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  1. The first park my girlfriend Jessy and I visited this year was EsselWorld in Mumbai, India. EsselWorld seems to be one of the bigger and nicer theme parks in India. The park is clean, nicely landscaped and well maintained. To get to EsselWorld, usually you have to take a boat. First some pictures of the beach from where the boats left: The boats: Next to EsselWorld is this giant pagoda. More pictures of the pagoda later on in this review. Our first ride of the day was the well-themed darkride "Monsters in the Mist". Well, it sure was misty because some of
  2. In december, I spent a month in India together with my girlfriend. Ofcourse, we also visited some fairs and parks. Nicco Park in Kolkata was the first one. You can pay for the rides seperately or buy a wristband. We bought a wristband for the themepark only (there is also a water park) and payed 310 RPS. Really a bargain! The park is ok themed and clean. Some rides surely weren't safe by European standards but hey, we we're in India so we did try them all. Adults seem to have the most fun in kiddy rides. Maybe they were TPR members . M
  3. Great to read your reports! In december, I will also be heading to India for a month. I'll start and end in Mumbai and will travel to some other parts of the country. Ofcourse I already checked if there are some themeparks over there. Your reports sure made it easier for me to decide what to visit and what to skip Thanks for posting, and if you got some more recommendations, please let me know!
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