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  1. Didn't Shapiro say that they weren't getting anymore 'BIG' coasters for a while?
  2. That makes Griffon a little less unique. Sounds wierd...I think getting rid of the floor won't really affect it....will it?
  3. And they look like they have substance to them too!
  4. ^ I think we're a bit insecure with the size of things over here.
  5. I wonder if they'll sue Kumbak??? Was it Kumbak who stuffed up?
  6. It looks like some of those quick changes of direction could become violent and cause a bit of head bashing...but I'm sure Intamin has taken all of that into account.
  7. So a giant huge massive awsome accelerator was swapped for an SLC??
  8. I think it's fundamentalist churches ^, most 'sane' churches would probably really disagree with 'hell houses'. I think it's sick.
  9. ^ I agree. I think they should give up on the 3D...you can still make a really good looking game with a '2D' engine. Although I don't EVER want to see another excuse for a sequel like 'RCT 2'. I was completely underwhelmed that they made no effort to change the graphics or even the overall look of it all. Couldn't believe it. But yeah, I think they could have so much more space and time to make a realistic and detailed 2D rollercoaster tycoon, rather than having to worry about handling a 3D engine. Although I don't really have any idea about how you'd make a computer game, so I really shouldn't talk!
  10. They look like those slides of death at all those European Parks. Are they actually fun? I reckon I'd get stuck!
  11. Does anyone reckon the theming could be more elaborate than what they showed in the videos? Or is what was shown going to be just that?
  12. The first little overbank reminds me of that funky twisty part on Storm Runner.
  13. I think the actual track of the Australian version is integrated better, and that the scenery blends much better, but I would think that Rio Bravo would create a much better splash than Wild West Falls.
  14. Yeah, the trees behind the first flat spin are really covering up that goofy looking green fence behind the ride. Makes it look more jungle-like.
  15. What the heck is that raft thingy????? That looks like a sheer drop it's fallen off! Does it just fall off the ledge?
  16. ^ From what I can see, Renegade will be a completely different experience to High Roller and Excallibur.
  17. Yeah, I just used all pre-made supports, because making supports from scratch is frustrating! Is there any program I can download that has premade supports or something?
  18. This is my first uploading of a No Limits coaster...it's with the 1.6 version, I hope I'm not braking any rules. Gyre is the first coaster I made with the update, and it features a high speed post-drop turn, two large twisted hills and two highly banked arcs, one ninety degrees. The ride is also filled out with tight helixes, sudden drops, twists and turns. It's not perfect, but it'll do. Gyre.nltrack Maurer Sohne Spinning Coaster Overview, high speed turn in the foreground. The end of the ride (not as exciting as I would have liked!). The first heavily banked arc, right over the station. The first section of the ride, showing off the great new water effects. A tight pre-brake run helix. The 90 degree turn.
  19. I'm having a ball with the Maurer Sohne Spinning coaster! It's great!
  20. I've got 1.6, but I don't know where the track smoother is or how to use it...I've got a heap of old coasters to fix up! Can anyone help?
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