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  1. What coaster was that filmed on? Ive wondered that ever since I saw the movie.
  2. I took a POV of the Yankee Cannonball with permission once. At first the ride operator did not let me but after I showed him how I used duct tape to attach the camera to my hand he let me film it. The only thing I dont understand about filming POV's is why some parks dont let you take cameras on dark rides.
  3. I think it is the Partridge Family singing. It was shut down by the town it was in. The town the park was in had always resented it and when there was an accident the town jumped at the chance to shut it down.
  4. At my home park Canobie Lake no one seems to remember its 1st or 3rd coaster. Even park historians cant decide weather it was a Scenic Railway before the figure 8 side friction coaster, or a large side friction coaster.
  5. It looks like a fun little coaster. I cant wait too see a photo of the cars. I am expecting something along the lines of a Mauer Sohne spinning coaster.
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