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  1. Quick Que is pretty cheap, even unlimited is cheaper than a regular flash pass at Great Adventure! Why are people so whiny and ungrateful nowadays (look what happened when Amazon sold Lady Gaga's new album for $.99, and it was sownloading perfectly. waaaah.)? The ride was going to be down, be crowded, whatever. It's new and its Memorial Day weekend. I would have killed to be there, waiting for the ride to open. It looks great.
  2. SCR314.BMP 75*75 park... with a nice schwarzkopf. EDIT: V it is ncs, with me using the lim coaster as supports, zero clearanced.
  3. I went to Saturday... and found the crowds not too bad. I got there at opening and left at 4:30 though, getting most rides in right away. But you could see the parking lot filled, due to the nice weather. And El Toro was running great!
  4. I like this one, personally. Very clean.SCR311.BMP Still, there's room for improvement.
  5. Coconut Breeze Tramway? Maybe something with breeze, it suggests calmness and wandering throughout the park. And wow, every screen has been consistent. The foliage could just use a little work.
  6. Driftwood would be a good name, it is near the ocean. Very excited for this, Morey's is a nice place, can certainly spend more than 1 day there.
  7. That was nice Dj, I really liked where it was heading. The dive machine was great, from the catwalks to the diagonal dive below the path. And about ours, yeah, it's close to being finished but not close. The layouts are good though. Maybe we can finish it for fun.
  8. That's crazy, and very cool. Good news, can't wait to see who it is!
  9. So are they due tomorrow? Better get working then, if so.
  10. Meanwhile, Antoine Dodson still can't find that rapist.
  11. I love the second picture. The ride is distinctly GCI. It's a great layout.
  12. I don't think a single person could argue against that $17 and El Toro or the $20 I've for for parking down at the Jersey Shore and all you get is beaches... I think I've made up my mind Really? I do think GADV>Shore too, but most parking there is $5. It's supply and demand. At the shore there's more people selling parking. Unlike a few other parks though, you can't park anywhere near Great Adventure, beside the Six Flags lots. Maybe with the extra $2 they're getting they can get a flat, or even repave some of the bad parts of the lot. Whatever, the parking doesn't really stop me whatsoever from fun!
  13. I love this, it's very fresh. The wooden's tunnel made from the monster truck ride is clever. I'm very eager for more.
  14. What irks me personally is how Six Flags doesn't allow you to place shoes or sandals or the side of ride platforms. It's like, they now let you leave the 2011 bottles in the cup holders instead of buying lockers, but now you can't leave shoes off to the side. The thing is, I can't see why they don't allow it either. And with parking, at least they give a coupon for free parking at another park. Even if that's a way to get people to go to those other parks.
  15. ^I find it nice, but it feels too clean, making it a little less lively in my opinion. I like the custom supports, and everything works together.
  16. The atmosphere is incredible, even without peeps that screen feels alive with its island feel. Amazing ride there.
  17. Until some games don't have real life multiplayer. Wow, really? I want to play a game with somebody in the same room, is that difficult? Anyways, i like 7-11.
  18. Pennsylvania isn't considered in the New England region, and certainly not Jersey with Kingda Ka. Edit: ^ Yeah I agree! The site has more to reveal than one photo.
  19. ^^I'd like to see it too. I'm sure it's worth viewing.
  20. Seems like a nice little place! All that food is making me hungry, better go get something .
  21. Wow, all that and no hacks? It's pretty good! It would look nicer with 1tile (or more) of water on each side of the splashdown, like with most shoot-the-chutes, but this is something new! The lift tower is stunning.
  22. I say yes, although I really don't have any parks atm. Good to have a clean slate. But just wait, I do have something in the works!
  23. So to them, sex lasts shorter that 30 seconds? Ok. Did he look like the guy 30 seconds in to this dumb video? Also, somebody confused SFGAdv's season pass processing line for the line for Green Lantern... sure.
  24. I love it! Keep up the quality, I love the small details, like the volleyball net. My only complaint is that the entry plaza good be broken up with some flowers possibly. The is all turning out to be very exciting.
  25. ^And going by that, I think Goliath needs a better enterance than a sign off to the side and a simple que line entry. Nice anyways . I'm assuming that this isn't Majestic Lake? Or is it? Now I'm confused.
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