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  1. you guys diss disneyland wayyyyy too much. i mean... ill admit, it has its defects and sometimes i get upset at what they do or change to the park but overwall its great. Ive yet visited disneyworld or any of the other disney parks beside the disneyland in anaheim so i really cant compare the rides here to the ones in florida,paris, or tokyo. But still, give disneyland some credit, i mean after all... it was the first disney park out of all of them. I definettly agree with you on the space mountain thing, it really hasnt changed at all except some new stuff here and there but mainly its just updated old stuff like you said. I think disneyland and DCA will really hit there prime peaks when they finally finish the finding nemo sub ride, do something with the peoplemover/rocket rods track, and get rid of THE RIDICULOUS INNOVATIONS spinning building of nonsense, and most of all fill in DCA. right now the cup is half empty, we need it to be half full. -aris
  2. im developing the first 4D Hypercoaster. more news on it later.
  3. well from what screamscape says and i quote, "I’ve heard a report from someone who attended the Roller Coaster Club of Great Britian’s trip to the US West Coast last week that contains an interesting item. During the ERT session at the park it seems that some park rep mentioned that the club should make plans to come back next year when they’ll be opening a new “flying” coaster on the hillside." and now there saying how it may be 150 feet tall, will include the popular Pretzel Loop, as well as the first Immelman on a B&M Flyer. im gonna go on the B&M flyer idea. it makes the most sense and if they do put in this ride they'll most likely get rid of the oriental express. but still we wont know till it hapenns what there truly going to make. lets just hope its not a vekoma boomerang. -aris
  4. its the almighty flays resteraunt. the picture you took of the Mesa Grill resteraunt is owned by the one and only bobby flay. the foodnetwork is my second home and i know hes one of the best. haha those squirrels were too cute. i actually have a pet squirrel. they do alot of pooping and nibbling. -Aris just an added touch.
  5. hey the disneyland anniversary is coming up on May 3rd i think and i was wondering if you guys are gonna be there for it? or are you gonna wait a while for the crowd to die down? because i know that space mountain is gonna be brand new and the pirates of the carribean might have some new puppets of jack sparrow. so we'll see. hopefully they do a good job and i know they will. there disney. they can never do a bad job. -Aris look at this old disneyland ride back in the 60's or 70's. that would be cool if they still had it goin.
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