldn't get this straightened out last year I now have to pay $99. Basically with the 20% off I still have to pay $80. SO basically my 20% does me nothing. I didn't save anything. Lets move on to drinks. We all know that food/drinks etc are way over priced. I can deal with this. I know this when I go there. HOWEVER.....near the end of the year I didn't get a lid. I thought maybe they were out, no. I'm told that they are no longer providing lids and straws. When I called to complain about this they told me that it was the new "GO GREEN" policy. BS. This is not practical at all. I'm sure everyone here has been to a park during the halloween frightfest or peak summer times when there is 40,000 people there. Having kids carry a soda with no lid, straw, getting bumped into spilling it all over their clothes is unnecessary and stupid. I had to return one drink last year because bees kept flying in the soda. What gets me is, this is not about the "GO GREEN" policy. Here comes my opinion. The "GO GREEN" policy doesn't exist. If this were true every employee would know about this policy. THe park would have signs...."we are going green" but they don't. There was a corporate meeting that said how can we save money...NO LIDS, NO STRAWS. We just saved hundreds of thousands of dollars. If anyone questions this we will tell them it is the "GO GREEN" policy. This is the new bandwagon that every one is jumping on so they will believe it. If I pay $4 for a drink, I want a lid and a straw. Park needs better lighting. There are areas when you get off rides that is hard to see steps, the lines are too dark. It is just not safe. Signs for rides really need to be painted. I'm not talking paint chips, I'm talking about rust from the rain running down the side of the building and it has been like that for years, it looks horrible. I really don't mean for this post to be so negative, I would just love to have these simple things corrected and give us the best park experience available. We really love this park and want to be loyal but these things are really making me question if it is worth it. Hershey park is only about 30 min further away. It may be worth changing for the 2012 season. MIke
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