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  1. Looks pretty good, make sure to keep the finishing details looking just as nice!
  2. You black-tiled too close to the station... add like 4 squares. It looks great, nice hacks on the SkyScreamer and fantastic station.
  3. Nice project, real great. It's getting to be really nice, it more than I thought I would.
  4. Welcome! I love the Mean Streak recreation, and Squall was interesting and pretty original, including those bridges. Keep up the good work.
  5. Woman in Black and Kung Fu Panda 2 Both pretty good, enjoyable movies.
  6. ^Seconded, also make the rocks a bit smoother, and make the waterfall come from somewhere. It's a very flowing coaster.
  7. Nice, this is great! It seems to be pretty unique, just what the park needed.
  8. It's very nice, but the water looks like it will overflow on the splashdown. Add some water barriers. The first project you posted looks good, maybe use diagonal paths for the coaster's que?
  9. So pretty, very nice. Just add a fence at the end of the catwalk. The station for the swans is great, loving the brown-green combo.
  10. How did I miss this? I love how the chairlift station lies over the gokarts. How nice, love the rides.
  11. I love it, great to see working go-karts! Everything is very nice.
  12. It's great. I love how the dive-machine dominates it's screen, and those great curved fences. Amazing stuff!
  13. Very nice. I like it. Did you merge the hypercoaster track onto the Corkscrew for the bottom of that first drop? If so, great idea, along with the car ride's rail. The two go well together.
  14. Sadly, I would say Condors. And they're one of my favorite flats.
  15. I love the Revolution there, it looks different from your usual screens, nice to see different stuff from you!
  16. Those trains are short...but the station and the tunnel under the brakes are awesome. The flume and ferris wheel are nice too.
  17. Nice screen. I think you chose the right cars for that nice-looking SkyScreamer. That pirate ship is cute. Nice details and location for it.
  18. Intriguing, nice to see this project being taken in a good direction.
  19. It bothers me a little that Viper's catwalks float somewhat, but these two screens are fantastic. I love Goliath, .
  20. Wow... the whole thing looks great, love the execution on the net. ^^^ That is really great. Maybe add one more hue of brown to the building but it's great.
  21. What are you talking about...it's a nice building. The second screen is great, but if those trains are 2-cars, make them longer. I love the interaction with the log flume
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