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  1. ^^ Pure beauty. ^^^^Maybe make it bigger? Looks small, plus if it's big you can add more details.
  2. Wow, that's some nice theming. Great photos you have too. I agree, Firewhip looks great.
  3. Did you do it by lowering portions of it with MOM? It looks pretty good, but I'd be claustrophobic with those fences. Maybe make the inside walls lower.
  4. I love it, with the tiny size pacing should be nice. Fix the foliage a tad, then you gotta winner.
  5. Although I don't care for rct3, I can appreciate the effort put into this. Looks real nice.
  6. Looking good, but make the river/lake have some diagonal parts beyond just 90degree turns. @Sfgam, that looks nice. Is the wooden fence area the mist zone?
  7. I usually just hate when they make an announcement targeting someone specific and they never listen. It gets annoying to hear it over and over again because someone thinks they are above the rules. Are ride ops allowed to specifically call a person out? Because it would be better if they did and just said "you in the yellow shirt, get down," instead of having to repeat "please do not sit on the handrails" over and over again. It really is annoying having to hear that when one person just can't stand up.
  8. I went Sunday. Bad lines, Nitro, Bizarro, El Toro all had lines slightly beyond their ques. Mortuary Manor was an 80 minute wait. It was a pretty good trail though.
  9. Merging is actually somewhat simple. Scroll down on this a little. http://www.coasterforce.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=9657
  10. ^ It is. I love how clean this is, and the little bridge going over the que. Nice idea.
  11. Most of the pollution stuff comes from how NJ beaches had syringes on them in the 80s when NY hospitals dumped medical waste into the water. Nowadays, they're fine, but people still make jokes about that (I think It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia did). And the lots of factories is only true if you have only been on the NJ turnpike. The culture kinda jokes are funny, and I feel they're true some days.
  12. That waterfall's coming from nowhere Anyway, it's pretty good. Fantasy-style? I like it!
  13. ^ Well, it''s unique for sure. Can't say I love it or hate it, but it the spiral idea is good. The execution could be better (use toggle chain). Your past screen was great. Other than the fact that the two egyptian walls near where the track dive through the building blend together, it's very nice. Good supports. @Braz, it's nice, but it seems to meander and make a loop. I agree with funkeymon, make it more compact (and twisty ).
  14. This is all turning out to be very nice. Like the wooden/flume interaction. Make sure there's no foliage under the wooden's supports though.
  15. Size 15 Puma suede archive eco sneakers, size 15. Mulberry colored.
  16. Those are some SEXY lookin' trains. Sooo excited for March.
  17. Not every tile has to have a tree . And fix the bent support on the back spike of the shuttle loop. Other than than, great looking hyper and love the tan wooden coaster.
  18. The logo about "Park Name" is really nice, with the swirly grey steel and dots. Please continue!
  19. Happy 40th, Magic Kingdom and all of WDW! Listening to the old Spaceship Earth finale music. Miss that fiber-optic city.
  20. Great slide, I'm envious. It looks like a body slide (would work better as one too).
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