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  1. This isn't a preview, but instead some screenshots I found on my computer from a previous RCT2 installation. SCR3.BMP SCR4.BMP SCR6.BMP
  2. Finished! SCR3.BMP Aww yeeeahhh SCR4.BMP Dueling Spirits: Wind and Snow SCR5.BMP Flurry, a Gravity Group junior woodie. Inspired by Wooden Warrior. SCR6.BMP Food Court!
  3. The Yankee Cannonball was completely moved from Waterbury, Ct. in 1936, to Canobie Lake. Pheonix is another example. And Starliner has been bought by Miracle Strip, with hopes to reopen it again in Panama City.
  4. I'm disappointed that the ride is using PTCs instead of Timberliners. But, this does look like an awesome ride. I seriously doubt I'll ever get to ride it, though, so why do I care if it has PTCs?
  5. What I have so far. Bare bones, no real buildings or scenery as of yet. Lack of many rides, as well.
  6. I used to drive by this place every time I went to my Great Aunt's house. From what I remember, the front of it looked run down and trashy. It had one of those hand-cranked kiddie ferris wheels, and I remember it either being rusty or a rust-red. I also remember seeing like, 5 cars in the entire parking lot, and it only had about 30 spaces. Looking back, it might have been a Mangle Kiddie Wheel, but I could have SWORN that I saw a big, black metal crank at it's centerpoint. It had 4 or 5 spokes, and each had a small seating bench. I think it was open. About 7-9 feet tall, at most. To be h
  7. I haven't been on many, but the Yankee Cannonball gets my vote. For now.
  8. Yeah, there were only 6 people on the entire train. The arcade section had a lot of broken games, too. It's sad to see a place like this go downhill. Slightly offtopic: Oddly enough, there were kittens running all over the area between the building and the bridge to the Hurricane. Friendly ones, at that.
  9. Wasn't Pirate World on the Gulf Coast of Florida? Any way, to be on topic. I must say, when I rode it, it was sluggish, felt "clunky", and was rather forceless. This was the second to last run of the night, mid Feb. 2011. Was it having a bad day (high humidity, wheel issues, needed lubricants, etc.) or was it always like towards the end of it's life? I was really excited to ride it, it seemed like a great ride, and it was well received in the community, but the one ride I got on it was very, very "meh".
  10. Canobie Lake 1. Add more shade on the lines. Especially Untamed, Xtreme Frisbee, Canobie 500, Boston Tea Party and Yankee Cannonball. ..That's really it. The whole "Cover your lines with a tarp or something, I'm developing sun stroke waiting to ride this..." thing is something nearly every park needs to take into consideration. Especially on long waits.
  11. Not sure where to post this, and certainly not worthy of its own thread, so I'll put it here. Why didn't Vekoma make a regular, noninverted Giant Boomerang? It seems like a fun ride, and it being not inverted would(probably) be cheaper. Did the concept ever come up and just fall out of fashion?
  12. I hope that they can fix any design flaws with the restraints. If it weren't for the restraints, the trains look pretty good to me.
  13. I have a question. How much would you say a hand knit hat is worth? 10?
  14. Canobie Lake had one of the large variety in the 1960's and 1970's. Not sure when exactly it was taken out..
  15. Boy, this got off topic.. I'm not going to state anything about B&M's, as I have only been on a few.. But, umm, I think Superman Ultimate Flight is a bit overhyped. It seems rough, and isn't it low capacity?
  16. 11 Dark rides? Are you allowed to tell us which are being used for parts? This is quite exciting, though! I am very happy that these classics are being brought back!
  17. So, from what I've gathered, Harry Traver designed a steel roller coaster in the 1920s, called the Jazz Railway. It had "the spiral drop, deep dips and jump track.", and occupied a space of 70 by 165 feet. It was considered to be the predecessor of the modern Wild Mouse. Other that that little tidbit of information, does anyone know what this looked like? I can't find anything in the way of diagrams, pictures, first hand accounts, nothing. It appears that Rocky Glen Park had one from 1925-1927, and it is possible that an unknown park in Toronto had one from 1925-1926/1927. The only thing I
  18. I know a pretzel was for sale on usedrides.com for a few years, it had a western theme. It might be that one?
  19. This place, Wild Bill's Nostalgia in Middletown, CT? I think I got it, with a little help.
  20. Boomers! Dania Beach (RIP Hurricane ) Busch Gardens Tampa Canobie Lake ...I had a slow year..
  21. I was 6, and it was the Yankee Cannonball at CLP. I LOVED it! It really was what got me obsessed with amusement parks.
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