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  1. Cool. Now all we need is an extensive TR of the world's largest bowling ball and we'll be set
  2. I ROFLed when I saw this! Can't wait to get some of these babies.
  3. I've thought about visiting this park for a while, primarily for the credit. It seems like a pretty nice and colorful park. But, like you said, there's not much for the teenage and adult crowd, so if I stopped by I'd get the credit, ride the swinging ship, and leave. Great TR!
  4. Wow, this park has such an amazing site I might just participate in their "Rewars Program"! Seriously though, the theming and station for the coaster cracks me up! What a quality park. And a Ferrari museum at a flea market?!? WTF?!? The flea market actually looks halfway decent if you're into that kind of thing. Amazing TR!
  5. Yeah, I actually got more scared on OH-Zone at Lake Winnie than I did the first time I rode Superman Tower of Power at SFOT! Those things pack a punch. Probably my favorite portable drop tower.
  6. SFOT has some pretty good classic cars. They're legit, too; they opened with the park in the late 60's.
  7. I've never seen a ferris wheel like that before. Do we know who made it?
  8. Yeah, I've sometimes seen that the rain makes it even more fun.
  9. ^ I can back that statement up. Saturday it was 90 degrees outside, and yesterday it was about 50! One day it will snow, the next day it's sunny. It's pretty unpredictable. May's actually a pretty good month for Texas weather.
  10. Jeremy, I think you topped Chuck Norris on that one!
  11. I'm sure whatever it is it would be a B&M. But who knows, SF surprises us quite a bit.
  12. For me, this is one of the most anticipated wooden coaster projects of the year. It looks to be coming together very nicely. Now if only my town's city park would follow in Green Bay's steps
  13. It looks like you guys are having an awesome time. As for bumping into a fellow member on the plane, that's pretty cool! Hey, you never know who could be a member - unless you live where I do Can't wait to see more! Thanks for keeping us posted, Robb.
  14. Just checked airfare prices from Texas, which were pretty inexpensive. There's a pretty good possibility I'll be there!
  15. Just booked my hotel! I'll be staying at the Hyatt Place Arlington. Their rate for a regular room is $98/night, which is a pretty good deal once you look at all the extras the hotel offers. My basic schedule is to drive up Friday night, attend TGB Saturday, and visit Sandy Lake Amusement Park Sunday morning or afternoon (depending on how lazy I want to be ). It's going to be awesome! I'm really looking forward to meeting everyone.
  16. You can't. But there are two ways they can be posted: - Larry will look at them and if he likes them he'll post them on the park index. - You can upload the best ones to the park index thread. It's a shame Hoffman's Playland was closed, it looks like a neat little park.
  17. Yay, a TPR event I can go to! I'll try my very best to be there!
  18. I came across this while surfing the web a while back and just realized it wasn't posted on here. This strikes me as really interesting. Surely the proposed park would need more large attractions (a coaster) than that to survive! What do you guys think?
  19. La Vibora at SFOT. I know it's a rare model, but the paint is faded and peeling off, it hurts like hell - it just reeeaallly shows it's age. It either needs some serious rehab or to go bye-bye. In my opinion, the park could do so much better than the ride La Vibora delivers. Put a new coaster and some flats there and nobody will even know it's gone!
  20. It doesn't really matter where Wizarding World is. It doesn't affect the experience at all. The park is themed so well to Harry Potter that you don't even remember you're in Florida! London won't be any different, either. Think about it: Wizarding World is right next door to Jurassic Park! I haven't actually been since the renovations, but from what I've heard and seen in pictures Wizarding World looks very well themed. I'm sure Universal and J.K. Rowling also thought that Wizarding World would be the most profitable if it were in a city filled to the brim with waterparks and resorts. Sure, there's more competition, but you don't need to worry about that if your park is high quality and well themed. I think that if they replicated Wizarding World, it would take away much of the unique atmosphere.
  21. The last coaster I rode was either Rampage or Zoomerang at Alabama Adventure.
  22. Wonderful TR! I'm sad to hear they took out the Rotor, those rides are getting very hard to find.
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