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  1. There's a themed one like in that video at Wild Waves, it's quite fun for a kid ride! They have it on a more intense setting than in the video.
  2. 13/20, didn't know any of the old ones but guessed right on a few
  3. This guy who posted a video on youtube of Texas Giant was talking about how unsafe it was and how the train flies of the track. When corrected and told about upstops, he said
  4. Wow amazing pictures of rider reactions with great captions too! Yeah I've noticed that, especially in Cedar Point...they must really like those stores in Ohio!
  5. Great report! I'm even more excited to ride it this summer now!
  6. Those are amazing pictures! Especially the HM and TOT ones, my camera would absolutely fail trying to take pictures like that. I've never seen them captured that well!
  7. I love this picture except for that guy with a reflector thing in the very corner and I just realized it's a bit crooked. I could have cut him out but it would have cut out a lot of the castle. I thought it captured the castle really well and the statue of Walt and Mickey.
  8. I got 5 out of 20...wow. I guessed on nearly everything.
  9. Between August 15th and 26th, I'll be doing Six Flags New England, Lake Compounce, Hershey, Knoebel's, Kennywood, Cedar Point, and possibly another park or two.
  10. I'm 14, my first coaster was the Matterhorn at Disneyland around a year and a half ago.
  11. In my Spanish book there is a chapter on amusement parks which I definitely hope we get to this year... And I'm so obsessed that I gathered the coaster is in Argentina because that's where the chapter is set and I could tell it was an SLC, so I looked it up on RCDB and found the roller coaster in my Spanish book!
  12. Yesterday I was wearing a necklace and kept trying to twist it to create inversions during math - I got a loop and two corkscrews! And driving on hills makes me think of coasters also, and pretty much anything I can associate with coasters if I'm in the mood...
  13. My home park is Wild Waves, which isn't very exciting and isn't open very long, so I think this summer I'll probably go 1 or 2 times and I'm debating whether I should buy a season pass or not because I'm very low on cash right now.
  14. I was at WDW on Valentine's Day as well as President's Day weekend and the day before we left, they were handing out those beads for Mardi Gras at our hotel, the Port Orleans Riverside.
  15. Hi! I've been reading TPR for quite a while now and decided to finally join. My name is Emma and I'm from the Seattle area...my home park is Wild Waves which is not very exciting at all. I love Disney and while I haven't ridden many coasters yet, I'm hoping to boost my count by around 60 by the end of summer!
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