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  1. Oh my gosh. That Youtube video of the peeps WEIRDLY groaning in pain or moaning in pleasure, and then suddenly disappearing on the wooden coaster... I was laughing so hard, I almost love it! Who on earth remotely decides to include moaning as the sounds people make on a rollercoaster? And then it pans down to the exit of the ride, and it's just flooded with vomit and people spewing up over and over.... I swear it's like a parody. It's almost all been worth it for this.
  2. Mattlab, the PR guy for the game said it would start out with 30 flat rides in a gameplay live stream they did in the second half of last year. It was after the rejig with the new developers too... not sure if they've decided to add more or not, after that they had all the bad feedback about the coaster building so I don't know if they would have been concentrating on flat rides.
  3. And those flats are including the crazy unrealistic ones we saw in the first terrible trailer.
  4. I think at this point in time they just need to embrace the product they have, rather than put out and take away promotional material because of the backlash. It's pretty evident that Planet Coaster is the true RCT 4 and Atari will not be able to live up to it due to their financial situation (and they also just don't seem to have the sensitivity/experience to make realistic content), so Atari may as well start targeting this game to gamers in general who want to have a bit of fantasy theme park fun... kinda like Theme Park World. I would even say make it more outrageous and looney and fun, and people will be attracted to it. Their forums are just a pit of negativity because they drew the die-hard fans who are now disillusioned, and they're now making attempts to draw the EXTRA hardcore gamers with the UGC Editor, when there's already going to be an obvious gap in pre-loaded content (I think Matt said there will be 30 flat rides on release... no water rides/dark rides etc.). I felt a bit embarrassed for them when they made the huge jump to the UGC Editor because it seemed like they were saying "Can you finish this for us plz?" But I'm not an expert... it's all very fascinating! So so so glad Planet Coaster is there, I would have been so frustrated otherwise.
  5. I was very mildly dubious about the aesthetics of this addition, because Kraken's skyline was so iconic... one of the first ever pictures I saw of a B&M. But this new skyline is just heaven.
  6. Luigi's Roadsters ain't gonna be a hair raiser, but it looks like a complete joy! Everyone on the ride just looked like they couldn't stop smiling, especially with that music. What a great idea!
  7. I thought that when it was announced. I thought it must be because the curve beforehand rolls/banks continuously the other way and they must be starting from the bank and counting the degrees from somewhere there... but it's pretty heavily banked so I don't think it would add only +9 degrees... dunno.
  8. Or maybe build the archway in between and have the dragons wrap around it, and paint/render them so they look like stone statues (if the colours are too bright for the Harry Potter universe). It is a massive waste.
  9. I know it's probably a sensible business move, but I am so sad that the Intamin box track seems to be fading out. It's so much a part of their visual identity! Ah well, things have to change.
  10. ^ Yes but the Coaster Head Club concept art showed the car sitting on box track. I imagine it's just placeholder for the demo... They've still got a year left! With their commitment to authenticity, I doubt they'll throw the RMC trains on the corkscrew track, RCT World style.
  11. I know it's strange but I'm starting to feel sorry for the RCTW team. The whole thing really is a mess yet they seem so positive... where as Coaster Planet has been clear, savvy and focused from the get go, and the more info I get, the more my mind is blown with what a great game this is going to be not only for coaster fans, but all gamers. It really shows that the RCTW team are really just trying to get Atari out of the mire, while Frontier are already flourishing and therefore have the means to create a game that expands what we ever thought was possible in a theme park game. And in the Coaster Head club's extra artwork, there are blue prints for RMC trains on RMC tracks. Exciting.
  12. I was just thinking the other day it'd be great if they change Superman and Medusa back to their original themes! Never liked the look of the Bizarro thing.
  13. ^^ I read or saw in a youtube video (can't remember which!) that they are including a huge array of coaster types... the words were something like "if you've seen it in a theme park, it will be in the game". I got pretty excited about that, hard waiting for more info! I guess time will tell...
  14. Dude, if they have coaster types from a defunct company with only a handful of coasters around the world, this game is going to be deep! My head is about to explode.
  15. The only time I've ridden an SLC (Lethal Weapon at Movieworld Australia), I actually really enjoyed the layout and even the roughness... it was just the head banging that made me not ride it again. This looks like it would eradicate that negative so I think I'd like it!
  16. This turn around is pretty amazing... surely if they put out a trailer, they were planning for the game to be pretty similar. I remember there were originally only going to be 3 kinds of track: steel, inverted and wooden, and the cars would just change with the same track underneath. I'm wondering whether they've actually done something about the response because they are really competing with Frontier's Coaster Park Tycoon, and were scared people would just wait for that. That competition's great for us!
  17. Man it's such a thrill to see traditional custom Intamin track going up again!
  18. They say blue and green must never be seen, but this coaster already has one of the best visual impacts of any coaster I've looked at! And fits so much twisting around the feet of Goliath.
  19. This actually looks worse than Theme Park World... that at least had a sense of itself. The developers must have said to each other 'Let's just plop everything we've got so far onto a big flat area and make a video! They'll love it!' It's like when you watch your friend who doesn't know or care one bit about theme parks or roller coasters play Rollercoaster Tycoon for the 1st time, and make the worst monstrosity of a park you've ever seen. And I bet you the next blog post will thank us for our overwhelmingly positive feedback to the trailer. I don't usually complain about things like this but it's just the fact that they're using the Rollercoaster Tycoon name! They're desecrating it!
  20. Box art has been released in another blog post. Apparently they've used in-game models for a lot of the rides shown, so I'm assuming we'll see a Zipper and a Rockin' Tug in the game. I think I'm back in with this, just changing my expectations. Theme Park World was fun, even though it was far from reality.... this looks like it could be the same.
  21. Love a Powersurge! Great, fluid and random movements, and if your car turns the right way over the top of the loop you get great pops of intensity. Let go and you feel like you're flying and tumbling through the air. I didn't find it scary at all, but if you don't like rapid, random movement or going upside down, then it's probably not for you!
  22. Best coaster car design evar. Could be something right out of the Gotham city from the old Batman movies.
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