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  1. I'm out. Thank god there's hope with Frontier's Coaster Park Tycoon! Gosh that barn ride with the raging fire around it is DREADful. It really tells me that they're clueless! It's such a pity because that coaster designer sounds like what I've been waiting for in an RCT game.
  2. I've just realised that the Superman structure looks very steampunk. Will be good for theming continuity... which Six Flags is very concerned about, I'm sure.
  3. The forest location and colours make it look like a B&M Expedition Geforce.
  4. So I've decided to go retro and reinstall Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 on my puter, but this time with the expansions. I adored the Corkscrew Follies and Loopy Landscapes expansions for the original, because they added content while contributing to the realism of the theme park genre... Hyper Coaster cars, giant B&M loops, Gyro Drop Towers. The sequel's expansions however never appealed to me on the shop shelves all those years ago; they looked more like a bizarre, surreal trip than a game about theme park management and completely lost me for a while there... plus, considering what they offered on the package, RCT2 seemed to be it for me. And I'm glad I never bought them. I just finished having a look through the scenarios and can't believe how wayward and truly bizarre they became. I think the only advantage to using them would be acquiring some of the new scenery they offer, but even then a lot of that is so obscure and unrealistic that it feels like two different games colliding, or the unused content from one thrown into another. I think I began to audibly ask my computer screen "What?" when I opened the Rio themed scenario, which is crowded with giant bunches of balloons and hoards of giant bikini clad women 'animatronics' dancing around the rides. Just... interesting. So perhaps it's 10 years too late, but I just want to ask them "What happened?" I understand it's important to do something that hasn't been done before, but surely they could have kept some sort of commitment to realism? What do you guys think? What? Huh?
  5. ^Seems a bit juvenile to me... I don't see that rollercoaster element as their intellectual property. I've made plenty of coasters in No Limits with that first drop! Plus, we don't call the vertical loop the 'Six Flags Magic Mountain inversion'. Once somebody thinks of it and puts it out there, anyone can use it in my opinion!
  6. The brevity and elements of the layout remind me of Wildfire.
  7. I know it's totally way out there, but has the possibility of it being the world's longest coaster been discussed?
  8. Great coaster! It had all the qualities of an Intamin Mega Lite that made it seem really authentic. What was the name of the music on the video by the way?
  9. Hi guys, I'm from Australia and Sydney's Wonderland was kind of my home park (even though I lived an hour and a half away... that's very close for Australia!) and this is a 'concept' for a beefed up, 'Disneyfied' Snowy River Rampage, which was my favourite ride of the park for some reason.
  10. I live on the other side of the world so at 11 pm I came across this early morning webcam pic! Pretty cool.... Through the fog!
  11. Can I ask what might seem a strange question? Did this technology exist before Rollercoaster Tycoon 1 came out in 1999? Because while almost all of the coaster types in it were real, I always thought the waterslide that went up and down was sooo so implausible (water slides going up hills?), but now I'm looking at Wildebeest... it looks exactly like something I would make in RCT1! So I'm wondering what came first... this technology or the wild imaginations of those making RCT?
  12. Ok everyone, F1 in Ferrari Park is Intamin... all sorted. It's established. We can get back to discussing just this coaster now!
  13. Aaahhh right. Sorry guys, I thought it must have been brought up by now. I wonder if this is going to be THE intamin track from now on, or whether it's just for the larger coasters? That's probably already been discussed as well! I'll shutup now.... Mark
  14. Hey guys, just found an interesting similarity between the track of the new coaster going into the Ferrari park in Abu Dhabi and that of KD's new coaster.... To me they are exactly the same. Only that the Ferrari park coaster is supposed to be Premiere? I'm confused.
  15. That white coaster track looks exactly the same as the new-look Intamin track waiting outside Kings Dominion. Is it the same?
  16. All they really need to do now is paint that tunnel! It kind of sticks out.
  17. It looks like they've replaced a bit of the theming in the initial video, like the canyon after the air hill, with plain wooden fencing. Doesn't look quite as good IMHO.
  18. That is just the coolest looking coaster. It'd be really intruging for the general public as well.
  19. ^ I think the track is bigger than Sheikra's because the cars are 10 across, that's why it looks smaller.
  20. I reckon the huge size of the track gives the illusion that it's smaller than it really is.
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