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  1. Perhaps they have a very smart marketing team and foresaw this type of interest and anticipation in not announcing it with everything else.
  2. That Intamin is class, but I want to see Vekoma start competing with big projects.
  3. This is probably wildly optimistic but I reckon Cedar Fair aren't done with their announcements yet. Don't quote me on that though!
  4. Crazy to think that this is as tall as a few hypers out there!
  5. I think the roar itself is really weak (kinda the sound I would make if I were playing monsters with a kid) and the sound is too clear and close. It'd be more effective if they could make it sound like Hulk was deeply roaring from within the launch chamber with a bit of reverberation.
  6. While I love Tower of Terror's Art Deco theming and agree that the original Tower should never be touched, I can't help but think that this looks freakin' awesome. I could not stop looking at that Imagineer's earlobe though.
  7. Love those clear close-ups of the 'holy crap!' expressions on riders faces... Why I love rollercoasters!
  8. I'm gobsmacked that people are underwhelmed by that POV... Seeing the construction it was never going to have the record for amount of airtime, but to be furiously weaving under, over, in and out of a medieval village looks like insane fun! Just different to the fun an Intamin hyper/accelerator or Maverick might provide. #havealwayslovedswoopingturns
  9. I would love the lime green to be the inverted 'Ziz' rumoured for Canada's Wonderland... Would be so quirky and cool!
  10. Ahhhh... I should have searched 'Raclette' rather than 'Raclette Hut', yields a lot more valuable information!
  11. What sort of food did you guys have in the Raclette Hut? Looks like it involved cheese!
  12. ^Yeah if I remember correctly in some of the earlier press releases and descriptions, they were aiming to make Adventure Isle completely new and something people hadn't seen before in their parks. It's cool!
  13. Fantastic trip report! It looks great, but I just can't grasp what they're going for with the plantings at Adventure Isle... The mountain and the architecture would suggest tropical/jungle like plants, but in this image it looks almost european! Perhaps they're creating their own unique/hybrid environment.
  14. That moment when Wildfire is a traditional chain lift wooden coaster, and Lightning Rod is the worlds first ever launched wooden coaster.
  15. To think they're still yet to open Roaring Rapids with that giant monster animatronic too. I had underestimated the scope and originality of this park... but I guess when you're in a country with a billion people you can afford to make it big and bold! Cool stuff.
  16. ^ Has original Disneyland vibes... feels of the Storybook Canal.
  17. So I've only just gotten onto the live webcams, and I can say they've given me a bit of a thrill. As an Australian, seeing that number of huge coasters constantly sending out riders is so foreign! You guys are lucky.
  18. When Orphan Rocker at Scenic World Australia was testing the ride was so violent that it threw the sandbags off the cliff and into the forest below. I went for a job interview there and they said that is a complete myth.
  19. Man... those shots make it look like a Giga! And I know it's ridiculous, but I kind of love the name Havoc in Heaven Palace.
  20. I've heard these test runs are just to get footage for a documentary they're making about Lightning Rod's demise... After they shoot it, deconstruction will start immediately and all wood/steel will be returned to RMC for refund on receipt. I hope they kept the receipt.
  21. Man, how's the presence of this one?! Crazy big wooden elements just peeking through the trees... Love it.
  22. Looks legit! Looks like it might actually be pretty intense for a water ride!
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