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  1. Once again, great pics! I really like the different angles, especially the one of Dominator's loop.
  2. Visiting Lake Winnepesaukah in Georgia. All the rides were so thriling in that "I'm gonna die! I'm gonna die!" sense. One of my favorite things about the park was the oldest operating boat chute/flume ride, which kicked butt! If you're in the area, Lake Winnie's a must!
  3. My home park is SFOT, and I'd have to say Shockwave is the best coaster. Consecutive loops, a decent amount of airtime... what more could an enthusiast ask for?
  4. I've always been fascinated with Kennywood. Great pictures, by the way.
  5. I can think of four things off the top of my head: - Somewhere at WDW, there's an abandoned skyride station. Not sure where, though. - At Universal Orlando, the old Hard Rock Cafe is still standing abandoned. - Now this is really, really cool. There's a completely abandoned waterpark at WDW! I think it used to be called River Country. Anyways, there's an entire waterpark just sitting there in the woods of the WDW resort. - I'm sure this is common knowledge, but the Pop Century Resort at WDW was never finished. You can still see the unfinished side!
  6. ^ OVO is my all time favorite! Have fun!
  7. I drink a stainless steel mug of coffee every morning. I usually stick to Folger's, but that's only because that's what everyone else drinks. I really like any of the Starbucks blends the most.
  8. Yeah, Taco Bell isn't good to me anymore. If I get any tacos, they're authentic.
  9. Mine's a loop off of Tennessee Tornado, the smoothest Arrow coaster ever!
  10. I want to go on a cruise so bad now! Thanks for posting these. That's what I love about TPR, it's like a big family. We post pics of things other than theme parks and talk to each other. It's wonderful! Thanks for creating such a site, Robb!
  11. ^^ Sam Marrs likes this Seriously though, he's right. You and Elissa seem like very nice people, and there's very few of those today. I understand if you don't add me since I haven't met you before, and that's completely fine. TPR inspired me to become an enthusiast, and while I joined last year, I've been following this site for longer than I can remember. Thank you so much for inspiring me. Hopefully I can meet you sometime! Thanks for all you do, and trust me, you do ALOT!
  12. I love seeing pics of parks in Asia and the Middle East. This one in particular looks very well kept, especially The Cyclone. Great TR, can't wait to see more!
  13. Screamin' Squirrels look odd but they ride gr... oh wait... Anyways, I'm with Elissa. As odd as this ride looks, if it gives a good ride I'll be happy!
  14. They probably just put steel supports up for that turn, considering it's the most overbanked.
  15. They decided to relocate a ride because someone saw a ghost? That's weird. Interesting, though; thanks for sharing!
  16. The Carousel of Progress is one of my favorite rides in the entire resort. It really strikes me as unique and pretty interesting. Great photos (except for that aerial shot fail, my eyes are bleeding now )!
  17. Food prices at Dollywood are very reasonable, especially for the portion size! I haven't been to WDW in 8 years; I really need to get back out there! Disney should give you free food for what you pay just to get in one of the parks!
  18. Playland is another park I really want to visit. Are Volares really as bad as they're made out to be? Great TR, by the way!
  19. I've never really wanted to go on a cruise... until now. That ship looks amazing! Great photos, and thank you so much for sharing them with us!
  20. Sorry, just wondering. Thanks for the helpful advice, Fire2box!
  21. The majority of Fuji-Q's coasters look great, but bad operations can ruin a park. I really hope operations improve and this thing runs well!
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