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  1. It wasn't open on Labor Day, with all its cars on the ground of the station. It's a fun ride. I can't see much fitting into it's station area, it's somewhat small.
  2. That's pretty nice, I do see the inspiration. Try a different color than nin used though.
  3. This makes me genuinely sad. Hope it isn't true (doubt that though).
  4. That is pretty nice, way better than the Hillsburg one. Maybe make it rock underneath instead of grass?
  5. Hey E ticket... long time no see (by Disney standards anyways. WDW was overdue for a 100% new one). I gotta say, I'm excited!
  6. That screen is pretty nice... one of your best ones actually. With that block of tall shrubs in the center of the screen though, try to use more than 1 type.
  7. Thanks everybody. I'm going to edit most of the post-MCBR part, I didn't really notice how short it was (it's not horribly short but it's bad for it's height).
  8. I like this layout, might edit it though. Thoughts? design?
  9. If the handbag wasn't broken and the woman tried taking the dog into the park, I'm 100% sure she would try to get on the news because Six Flags didn't let her dog come in, since she needs it so much for "emotional support" (I swear, her therapist and local pet store must have something worked out.).
  10. Lots of nice screens recently. Knex coasters are really neat, that one seems to have a good start.
  11. This is depressing. And Texas can't get any rain. Poor Pizza Hut :,C
  12. La Ronde's Dragon. Ugh.... I swear, I thought the ride broke down for a little. Maybe it did, as all the most of line was is a long tunnel. Nothing to look at except sharpie marker notes on the walls. One train that goes around twice. It must have been easily over 1hr. The ride was somewhat nice however. The lines for Ednor and Goliath weren't horrible. Ednor at the end of the day was 20 minutes and moved not too slow, and Goliath was 45 minutes around 6 when it opened. However, I didn't check out the Wild Mouse. Meanwhile, Super Manege was like 20 minutes, but did move slow, while the Boomerang broke down (with a slow line, but not horribly slow).
  13. The supports on that hyper seems pretty nice. The layout looks a little short though. Anyway, good luck on finishing this.
  14. Hate to see Atari use Chris Sawyer's name like he actually took part in this... I guess I'll get it but it's I can only hope it's not the "game the fans will be pleased by" like Atari said.
  15. That survey said a 200ft + flats, or a 300ft alone. So it's 50ft shorter than originally thought. It doesn't make a huge difference, but how much more money could it have been?
  16. For the B&M, the exit hut would blend better if the station was the brown castle theme. This is great, love the first screen with the S&S tower and the Boomerang!
  17. "Guys, move the cranes. We got keep Vu a little longer, 4 kids are going to Knotts."
  18. Casino Pier's Jet Star. It's on a pier over the water, so it's above clams and submarines could pass by. The park desired to sell it, but couldn't as it was too old. Star=supernova? Logs hold up the pier. Havard...well, the Jersey Shore cast isn't Harvard material. It's a steel coaster with bolts.
  19. BuzzSaw Falls As Powder Keg, it's somewhat still open. It's a submarine as it's a watercoaster. As Powder Keg the nitro laanch explodes like a supernova. Log themed cars. Ivy in the terrain it follows. Isn't a car from the BuzzSaw Falls hidden in Powder Keg's que? Powder Keg has a fast acceleartion and bolts quickly.
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