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  1. I finally made it back to Dollywood check out the Christmas festival and see how Adventure Mountain was progressing. I have to say AM looks really good. It looks like there will be plenty of things to do. I was really surprised to see the course where you go out across a cliff with a very NARROW passage. It looked really fun! They have done some theming but knowing Dollywood I'm sure there's a lot more to do. I really enjoyed the Christmas festival too. The lights looked beautiful! Here are some pictures I took while I was there. Enjoy!
  2. Well, if anyone wants to see it, there is a decent POV video on youtube: It may end up being taken off but it is there for now. I started to watch it but then I stopped it pretty quickly because I want to find out the mystery myself
  3. Wow, looks as great as I was hoping. Not too much longer until I can ride it myself. Thanks for not spoiling any of the dark sections I am very happy to hear that there is lots going on inside the mine. How were the vertical lifts? Were they intense? How fast are the lifts? I was looking at the picture of the tressel and noticed that there was a large wooden gate just past the tressel section at the end of the path . . . similar to when they were constructing MM . . . kinda makes you wonder, now doesn't it? Thanks again for the pictures, can't wait to see more and maybe even a video of the outside run.
  4. Now that looked pretty intense! It just goes to show that the sky is the limit for designing new roller coasters. It would be great to see a ride like this with a longer layout in the US.
  5. This was the home of my first rollercoaster. I absolutely loved the Comet. As stated earlier, there just aren't a whole lot of amusement parks in this area. There is something very unique about northern new england in that everyone is usually so busy that they don't take the time to enjoy an amusement park - it is only now that I have moved to TN that I can really see this. I can remember as a teenager going to Whalom park on field trips and when I got older, going with my friends. No it wasn't "Six Flags" or any caliber like that, but it was just FUN. That was the one place that I could go and relax and do something that is hard to find in that area. I do admit that it was a dump at the end of its life, but I am fortunate enough to be able to remember when it was a pretty nice place to go. I really wish the best of luck to these people but I really don't seeing it happen; especially now that land is a commodity and you are always about 2 hours from SFNE if you are in MA. Of course this doesn't have any impact for me now that my home park is Dollywood!
  6. Hi everyone...just wanted to share that screamscape has posted some cool pics of the rock facade of Mystery Mine. There are some great close ups of the cave as well as some of the inside of the que line! Check it out at http://www.screamscape.com/html/dollywood.htm I am getting more and more anxious as the days go by. Will anyone be going on opening weekend or April 13th that can take some pictures?
  7. To make a short story long... -My original home park "was" the classic Whalom Park in Lunenburg MA (RIP) which was 20 min from my house and where I rode my first rollercoaster ever on the Comet with the "Black Hole". -Riverside Park in Agawam MA (now SFNE) which was 2 hours away. Now that I have moved to TN I am happy to say that -Dollywood is my closest and home park about 2 hours away -SFOG is about 4 hours away, but I still have to make it there
  8. There are new pictures of testing at the Mystery Mine website in the construction section. http://www.dollywood.com/mmine/progress07.htm I hope that they post some new videos too. 5 months and counting until I can finally ride MM
  9. I was curious to see if this was a new video, and I happened to notice that the link for the Gerstlauer interview that you are talking about goes to the old clip from back in November or December.... I wonder what happened? It's a good thing you posted the correct link so people can see it if they haven't already. **EDIT** - Well I just figured out what's wrong. You have to click on the picture to see the new video. If you click on -"Designing a Ride" Franz Maier, Gerstlauer- then it takes you to the old video. Oh well.
  10. There is a new video on the Mystery Mine site that has an interview with a designer from Gerstlauer as well as some nice shots of the construction site: http://www.dollywood.com/mmine/progress07.htm Also I was snooping around the site a little bit and found the music that will be played in the que for Mystery Mine: http://www.dollywood.com/mmine/mmine-qmusic.mp3 I kinda like the way they incorporate details in the story of MM (the dangers of whistling in a mine) into the que music.
  11. There was a typo in the address; try this link: Also they have posted new "official" contruction pictures on the Mystery Mine webiste: http://www.dollywood.com/mmine/progress06.htm Lookin' good!
  12. Hi everyone, I was browsing another Mystery Mine forum at TN, found a link to some new construction pics and video, and thought I would share it with everyone here. A local tv network in Knoxville got some really nice shots of a close to complete MM. Here is the link to a couple pictures and be sure to check out the video on the right hand side too: http://www.wbir.com/life/programming/local/liveatfive/story.aspx?storyid=41553 The scale of the mine looks more impressive than ever and I am very excited that they are theming the tressel section as much as I had hoped. The director of relations at Dollywood also mentioned in the thread that some new animation should be added to the official MM website in about 7-10 days so keep a lookout!
  13. It was absolutely PACKED. I think that it was busiest of ANYTIME I have ever been there. I think that it was because it was the weekend before Christmas and it was about 60 degrees during the day. Have fun and I would love to know if anymore work on the smaller structures of the building have been completed - or even better: some trains being tested on the track!
  14. Ask and you shall receive... unfortunately this will be my last look at Mystery Mine until it opens again in the spring since it closes for the season this Saturday. I can definately say that it is looking better and better every time I visit. I can't wait to ride it once it opens. Hope everyone had a great Christmas and have a fun and safe New Years! Enjoy the pics! On a little side note: If you can get to ride Thunderhead at Christmas after dark . . . DO IT! This ride is insane in the pitch dark. The turns and cut backs are so much fun when you have no idea when they are coming! Good bye MM .... Until next Year! Another shot that gives you an idea of the scale of the Mine Here's a bonus Christmas Thunderhead shot. The lift had lights and the ride in the dark is awesome! MM from the Timber Canyon midway MM from Lumber Jack Lifts que This is for all the "track" pictures lovers Different shot of the stairs (I wonder if this is the que or exit) I love the themeing on this ride (more workers working hard to get it ready for April) More MM Stairway to ..... (Heaven or Hell; you decide) Yep, it looks like potentially some themeing for the tressel section (keeping my fingers crossed) More MM (I think I see something off in the distance...) MM and TT (I really like this picture) Overview of Mystery Mine...you can see how tall it really is compared to the LumberJack Lifts The Mine stands waiting...it's unbelievable to see them working even on a Saturday
  15. I've posted a trip report to Dollywood this week and I have some pictures of the heart-line roll in place included in the report. Feel free to take a look in the forums. It is listed as Photo TR Dollywood 10-21-06. I tried to post the pictures to this thread but I' m still trying to figure out how these forums work.
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