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  1. I have a very short list this year, I didn't even go to Wild Waves, my home park: Coney Island/Astroland Efteling
  2. Great report and pictures! I would love to go on a tour of Asia someday.
  3. Wow, this place looks awesome! I like the placement of the drop tower. The building is huge!
  4. That is awesome! Good idea for a trip report!
  5. Dubai is so cool, and your pictures were great! I'm really fascinated by the Burj Khalifa, it's such a cool looking building.
  6. Great pictures! I'm almost for sure going there sometime in late July/early August so I'm getting excited! That headchopper does look extremely close, yikes.
  7. Wow that looks amazing! I never realized just how long it takes to get to the ground! I definitely want to go skydiving when I get older.
  8. I had no idea this place existed. I can't believe there's a Screamin' Swing so close to me! Looking forward to pictures!
  9. Planet 51 - Saw this on the plane, was pretty ho-hum. The plot was a possibly good idea, having a human be the "alien" to aliens, and they could have done more with it, but it ended up being really unoriginal and boring. Dancing Across Borders - I doubt anyone here has seen or will see this but if you're interested in dance it's really good! It's a documentary about a Cambodian boy who was discovered dancing Cambodian style at his school and brought to America to learn ballet, and is pretty interesting. It's amazing how much he learned in such a short time and how much natural talent he had.
  10. I know what you mean about the Narnia attraction...basically a glorified trailer in a themed room. We were a bit mad after we waited a half hour for that! I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of this TR!
  11. I'm not a huge fan of heights so the first time I rode Millennium Force I just looked at the track directly in front of me going up the hill, kind of like I was watching a POV, to distract me from the height, which might help you. But after the first ride I realized it wasn't that bad and was really fun and exhilarating, and I started looking around at the view. And like other people have said, it's not that much taller than a 200 something foot coaster. On TTD, I was really nervous in line and waiting to launch, but honestly, the drop felt like nothing. It was about half as intense as the launch and over very quickly. I think you won't have a problem with these coasters if you've liked hypers.
  12. Those pictures are awesome! I really like the colors, especially in the first one, and the one with the ghostly people walking by is very cool. When I get a new camera I'm going to try some HDR.
  13. First Park: Wild Waves First Coaster: Hopefully, Coney Island Cyclone, but if not then Timberhawk at Wild Waves First Food Item: Elephant ear or funnel cake! First New Park: Something in the Netherlands probably, hopefully Walibi World or Efteling or Toverland.
  14. I'm really liking this! At first I wasn't sure because I'm really far away from any of the events and parks available, but the other perks sound awesome too and I'm planning on traveling quite a bit in the next year.
  15. I've seen Avatar twice, in 2D and IMAX 3D, and both times I thought it was amazing, best movie I've ever seen! I guess the story isn't very original, but that didn't keep me from enjoying the movie. IMAX and 3D definitely add a lot to the movie, and I also liked that the 3D wasn't too gimicky - they didn't have very many things shooting out of the screen straight at you - it just felt more like you were in the movie.
  16. This show is amazing! I watch it to laugh at how ridiculous it is.
  17. ^^^ GP is general public, it's kind of a stereotype, but they tend to say stupid things like "OMG mean streak iz the best coaster evar!!!" (I just saw someone post that on facebook...)
  18. I'm very interested in the Cedar Point trip. The dates and price sound pretty good for me and it includes a few parks I've been to and liked, and a bunch of parks I really want to go to.
  19. Great TR! I love hearing about Disney from a kid's perspective, sounds like you guys had tons of fun. The story about how Lauryn didn't know you were going to Disney World was super cute, and what a great surprise it must have been for her!
  20. That's a really cool collection! The framed display is awesome, I love collecting stuff from Disney parks.
  21. I thought Maverick was absolutely insane at night. I think it was mostly the unpredictability of the ride when you can't see very far in the dark, rather than it actually getting better through the day, but it was awesome! Boulder Dash was also amazing at night, one of the craziest rides I've ever had on a coaster. It felt easily 10 mph faster than it had in the morning (I'm sure it wasn't really that fast though). I wanted to put my hands up but it was too brutal and somehow still totally fun. I was actually sore the next day! I also thought Expedition Everest and Bizzaro SFNE were even better at night.
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