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  1. Katapult at Splash Zone Waterpark HIDDEN, STEEL, BOLT, SUBMARINE, ILLINOIS, IVY, CLAM and LOG Log- On a boardwalk, also the park had a wooden. Clam- Near the ocean. Ivy- The ride could be covered in ivy, abandoned in a field. Illinois- Lincoln's in this photo! http://www.rcdb.com/1942.htm?p=5274 Bolt- Bolted together and apart, it was a traveling coaster. Steel- It was steel. Hidden- The location of any Schwarzkopf Catapult is unknown. Desire- RD probably desires to ride this rare Schwarzkopf. Submarine- Since its a waterpark.
  2. Splash Mountain- it has an uphill section, a credit for me! Logs- A log flume. Lincoln- Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln is also a Disney Attraction. Submarine- It does go under water, as the final drop goes under the beginning. Steel- The mountain is made of steel. Bolt- Bolts put the mountain together!
  3. ^You can't forget Acrophobia! The other problem was all the ugly empty flat pads, but this will fill them in. The Evolution one was the worst.
  4. I still love the layout for that minihyper in FVJ, and those racers look fun. I forgot about the backwards cars.
  5. I saw the sloped fences and thought it was a hack, I forgot about the glitch that allowed for that. I actually really like that color for the stands!
  6. But where do the Trampolines go then? They're currently in the swing spot. Maybe moved? They are a money-maker.
  7. Sounds like the prices are being lowered on the season passes? $69.99 for 3 parks...that's $40 cheaper than the $110 it was this year. The addition is great, Great Adventure is finally getting some flats. Guess what, they are marketable.
  8. The ground looks charred and scorched there...kinda fitting for an Apocolypse. I wasn't expecting too much theming (look at Green Lantern at Great Adventure).
  9. Renewing the slides with drop boxes could be cool. The main speed slide at Hurricane Harbor doesn't have the safety predrop like newer Proslide speed slides, so it would be a nice addition and safer.
  10. To make better foul lines, lower the land -5ft, then add a brick fence (the tall one, like the one used in your last screen). Then zero clearance, raise the land back up. This park is turning out to be pretty nice. I notice you could save one sign, the 4th screen could have one centered "Tickets" sign.
  11. ^^^ Nice screen. The wood tiles go in two different directions in the first screen, and I agree with Insanity. ^^Really nice. I don't think a station would have a door
  12. The text at the end probably states "nothing above or below you" or something of that nature. Also, is that "5 loops" it says? It could be 3 or 8, but it looks mostly like a 5 and that sounds the most realistic.
  13. Nice station and que, it's so great. And keep RD in the final draft
  14. I'll get it. It will be fun to play and bring around but not deep.
  15. The supports are great. Much better than the orginal ones. I say for the first two que tiles, just use the wooden tiles like the indoor part.
  16. Great stuff Coupon. The black and white building is bland though. That invert is nice.
  17. Such nice little stuff. Maybe use less clutter on the left roof though.
  18. That's so authentically Cedar Fair. Great stuff, no complaints. I looked at the screen for 5 whole minutes.
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