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  1. Wow... Did whoever the hell owns disney now cut off a voodoo priest in traffic or something?
  2. I'm not 100% sure about this, but I had always thought that the monorails were mostly computer operated and the programming wasn't supposed to allow something like this to happen. Anyone else here who works at the resort know for sure? --Robb EDIT - Nevermind, I see that BeemerBoy already answered this on the last page. Thanks, Scott! I dont work for a WDW but I know a lot about trains. The track has blocks on it just like a roller coaster. Each block is one train length. When a train comes within 2 blocks of another train on the same track(or in this case rail) it
  3. Be sure to check out the ultra rare turntable Wacky Worm!
  4. On a youtube video of a Larson Super Loops http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZSwy8FZxGU "Think if the Force got weird so the whole cart got stuck at the top XD"
  5. A video of a Larson Super Loops in action, GP Comment-"isnt dat a boat ride" HOW STUPID IS THAT PERSON!?!?!?
  6. I would say LIM's or LSM's but if the earths magnetic polarity reversed launches would brake and brakes would launch! Kidding aside, I would still say LIM's, there power-intensive but with no moving parts there very reliable.
  7. Do you think they could reuse some of the materials to make a new coaster? If they could do that get a Plug-N-Play or GCI and name it "Revenge Of The Beast" or something. Or just call it Son Of Beast. Most GP wouldnt notice the difference.
  8. I came across this on The Sun News Full story and video here- http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/features/2479050/Underwear-models-test-bras-agaisnt-the-g-force-of-Alton-Towers-ridesgirls-in-bras-on-ridesbabes-test-underwear-on-rides.html Hot models in lingerie + roller coaster= Did I die and go to heaven?
  9. I LOVE these legoland parks! There just so cool! Another great update! P.S. Those Robocoasters look awesome!
  10. I belive Bobsleds at the defunct Yokohama Dreamland is considered rare. http://www.rcdb.com/id2236.htm Yokohama Dreamland seems so much better than Yokohama Cosmoworld that replaced it. There Ferris Wheel was an exact copy of the Coney Island Wonder Wheel. Thats way more interesting to me than the "ferris clock".
  11. Looks like the parks only got better since your last visit. Once again, great TR
  12. Does that have Intamin OTSR's? That seems odd for a Gert spinner, even with weird modified cars.
  13. Yes except that you are forced back down instead of just falling under gravity. It makes for a much more intense ride experience.
  14. Great TR. I belive Galaxi is made by SDC and not Schwartzkoph.
  15. Here is a video of it from Zamperla. Note that the one at Canobie Lake is floorless and not themed. kang_a_bounce.wmv A video of a similar ride in action.
  16. A German kiddie ride. Imagine a hampton umbrella with 4 rows of cars.
  17. Another picture. OTSR's FTL! (for the lose) Anyway, It looks like a nice more family oriented Satori Techno Bounce. Canobie Seems to be turing into Zamp's testing grounds. The worlds first protype Skater and now a prototype Kangaroo. EDIT-Sorry i just realised I double posted.
  18. Its not been confirmed yet but I have pictures! A Zamperela Kangaroo is coming to Canobie Lake Park in Salem New Hampshire. It is a more family oriented "Bouncy Bouncy" like the one at the Crazy Spanish Fair. It is taking the place of Autobahn. On to the pics!
  19. I second the video motion! Awesome that its testing. I hope that this dosent go the way of Drayton Manors G-Force in that it looks awesome but "rips you a new one"
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