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  1. That's so authentically Cedar Fair. Great stuff, no complaints. I looked at the screen for 5 whole minutes.
  2. Okay, with Intamin launchers, some people have the game's auto-cable-lift track along the coaster's launch track. How do you do that?
  3. This kind of stuff is why water rides are diminishing... well, this and high-mantenience with the older water rides.
  4. It's kinda short . Other than the fact that you can see the roto-drop's top and its ride base (couldn't you remove or sink the edges of it with MOM?) that is a vibrant screen. Oh, and add flowers. It has to be one of my favorite screens from you. Edit: Oh, and raise the "Parachute" sign a little, the "Sky Jump" sign blocks it.
  5. Has anyone mentioned Demon and Shockwave at SFGAm?
  6. That was really nice. Seemed authentic, the layout really reminded me of classic wooden coasters.
  7. That ending looks intense, and nice subterranean dives. Great as always.
  8. The reason I don't care too much for rct3 is because parks in it seem so similar, which is odd in a game with more dimensions than its predecessors. Maybe it's unoriginally (especially with the story in lots of timeline parks, but some are good), or something, but whatever.
  9. :o not a black hole! In regards to the screen, it's nice. Good composition, but have guardrails near the tunnel, so the rafts are led into it, instead of hitting the walls next to it.
  10. I had checked this out, it was captivating. Some areas were flawed, but it was great fun to watch and explore.
  11. Anamanaguchi, but You Love Her Coz She's Dead is growing on me.
  12. Sarah Silverman. The Sarah Silverman Program had the best plots.
  13. Wonder how the trains will be (if it's be mentioned, I'm stupid). The first turnaround looks sick, such heavy banking. A bit similar to Behemoth, yeah, but they'll still compliment each other well. That's why Leviathan doesn't have as many hills for airtime, and instead with gforce.
  14. ^That was timed really nice, I'm impressed. ^^Is that a tri-dueler? Or is the center track like scenery? ^^^Kind of short for a rapids ride, still intrigued though.
  15. The main street is inspiring. Is that a wooden I spot? The hacking on the scrambler is nice, but why on grass?
  16. Nice collection of updates, the pictures seem great. Those wooden coasters are a mess of track.
  17. The que seems somewhat short, but I don't really know since I've never seen the real Windseeker ques. The entire screen is so fresh, no detail is spared.
  18. Yeah, I bet it fell and some other GP stole it, not Six Flags. But don't trust me, I have no integrity.
  19. ^Wanna make that a quad Anyway, the thread is nice. For the exit, you should use the full tile path like in the que. Maybe add some black and green to the building too as accents.
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