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  1. ^Like people have previously said, Ozark Wildcat, another great SBNO coaster, has not been moved yet. There's not really much of a market for moving SBNO coasters. In other words, I wouldn't count on it. At least you got to experience it.
  2. I'll probably stay at the park all day since my guest needs all the credits! Getting the Gold Pass too.
  3. As of now, I have plans to visit SFOT for Texas Giant Bash, Sandy Lake the day after, and SFFT sometime this summer break. I'm also going to try and visit Canton Christmas Tree Farm this December. My plans are kind of limited this year since my mom is having surgery in July and I need to take care of her.
  4. ^I just went to Italy with my school! It was awesome. ...Yeah, Italy. That's it. (And Germany if you count a connecting flight stop )
  5. As long as the word "Volare" isn't involved in this project, count me in!
  6. Go on a Sunday, the crowds are usually a little lighter. Like Robb said, you will probably still want to invest in a Flash Pass. And it shouldn't be too hot, Texas doesn't really heat up until mid-May.
  7. I'm going the day after TGB. Looks awesome! Very interesting history, too. Great TR.
  8. Looks like you had an awesome time!
  9. It's $3.78 for regular where I live. Still way too expensive. Remember when it was $2 a gallon a few years ago? That was the life.
  10. ^I knew someone would ask that I really like Alton Towers too, there's just something about Oakwood that makes it my top park in the appearance category. Don't ask what makes it look so awesome to me, because I really have no clue! Megafobia really helps out too. The picture of Megafobia from across the river makes me want to book a flight to the UK right now.
  11. Awesome TR! It's really cool that - wait, is that a THEMED BOOMERANG? WITH A TUNNEL?!? I must be dreaming.
  12. You have questions, I have answers. 1) My favorite attraction in the park is the Jurassic Park River Adventure. Most elaborate boat chute I've EVER ridden. 2) It's usually very crowded in the summer. Obviously, weekdays aren't usually as crowded as weekends. Not sure about the least crowded day, though. 3) Yes, the waits are usually quite long. Have fun!!!
  13. I'm getting this... well, I will once I get some money I LOVE Warioware and Spongebob, so this game looks awesome!
  14. I like that Oakwood has kept it's "green-ness" and still offers larger rides. I know some other UK parks are like that, but this one just really stands out to me as the most beautiful. Great TR!
  15. Yep, Wonderland has the old indoor coaster which they have repainted and named "Hornet". It really was a great addition to the park; they needed a more family-friendly coaster. Going back to the original topic, I really hope the shuttle loop gets built. I have a bad feeling about it, though, considering Joyland could install a different coaster with much more ease or just leave the new coaster out. It's really a shame to see another one of Anton's creations go down. On the other hand, I loved the TR! It's great to see small parks in my state.
  16. Even weirder, if you do an image search for Prince Desmond, uh, well, I'm number three. http://www.google.com/images?q=prince+desmond And "Jurassic Desmond" is second
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