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  1. It looks VERY nice. Are you ging to color in the track? Nevertheless, the scenery is great!
  2. It'll be awesome to see it return. I've been a fan for a while, and just take your time. School should come first, right?
  3. ^^ I can't get it to work (how do you?), but I guess I'll take your word for it!
  4. I second that the dark rides building is amazing. The placement of everything works great!
  5. I really like the look of the logo on the lead car. I'm excited for the ride, and I hope the theming is pulled off well.
  6. Typhoon Lagoon is amazing. It's so overwhelming, with the bridges (I love the one over Mayday Falls) secluded areas, and great slides. The Storm Slides would be okay open, but the mix of caves and open sections are great for example. TL is a good example of where the Disney's great theming shines. I could spend a whole day there.
  7. Wow, the woddie looks nice. It looks pretty acurate for the time too. The shot with the Wave Swinger is nice too, and there's a good variety in buildings going on.
  8. I too say to do the Arrow. Arrows loopers look so good in RCT2. The park looks great so far!
  9. But the question is... Are you going to put in the snake-roll-heartline-supports the thing had? It was a good looking ride, for that. But it yours is great either way. I never would have expected a recreation of Viper though, and it's awesome!
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