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  1. ^^You, my friend, are lucky I wish we could do something like that down here, but I'll bet that everyone would have a heart attack! Rocky Horror is my favorite musical, though!
  2. Nice TR! Glad to see some pics of the park actually "somewhat" open. My only complaint about the park is that their kiddie area seems a bit underthemed compared to the rest of the park. Also, like Elissa said, they really need to put in a few shaded areas or something. I know it will most likely come in time, though - it looks like they had enough trouble opening it in time as it is. It's a shame most of the major rides weren't operating. Once everything opens, I feel like this park has the potential to be an awesome park!
  3. It was great meeting you, man! TGB was so much fun Very nice shot of Titan by the way.
  4. Batman was running really bad I would say worst B&M I have ever been on. I don't know what happened but it was running way better in 2010 It wasn't the worst IMO, but it was definitely running rougher than 2010. It wasn't the worst IMO, but it was definitely running rougher than 2010. That was awesome! Be sure and wear a TPR shirt! I had 2 really great conversations with park employees just because of my shirt.
  5. Looks like I may be able to make it! It'll be my first megacoaster, standup, flyer, and Cyclone!
  6. Looks like you had a great time! I actually remember when Morgan won the bag-o-crap. I was so jealous
  7. ^You totally should! NTAG is worth a trip in itself. Tell me when so we can meet up or something!
  8. ^That must have been Jeff! He told me that he never wears it anymore, though. The last time he wore it he got kicked in the face, so he just puts it over his hand now.
  9. Sandy Lake Part 2! These were the most intense bumper cars I have ever ridden! It was like "slick track bumper cars"! It's whoring time! Jon could barely fit. The Train. The conductor was very friendly and gave us a narrative tour of the park's history and some little fun facts about nature. Train Sign Rock-O-Plane Death Machine! I love it! You can do some really messed up things on this ride. The only ticket booth in the park! Prices While many parks got rid of these decades ago, Sandy Lake has kept their pony rides around. The kids seemed to love them! Rock-N-Roll The park's Merry-Go-Round Scrambler Kiddie Boat Ride Midge-O-Racer Bulgy the Whale Star Fighter The Tilt-A-Whirl, one of my favorite carnival rides! Spider Space Shuttle, a pretty unique swinging ship style ride. Paratrooper Zumur, the most intense swing ride I have ever ridden! I swear, I had more trouble keeping my hands up on this than I did on Titan's upward helix! The Little Dipper was a great little kiddie coaster! On the railroad tracks! The refreshments were very reasonably priced. Just in case you forgot where you were! Thur's a train a' comin'! Chugga chugga chugga chugga... CHOO FREAKIN' CHOO! And she's gone... People on the paddle boats. The Pretzel dark ride was really neat. I had a very long conversation with Jeff, the operator. He said he was 81 and has worked at the park for 17 years. We talked about everything from the weather to technical stats. I found out the ride was relocated from Tulsa, OK, and that there are still 2 original tricks on the ride! He gave us a lights-on tour of the ride, which was awesome! Creepin' Sign Train Close-Up! While the ride still had a few original tricks, the park did a good job of incorporating new props to keep the thrill level up! Also, Jeff had a wolf mask he used to scare the kids who came out thinking the ride wasn't scary! I'm pretty sure this is licensed! Overall, I had a wonderful weekend! More trip reports coming this summer!
  10. Dude, stop giving the kid crap...he's got PLENTY of photos of New Texas Giant in his report! Sandy Lake![/u] We arrived at the park at about 11 Sunday morning. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by Sandy Lake's lineup and quality. While it is mainly a picnic grove and kiddie park, Sandy Lake has a few thrill rides, an awesome old dark ride, and a good little kiddie coaster! Ticket and refreshment prices were very reasonable. On to the pics! Welcome to Sandy Lake! Yay for random Statue of Liberty! This is one of the most messed up mini golf courses I have ever seen! Another view of the seriously messed up mini golf course The pool. It was really big! Sadly, it wasn't open yet. This was seriously the coolest arcade ever! Skee-ball Merlin's Mirror was one of the many unique games in the arcade. It was basically a coin operated funhouse mirror! Ziggy the Clown... creeping kids out for years! Galaga! The awesome antique love tester game! Now this was really cool! It was an old fashioned "Bowler Roller" game! Too bad I sucked at it. Jon failing at another awesome shooter game. Noted! The prize counter was definitely KidTums friendly! The arcade refreshment stand. Arcade refreshment stand exterior. Let's see what our furry friends are up to down at the Sandy Lake Barnyard! Birds being awesome. Gobble. Aawwww... They're just playing leap-frog, kids! The train conductor said this baby goat was only two weeks old. If it isn't obvious already, Sandy Lake has lots of land and a ton of things to do! We're almost to the rides area! Like I said, a lot of people have picnics at the park. I saw Jon come out of the bathroom looking like this. Obviously, I had to investigate! These were all over the wall! You gotta love open air restrooms. Getting closer... Part 2 (Rides Area) Coming Soon!
  11. Thanks so much for putting on this event! I had a wonderful time I hope to see everyone at Deep South Bash!
  12. Thanks for posting, everyone! Heck yes, it was great! I'll definitely be up there again soon to ride it I've ridden in the back before, and I agree that it really hurts. I did ride towards the front this time, and it was a decent ride. It all depends on where you sit. I'm going to try and upload the pics this afternoon!
  13. Sam's 2011 Coaster Season: 1) Texas Giant Bash - May 14, 2011 - See Below 2) Sandy Lake Amusement Park - May 15, 2011 - Pages 1 & 2 3) Six Flags Fiesta Texas - July 20, 2011 - HERE 4) Sea World San Antonio - July 21, 2011 5) East Texas State Fair - September 2011 6) Deep South Bash! - September 17, 2011 7) Six Flags Over Texas - October 2011 8) Red, White, and Blue Festival - November 2011 9) Canton Christmas Tree Farm - December 2011 -------------------------------------------------------------------- TEXAS GIANT BASH - MAY 14,2011 Wow, what a weekend! I'd like to start by thanking Robb for putting together such an awesome event. Everything from ERT to TPR Trivia was wonderful. And for anyone who hasn't gone to a TPR event before, GO NOW! I've never had so much fun in my life! The SFOT TR is going to be mainly text, but I do have a few pictures that I'll post at the end. Well, let's get started! From the minute I arrived at the park, I knew it was going to be a great day. We couldn't have asked for better weather. I started out the day with a few rides on the New Texas Giant, which was AMAZING by the way! After a few rides on that, we headed over to Titan for some more ERT goodness. At 10, we picked up our Flash Passes. Sadly, the line for Flash Passes had already developed into a human centipede, so we wound up missing Q&A On the bright side, the rest of the day was awesome! And guess what - FLUME 1 WAS OPEN!!! For those of you who don't know, this is a VERY rare occurrence. Anyways, TPR trivia was awesome, and night ERT was even better than morning ERT! Despite Shockwave breaking down, it was still an amazing night considering Texas Giant ERT was AMAZING. No lines whatsoever! Now for a few less general ride reviews: Titan: Oh my god, this ride was awesome! The 25-story first drop didn't disappoint, and the ride had a decent amount of air throughout its layout. The G's on the upward helix were insane! I couldn't get enough of this coaster. Mine Train: This family coaster packs quite a punch, especially for being one of the first steel coasters. The surprise drop got me every time, and the tunnels definitely upped the thrill level! Mini Mine Train: A smaller version of Mine Train. Pretty good for a classic kiddie coaster. Big Spin (Pandemonium): Pretty good coaster. The drops/helix can really take you by surprise, especially if you're facing backwards! And it actually spun Overall a great ride. Judge Roy Scream: The Judge is now the only wooden coaster at SFOT, and it sure is good! While it's nothing crazy (just an out-and-back coaster), it wasn't too rough and I even caught some air on a few of the hills! I feel like this classic coaster will be around for years to come. Batman: The Ride: To my surprise, Batman was running a lot rougher than it was last year. The first time I've ever gotten my head thrown around that much on a B&M. It wasn't bad, it was just more "meh" than I remember. Mr. Freeze: Freeze is AWESOME! The speedy launch is amazing. The top hat immediately following the launch was my favorite part of the ride. I loved the overbanked turn. After all of this was over, we got to do it all again - BACKWARDS! Premier really made a winner with this one! La Vibora: One of the three Intamin bobsleds in existence. La Vibora was actually running a lot smoother this season. While the brake runs hurt like hell in previous seasons, they were barely noticeable this weekend! Awesome ride. Flashback: Okay. I'm a Texas local, and I visit the park at least two times a year. I've actually avoided this ride for years because of the horrid reviews I read about it. Actually, this boomerang was pretty decent, but I won't be riding Flashback again anytime soon. Runaway Mountain: Since a few lights were actually on during my ride, I can back up the statement that Runaway Mountain is inspired by the Windstorm coasters. While it is a fairly short ride, it was pretty good. The helix was very forceful and the drop really catches you by surprise! Shockwave: Two words can sum up this ride: FREAKING AMAZING! For those of you who don't know, Shockwave still runs with lap bars only! There was plenty of airtime to be had on the hills, and the consecutive loops were packed with G's. Anton really did an awesome job on this coaster! New Texas Giant: Oh. My. God. NTAG was AWESOME!!! When Robb said that there were 14 moments of air on the ride, he sure as hell wasn't lying! It doesn't really matter where you sit. The first drop was one of the most intense drops I've ever experienced. The hill followed by the vertically-banked turn proved to be one of the most forceful parts of the ride! Another drop and vertical turn immediately followed. After this came the overbanked turn complete with head choppers, which was awesome! It almost felt as if you were going upside down. The hill right before the non-functional brake run was the most intense part of the ride. You seriously caught some amazing air! After the brakes came another drop and an airtime hill. Next was what I like to call the "surprise drop", since the airtime really surprised me! The remainder of the ride consisted of tunneled airtime hills, which were great. NTAG was definitely a re-ride! Definitely in my top 5. Now on to the pics! Welcome to Six Flags Over Texas! Judge Roy Scream is still a great coaster! The Judge turnaround... through the trees! First Drop of insane wooden awesomeness! Some lift hill porn for you guys. A view of the Judge's layout The Oil Derrick Observation Tower opened later in the day. SFOT from afar The Parachutes were open!!! Best day ever! Noted! One word - ouch! Heh. Happy 50th! Six Flags is officially "over the hill"! Shockwave lift Instant orgasm right there! Porn Titan was awesome! Judge at night! What a great day! Thanks to all who helped put it together. Sandy Lake up next!
  14. I'm so getting the cat dancer shirt and a signed photo!
  15. I'm so getting the cat dancer shirt and a signed photo!
  16. I love this song! It's hilarious! I have to get this on my iPod now
  17. I love coffee. My favorite is just plain espresso - I'm buying a machine Wednesday So, this brings me to my question - how do YOU like your coffee? P.S. - I really hope there isn't another thread for this. If there is, my bad.
  18. I love "Boardwalk Flyer", it seems original and catchy. I'm just gonna say no to "Wildwoody". I'm really excited about this project!
  19. I'm going to Sandy Lake this Sunday (day after Texas Giant Bash)! Is anyone else?
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