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  1. If it landed on the net, chance are it maybe fell off? There's a thought.
  2. "dear god.jpg" Hahah, it did make me laugh.
  3. ^^ Nice. I like how this time the launcher is smaller. It seems like it'll take a long time to finish that, maybe make the hyper farther from the map edge and therefore make the park a little smaller? ^^^Make the text bigger, but it's still really nice. Seems like a small family park? ^^^^It's unrealistic to have the water like that. Add rocks near the waterfalls. The idea is still nice though with the coaster.
  4. Put an ice wall behind the waterfall. Also, is the raft ride double-stationed? Because if you accidently switched the entrance with the exit, the peeps would have a short ride. Happened to me once, I felt so stupid once I realized my mistake.
  5. Found the Rollercoaster Tycoon boardgame on eBay. Don't know if I'll buy it though, lol.
  6. Okay, thanks. And currently it has 2 2-car trains, and I do agree that the large turns are a bit unrealistic.
  7. Any thoughts on the layouts? And yea, the Eurofigher is a Rage clone.SCR321.BMP
  8. That's...odd. Maybe there is going to be two coasters? Or something else...
  9. Nice to see them care so much for the ride. Hope it's just lapbars too, sdl has quick loading.
  10. Interesting. No idea though. The periods in .V. are interesting, they make a bird face?
  11. Carousels are great, nice to see a great restoration going on.
  12. Interesting. Maybe has to do something with how this coaster will prey on others?
  13. It does seem Soak City has older slides, yeah. Mat Racers are high capacity too, especially compared to some slides.
  14. ^Nice to see it win. I honestly enjoyed this lots. Predator had the best layout, that was great. The waterpark was really nice, even without peeps it felt "alive." And the entrance stood out too, my only gripe with that area was the observation tower being the in-game one. All the other themed areas were nice too, they fit to the Paramount name. And I loved Italian Job, that was fantastic. Nice job chaining the cars together, I've got to learn how to do that
  15. Intimidator 305. It was great, but not the end all ride, as some had said, to me. The first drop and final turns were amazing, but the middle portion wasn't as good.
  16. RD, it's most likely from the ' in his name at the end of CoasterRollin'. When my name had an apostrophe, I couldn't log on.
  17. Country Inn and Suites. Cookies, nice indoor pool, nice lobbies with an awesome staircase, and good breakfast.
  18. SoCal - I'm enticed. Not huge on those square roofs, they're distracting, try just a flat roof. CCI- Not much there, but the train really matches the track. Add another type of bush. The building is a nice touch. BigDipper 80- Looks great, never rode the real deal, but that double dip sure seems fun. rrp- Wow, certainly see the IoA inspiration in those buildings. The retaining wall near the water is...odd? The rest is superb, great interactivity, and nice use of the red land texture as path.
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