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  1. The drop tower seems to be the trend here... I used to hate them but after riding The Giant Drop, I realised it's a feeling you have to get used to; the whole bloodrushing to the head/loosing the stomach/gravity pulling/intense feeling dropping 390 ft thing. by the second ride my arms were flailing about as we were dropping!
  2. You all do know the story line to superman escape, right? If not, here it is (sorry, I know this is off topic: last one)... SUPERMAN ESCAPE will be an unprecedented rollercoaster ride experience with an exciting pre-show adventure themed around the world's most popular Super Hero. Guests will commence their adventure in a Metropolis subway loading dock. As they travel through the subway, a terrifying earthquake takes hold and threatens their safe passage. To escape the catastrophe, Superman rescues guests by propelling their carriage out of the subway, then vertically upwards at 100km per hour! What follows is an exhilarating and hair raising rollercoaster ride experience like no other on the planet...
  3. Well seriously now, I'm designing a sit down coaster where the trains blow up just as they're about to leave the station.
  4. Superman isn't going to be great just for it's coasterness, it will have a darkride section before the launch that, as the Rabid One from Ozcoaster.com tells us, will match Disneyland style darkridey-ness. Which is, I daresay, unseen in intamin rockets.
  5. On Space Probe an intamin freefall ride in a now defunct Australian park Wonderland, they had a room at the very top where the riders would face a TV screen. It would have a count down and would drop the cars at anytime; sometimes it would wait 30 seconds after the countdown, and sometimes it wouldn't even get to the first number. On The Giant Drop at Dreamworld, Australia, another intamin drop ride (the tallest freefall in the world), there isn't anything; which I think is better, it doesn't have anything to distract you with; just the incredible 390 ft height and the wide open agrophobia-inducing space.
  6. Yeah, what Elissa said. It looks lopsided, but it could just be a defect in my brain.
  7. Ah, go to midwestinfoguide.com and look up worlds of fun and then patriot construction. Hopefully that'll work. Make sure you go to the pic where it's looking at the loop from the side.
  8. http://midwestinfoguide.com/worlds/patriot/103105/1.jpg It looks really wierd to me for some reason.
  9. Hey, It looks like this thing is going to be pretty large-scale from how many areas are being excavated.....is it? I've never been to SFMM so I don't know where all the areas are.
  10. Apparently the site's server is too busy. I can't get on!!!!
  11. Well they haven't got a thrust-air coaster yet, and they're done by S&S Power.
  12. Check it out here; http://www.thorpepark.co.uk/explore/2006/new_for_2006.asp - next to the 'just posted' text. It's the most jerky and crappy computer generated on ride video I've ever seen. Just compare it to the EL TORO video and you'll know what I mean.
  13. yeah that's what I thought. They were good until the floorless hit the scene, and then they became....meh.
  14. Hey are stand up rollercoasters good? I mean even with the B & M ones, I think I'd rather sit down than have to stand up the whole time; sounds uncomfortable.
  15. Woah, that was quick. Anyway, has there been an announcement yet? Did I miss out?
  16. There's a website, www.coasterplace.com (on the right in the 'constructie updates' column) calling this coaster 'Tatsu'. What's the deal?
  17. I reckon the post launch section is really going be like a Rita Queen of Speed on steroids.
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