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  1. Wow, thats awfully sad... That could really traumitise some kids, even some adults.
  2. Well thats good that its still gonna be built. I wonder where Monster Mouse is going...
  3. I voted No. It looks like a nice park, but it was just doomed from the start.
  4. What was that coaster in the movie Richie Rich? My dad thinks its Shockwave at SFMM.
  5. Aiming to go on the Northeast trip, I wouldn't have to travel far.
  6. "Beware of the Magic Donkey at Lotte World!" ...?
  7. Im a member of the forums and a developer, and I can tell you that TPB3D is alive and well! The Ride Design program beta has been released to a select few, and coding is progressing constantly with increasing speed.
  8. Wow interesting... This thread caught my eye because in a video game I play, one of the characters, Suika, has an attack called Ignis Fatuus.
  9. Really cool coaster! And no, I dont have problems with it not reaching the station.
  10. GCI should do a major retracking of the ride.. And then after give the ride Timberliners! If there as lightweight as GG says then the smooth GCI trackwork will stay in top condition and be nice and smooth.
  11. Must sees- Lake Compunce Six Flags New England Six Flags Great Adventure How far north are you going? There is a nice smaller park about an hour north of Boston, great selection of rides, a vintage wooden coaster, and the second oldest inverting coaster in the world thats still operating. Its called Canobie Lake Park.
  12. Good TR so far! Ireland is such a beautiful place...
  13. According to Fox 25 the trains "Broke off of the top and swung down below the track, however this happened when the train was in a loop so there actually right side up" Im never gonna watch fox news again...
  14. I checked accuweather.com several times and "A Light Rain" did not correspond to me with "Shut down rides"
  15. The main reason was that we had to drive back to MA, all we were planning on doing was dropping in to get the credits, go on a few rides, and leave.
  16. There was no lighting or violent thunderstorms. The forecast predicted a 40% chance of LIGHT RAIN... Anyway heres the pics. There all 800 x 600 so you might be able to use them. Closed spiral slide. =( Crappy pic of a car on Mad Mouse. Curve on the closed Mad Mouse. Empty parking lot... Mad Mouse sign. Crappy pic of me on the worlds slowest Trabant.
  17. Nice photo trip report! Did you happen to go on the brand new "Wild Mouse"? Is it worth a 2 hour drive?
  18. Well, here is my TR. Pics up later tonight. I pulled into the parking lot of Quassy around 12:15. The sky was cloudy and a light rain was in the forecast but it was fine right now. We payed $5.00 to park, and I got the $21.00 all day wristband. Now on to the sucky part. Right after I bought my wristband I noticed Mad Mouse/Monster was closed. The attendant at the ticket booth said "All the roller coasters and slides are closed due to rain." I responded "There is NO rain! Who the hell are you run by? cedar fair? I want my money back!" No refunds. Its true. Mad Mouse/Monster, L
  19. Dont worry, before that turn Dash is still its old airtime filled self. The final hills are a little slower but not much. Now its a little slower, still some awesome airtime.
  20. In the order I rode them in. Still a Vekoma. Still rough. Still awesome.
  21. Its official, I went to Lake Compounce today. At the beginning of the formerly awesome swoop turn before that part GCI redid, there is now a noticable trim. Its so bad it actually jerks you forward in your seat! The final hills are still deliver pretty good air, but that turn is just kind of... meh... I mean come on LC! WHY DIDNT YOU DO IT TO WILDCAT! A MAYBE IT WOULD MAKE IT LESS ROUGH!!!
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