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  1. Oh, sorry. The way that was worded I thought you tripped him first, then he cut in front of you. Sorry!
  2. I tripped some little middle school bitch at SFNE when he got off the Cyclone, then proceeded to run back and try and cut me. Stuck my foot out and watched him land on the railing face-first. He threatened to **** me up until he saw that I was almost a foot taller than him and quite a bit heavier, then he told me to watch my A$$ as he stormed off with his little buddies. I mockingly told him I was terrified; of course, I didn't see him for the rest of the day. Wait, you tripped him on purpose when he was getting off, for no reason? That was a douche move.
  3. Link to story: http://www.secaucusnewjersey.org/casey-anthony-found-not-guilty-2046.html Edited to fix the derpy link.
  4. If it materializes, that would be nice. But I don't see it happening.
  5. Have you ridden Gwazi with the new trains? Seems kind of unfair to pass judgement on the coaster if you have not ridden it yet. Yes, I have. Better, but still not a good ride in my opinion.
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4QkZQMHVfk
  7. If anything, Dania Beach Hurricane NEEDS this. Its a great ride but its aged very badly... Chunky PTC's haven't helped either. Imagine it with the topper track, and Timberliners.. I hope it doesn't get the Gwazi treatment.. Great new trains and still the crap track.
  8. Why would someone do that? I truly don't understand people anymore.
  9. On SFNE's Facebook page... On a photo of Arkham Gauntlet or whatever. Its a wild mouse. "judging by the loops and dips, this must be a kiddie coaster." SERIOUSLY?! HOW THE HELL DID YOU SEE LOOPS IN THERE?! Also, Inversions + Kiddie Coaster? WTF?!
  10. More Wooden Coaster Trains Wild Mouse-Track/Train Type Mack Junior Coaster Alan Hershell Kiddie Coaster Arrow/Morgan Hypercoaster
  11. You get a dry, crumbly cookie that vaguely resembles Hokkado. *puts in a empty package of gum*
  12. My school just did that musical!
  13. Reminds me of the old Fred Church trains. (Like Dragon at Playland before the Morgan's)
  14. On Kalahari River Rapids in Animal Kingdom, we got stuck at the fire scene right before the drop. Our car/boat/raft thinks kept painfully bumping into each other, and the fire made the entire thing very hot (Florida Sun+Fire), the ride op told us that the water levels at the bottom pool had dropped too low for some reason.
  15. Wow... thats too bad... Does anyone know if it was possible for the barge to stop or turn around?
  16. Dragon, at Canobie Lake Park (it just happens to be the last one I rode.. not the only one... )
  17. That dinosaur ride looks just like the one from RCT3, I thought it was just a made up model but I guess not. Nice report!
  18. There was a Skymaster at the Burlington MA Carnival when I was 5. It was called the Apollo. It was my first ever inverting ride, and a great one. However, the OTSR I got was missing several chunks of foam and I kept hitting my shoulder against the exposed steel bars. It was a fun, but painful ride. It did feel somewhat unsafe, but it was my first inverting ride.
  19. Well, its sad to see a wood coaster go, but if it makes the ride ten times better with the Steel Track, im all for it. I wonder if it will be Tubular or Flanged track...
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