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  1. Isn't the Erieview Frightzone for sale as well? I know some of the cars from Le Cachot were saved.
  2. Hi, I was wondering something. Which park model of swinging ships do you like the best? Which do you think are the best overall? Are there any specific ones that are run better by the park that you could mention? Any very well themed ones? I tend to skip them, to be honest. Something about the motion of them tends to get me. Sorry if the mods find this topic pointless.
  3. I'm not too upset. The past two times I got it the employee was rude and the actual product was all melted and refrozen together. And the first time, when I payed for it, she said "Go to the *coffee shop name* next to me and get change there if you want change, I'm all out of change." You shouldn't train your employees to say that if they don't have the proper change. You should train them to take a loss. Expecting the customer to take a loss or go to a different vendor just to get change is kind of ridiculous.
  4. I wonder if they even designed it themselves. Whose to say they didn't download it somewhere on the internet? Oh well, its not like its an answerable question. Even if they did, there isn't a way to prove it.
  5. Great TR. This is a place that I need to visit eventually. Every TR I have seen of it, it looks even better!
  6. .....What? ... I don't even know how to respond to that.. just.. just...
  7. Hi! I'm considering going to Screeemfest at Canobie Lake this year... But I have a question. What do you do if someone is panicked or crying? Do you let them out through a special exit or something? I'm curious. I've never been to a scare event before, and I'm worried that I will freak out and start crying or have an anxiety attack. Thank you!
  8. It used to be called Mr Pibb, but its called Pibb Xtra now. Most people just call it Pibb, though.
  9. Cranmore's was fun and only had a 10 minute wait. Attatash's had an hour wait, same with their alpine slide. I didn't end up going on it.
  10. I'm pretty sure I felt an aftershock the night before last night. Either that or a truck went by.
  11. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/blogpost/post/earthquake-rattles-washington-east-coast/2011/08/23/gIQAdypEZJ_blog.html?hpid=z1 I could feel it in Massachusetts. It was more of a rumbling noise for about 5 seconds, then a bit of a shimmy. Kind of like if a train went by.
  12. The issues with the park are numerous. First, Myrtle Beach already has 2 amusement parks, Family Kingdom and NASCAR Speed Park. Second, from what I've heard, HRP/FMP were off of the main tourist areas, so lots of people didn't want to go out of their way, or went to Family Kingdom or NASCAR Speed Park instead. Another issue is that a third amusement park, Myrtle Beach Pavilion, had closed a few years before HRP opened. Myrtle Beach Pavilion was a smaller park with a lesser overhead than HRP/FMP too. Because of the sheer size of HRP/FMP, it requires lots of staff, electricity, Etc. And the loca
  13. Recently I've been beginning to stock up on emergency supplies. Some water, some food, a first aid kid, the basics. I'm hoping to expand soon, so I can have at least enough food and water to last 2 people 2 weeks with no outside supplies. I was wondering if TPR had a thread for it.. didn't find one, so.. Here it is. Discuss preparing for, and dealing with, natural disasters, disease, chemical spills, warfare, etc. (Zombies? ) Some helpful links: http://www.ready.gov/ 7 Ways to Light a Fire Without Matches How to Store Emergency Drinking Water
  14. Well, if they REALLY want to give it one last start.. go ahead I guess Its not like it will succeed. Just sell off the rides to other parks so they will actually operate.
  15. This is early, but my money is on poor maintenance. I've never heard of an Eyerly Spider collapsing by itself before.
  16. 1. Touhou Project 2. Portal Series 3. Minecraft 4. RCT 2 5. Pokemon Series 6. RCT 1 7. Donkey Kong Country 8. Super Mario Galaxy 9. LA Noire 10. TF2
  17. That's what you get from too much pills and liquor, Amy.
  18. Here is the official Loopy Landscapes patch. It should work. If not, I suggest re-installing. EDIT - the Gold Edition is considerably older than the Deluxe pack, so it might not work period. But, I'm not sure. Nope, that didn't work. It said I had an incompatable game or a different version. Thank you for trying to help, though!
  19. That makes no sense. Whatsoever. This is a RCT2 thread, not a RCT1/RCT2 thread. Edit- Besides that, the game is called Roller Coaster Tycoon, not Roller Coaster Tycoon 1.
  20. I was talking about RCT1. Not 2. Whoever merged this, unmerge it.
  21. I have the gold edition. The original installs fine, but when I install the 2-in-1 disk, it gives me an error trapper. Help? I cant seem to find the patch that I read about on the Atari forums. OS is Vista.
  22. This is amazing.. and.. honestly.. this has inspired me to loose weight. I actually ended up crying I was so happy for you. Even though Im nowhere near as obese as you (39.3 BMI), I still want to be healthy. Thank you for this. Thank you very, very much. And congratulations.
  23. I went to Canobie Lake yesterday with my friend. First, let me explain. The advertising phrase for Untamed (great ride By the way..) is "Ride the Wild". Back to my story, while walking over to Untamed, I overheard a girl complaining to her friends... Girl 1 - " Ugh, where IS that Wild ride? I cant find it anywhere." Girl 2- " Im telling you *girl 1, forgot her name*, that was just a slogan!" Girl 1- " No, im SURE they added TWO rides this year! Untamed and Wild!" Girl 3- " I think *girl 1* is right..." The hell is the world coming to. At least one of them had sense.
  24. I haven't ridden many coasters, but, for me.. Steel - Arrow Corkscrews Wood- ... Probably Wildcat at Lake Compounce. Its a lovely looking ride, but it doesn't have much for forces, and it is rough as hell.
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