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  1. Still can't see why they're called aqua trax...you'd think they'd make much more contact with water!
  2. I can still only find four hills that will be 'air time filled' ... don't know where the other four are.
  3. The idea is pretty cool, but the transitions into your corners are really bad. You need to ajust the nodes so that they're smooth and heartlined.
  4. From the video it looks like the cars maybe synchronized for effect.
  5. The stats on the website say there are going to be two launches and eight air time filled hills.....I'm really confused.
  6. Hopefully the theming will be a little more detailed than what's in those impressions...what's the deal with those big metal slabs sticking up out of the ground??? And I'm wondering if anyone could pick out those 8 moments of airtime for me...
  7. I've been on the zipper once, and I'm happy with that. You don't really get the smooth sensations created by gravity like you do on rides like the 'move-it', so I class them more as a 'adrenaline challenge' than an enjoyable ride; your main aim is to get off unhurt! If you decided to replace the cages with seats with harnesses, I don't think it would be that much of a rush...it's the risk that attracts. But yeah, I think they're really cool to watch, they have a really good motion to them when you're watching them from a certain angle.
  8. Yeah, I thought the sign looked a little too aztec for Deep in Africa. It would be cool though, if they expanded the area into the car park on the other side of that fence, connected by the bridge through the loop.
  9. I think they've really used the idea of a Eurofighter's vertical lift and the theming of a mine really well. Makes the shaft seem more authentic-like.
  10. If only they'd cover up that fence behind the first flat spin...don't know how though.
  11. The general layout was good, but there were a heap of things not true to the B & M style: the absence of the pre drop drop from the lift hill, that launch into the dive loop, and the curved and dropping brake runs. A solution to the launch could be just resizing the first drop, making it taller, and that will also help with the loop since it was a little slow. Also, the lift hill isn't straight, the support connecting the top of the flat spins doesn't have to be there, and a bit more trackwork/smoothing needs to be done, but they're all easy things that can make a better coaster.
  12. And looking at Atlantis Aventure, the track doesn't even seem to touch the water at all. ....don't know how that fits in with anything, but I needed to get it off my chest.
  13. That largest waterplay structure in the world looks really cool! 7 slides, 2 watertunnels and nearly 200 watertoys!
  14. There's a Jerry Lewis film I saw when I was young that featured a big wooden coaster that he supposedly blows up at the end...can't remember the title though.
  15. We were flipping over on Wipeout at Dreamworld, where we saw a watch drop down into the water below...I then laughed and yelled "Ha Ha! somebody's watch fell off!" Then I realised my watch wasn't on my wrist anymore, I had to wait until the park closed (which was only about 5 minutes) for the staff to wade in and get it. It was a good $20 watch.
  16. Yeah, when we were lifting slowly up the tower the Tower of Terror car roared up the side and the whole thing vibrated...I can tell you, waiting up there is just so intense...it waits for AGES!
  17. ^^^ Those twisty slides have a really cool movement pattern to them, but water sprayed up into my face way to much for my liking.
  18. Would a park in 2014 even bother making a Vekoma corkscrew?
  19. Another video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdsK8CoYKSI Some more photos: http://www.gainsider.com/scripts/pictures/view_album.php?albumID=383 It rockets over those hills.
  20. Mr. Six is the worst excuse for a mascot I've ever seen. *shudder*
  21. Once the plantlife has time to spread and grow, the theming will be so immersive.
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