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  1. I thought this was an excellent coaster... It was smooth and the track bulding was true to the B&M style. The apex of the air hills were much tighter than a usual B&M hyper...I'm not sure whether you meant that or not, but I thought you might have been going for a 'Hydra' style Hyper, with all the wierd and deformed elements as well. But still, good job!
  2. Far out, http://www.amusementpics.com/SFGAdv%20Opening%20Day%2006/040106-020.jpg It just looks so awesome in that part of the park, with the huge Kingda Ka behind it and the lake beside it...
  3. http://www.onride.de/viewtopic.php?t=21366&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=340&-1
  4. They put a trim just before that series of small hills? I think they look like they'd be taken slow as they are!
  5. I remember seeing pictures of track of Sheikra laying on the site for ages before they started construction or announced it. Don't know.
  6. ^ By the look of the connect-y thingys on the supports of the hill after the raven turn, it looks like...I don't know what it looks like...maybe it'll do a quick fly-to-lie and then twist around again. Anyway if you look, the piece that connects to the track in the middle of the hill is facing upwards, then the next support is facing to the side and then the others are facing downwards again.
  7. Is the Flyer a Superman clone? I have a feeling it is because the track goes under the brakes in both this one and Superman. Not that that's really anything to go by.
  8. Hey is there a ride that goes into the whale's mouth? I swear I've seen a boat travelling into it in some Disneyland picture book or something...
  9. I'm pretty sure this hasn't been posted, so here are some videos of Superman Escape; a POV and two videos of Aussie sport stars on the coaster. http://www.supermanescape.com.au/se/the_ride.aspx?docId=26 (They're the pics on the right)
  10. So was there any climax after that?? Or was that all??
  11. What happened in Alien Encounter? I remember seeing it briefly on some show but not knowing what actually happened...it looked really cool though.
  12. I don't think they're 'Custom SLC's' like rcdb says they are...they're just a new layout Vekoma is cloning. There are two other coasters of exactly the same layout, all built in the last four years... http://www.rcdb.com/id2978.htm http://www.rcdb.com/id1681.htm
  13. Well the title Aquatica doesn't rule out dive machines, since Sheikra has a water-splash....
  14. I thought he was a bit irritating anyway; especially with the Venga Boys music that always played! Cheesy...that's the word I'm looking for.
  15. It'd be cool if they got the fastest, (probably not the tallest; I don't think it fits with the racing theme) caoster in the world.
  16. It's 100 Kilometres per hour, which is approx 60 miles per hour I think. We use the metric system over here.
  17. I love the travelling show's The Claw, but I think it might be called the Spin Out in America.
  18. Hey, doesn't nitro have a sort of a looney tunes/cartoony type theming, because it's in the Looney Tunes seaport?? Well that's what the map says anyway. I like the colours of Nitro, and if it's meant to have a cartoonish theming, I reckon that's really cooly unique for a hyper or any large-scale coaster.
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