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  1. London is such a beautiful place, I'd love to go there! Nice TR.
  2. Wow that place is amazing! The themeing and landscaping is (are?) great.
  3. Possibly the Wild Waves Fright Nights but that park is pretty crappy especially after having been to some really great ones this summer. Their emphasis is not really on fright with only 2 haunted houses but it's significantly cheaper. And then nothing until spring/summer
  4. ^^They're talking about the one at SFNE, the Intamin hyper. It had great airtime and speed and a good first drop, it was just pure fun! Edit: ^Whoops, posted at the same time.
  5. ^ Wow lucky! That would be my dream to have the park that empty! I'm not a very big fan of getting wet unless it's hot out, but this looks like a pretty fun ride.
  6. I didn't think Rainbow Chaser was much worse than any other kiddie coasters of that type. It's really old and a bit ghetto but I didn't think it felt unsafe or anything. So are they finally getting rid of the place this winter? Good thing I got my credits!
  7. Bizarro in the back had really great airtime! Somehow my q-bot which had been wedged between my thigh and the seat ended up tucked in the waistband of my pants on my back which means it was flying around a lot! Also Phoenix and Boulder Dash have incredible airtime, my feet actually left the floor of the car a few times.
  8. It seems like when something breaks at Wild Waves, they're never bothered to fix it. As far as I know the kiddie coaster has been out all summer and there's always a few seats broken on flat rides that never seem to get fixed. They have a ton of space for more rides but they haven't put anything good in for a long time except the Disk-o last year (which isn't very good). Maybe they can't afford it, but it would nice to have something new and good next year.
  9. Most of the time I don't really care...I'm not much of a screamer, I yell and whoop if I'm having fun and if I'm scared I'm silent. But there were these two pre-teen girls behind me on Boulder Dash who thought it was cute to alternately piercingly scream at the top of their lungs. I turned around and gave them a look and they shut up for a little and then started up again. So annoying!
  10. He actually thought they were taking out the Pennsylvania Turnpike to put in the new coaster! I lol'ed and what the heck do Fahrenheit and Rock N Roller Coaster have to do with anything? That's such a random choice of coasters to compare.
  11. Nice video! You have really good quality footage. I tried to take video while I was there but it's really grainy. Good shots of all the rides!
  12. 1. Bizarro - SFNE 2. Boulder Dash - Lake Compounce 3. Maverick - Cedar Point 4. Fahrenheit - Hershey 5. Millennium Force - CP 6. Phantoms Revenge - Kennywood (This isn't one you see in top 10s much and I don't know why. I haven't ridden a lot of the coasters that typically make top 10s though. It had good airtime and was really fun!) 7. Top Thrill Dragster - CP 8. Expedition Everest- Animal Kingdom 9. Phoenix - Knoebels 10. Great Bear - Hershey
  13. Mean Streak. Wildcat at Lake Compounce in the back seat was incredibly bad. Not only was it rough and rattled my head around but it also crunched my spine down the first drop and every drop after that....it was just bad. And Cyclone at SFNE was rough too.
  14. The ride ops on Gemini at Cedar Point were hilarious and made the wait go by so much faster....one of my favorite lines was "Enjoy your ride on Top Thrill Millenium Gemini XL-200 Wicked Streak!" and "You're about to ride the tallest, fastest, and steepest coaster in the world...in 1917" (or he might have said 1970, I couldn't hear very well)
  15. A lot more to come this summer: Magic Kingdom Epcot Hollywood Studios Animal Kingdom Fun Forest Wild Waves (in a few days)
  16. I got 130 the first time and 215 the second
  17. I don't know if someone posted this already since I don't want to read through six pages, but here are the top 10 least counted coasters from coastercounter.com. There's actually a list of 100 in alphabetical order but I'm not posting all of that so here's the rare ones from A to B - they're all in pretty obscure places. 1 Achterbahn (Trampoline, Pentling Bavaria, Germany) 1 2 Adventure Train (Adventureland, Sharjah Sharjah, United Arab Emirates) 1 3 Astropax 18 (Attractionmania, Moscow Moscow, Russia) 1 4 Batman (Malmo Folkets Park, Malmo Skane, Sweden) 1 5 Blizzard (Lucky Star Park, Aradippou Larnaca, Cyprus) 1 6 Blizzard (Slaskie Wesole Miasteczko, Chorzow Slaskie, Poland) 1 7 Boomerang (Geroland, Cairo Cairo, Egypt) 1 8 Boomerang (Tashkent Park, Tashkent Tashkent, Uzbekistan) 1 9 Brucomela (Mirabilndia, Olinda Pernambuco, Brazil) 1 10 Butterfly (Flugplatz Sitterdorf, Sitterdorf Thurgau, Switzerland) 1
  18. I've never found The Wild Thing to be that rough...a little headbanging through the corkscrews but not that bad. Maybe it depends on how tall you are. I haven't been on any really rough rides, I feel like there was one, but I'm spacing out...
  19. That's a really pretty and nicely themed park! The greenish water in the wave pool doesn't look too appealing though..
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