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  1. Since I never replied to this one. Of the coasters that are gone that I liked but are defunct. Villain, Hypersonic, Viper, and Both sides of Chiller. It feels kind of sad that I loved all the rides that parks tend to remove. Villain i'm sure was bad by the time 2007 came around, but I rode it only in 2000, where it was amazing. Hypersonic, I can see what people didn't like about it, but I thought the launch made it all worth it. Viper, it was my first "real" coaster. It's THE ride that got me into coasters, so it holds a special place. But even without that, I loved the drop, the hangtime on the first inversion, and the 2nd inversion through the rings was just so fun. Finally, Chiller, Well I loved this ride so much and probably the most. I wasn't a fan of the removal of the rolls but for some reason, ever since the ride came out, i've had reoccurring dreams about the ride. Like just last night for some reason I dreamt that the batman side was down, re-rode it 3 times, and the last time was with my parents, I went intothe non-existant single rider line and got the seat. Usually my dreams about chiller are that there is this really long queue and it takes me the entire dream of adventures just to get to the station where i'll wake up. The other thing that often occurs is that there is this mysterious white train on chiller. All well, that's enough of my dream stories...
  2. Does your next update include my neighboring town, Keansburg? With Keansburg Amusement Park.. that you can enter during the winter because it isn't completely gated on the ocean side. I've never done it, but many people I know have.
  3. I use i guess mostly unconsciously, a method of forecasting to rank. The last 2-3 days i've been to the park and ridden the ride, would predict where, if i were to ride it again how I would rank it. So, using numbers and say using Millennium Force as an example, out of a 1-10 scale I'd rate my rides for that day as 10, 8 and 8. So the average of those last days were 8.6. So I use that method to predict that the next time I ride it, I will probably think it's worth about an 8.6 rating. However circumstances like El Toro. I completely ignore my rides before the major change that no one seems to care about. The slowed lift. I absolutely hate it, most likely because I remember the "good old days" and that's how it barely reached my top 10 woodies. I know it's completely unfair how to rank rides that go under an undesirable change, but I'm human and I hold grudges. It's hard for me to ride El Toro and not get frustrated at the top how slow we're moving, and how this hill used to have more airtime, etc.
  4. Why won't they just make them.. lighter? and maybe a better engine, then it would've been a decent car. Not surprised that that place exists, just kind of disappointed on how others are modding their DeLorean , no need pretty looking parts. Would've liked to see some weight reduction going on. But yay, glad to see pictures of what is at least a cool looking car, but that's about all it is.
  5. 1. Jeepers, Albany. Bonus points. <20 degrees outside? 2. Funworld January 13th. Also <20 degrees out
  6. 1st credit of 2009 for me, Python Pit at Jeepers, Albany. Just got it today (January 10th)
  7. Like a true coaster whore, my first of 2009 will be..... Python Pit at Jeepers Albany! January 11th (On the way to Killington Ski Resort), if I get denied that credit, then it's Orient Express at Funworld Game Center!! January 13 (it's on the way to the Boston Bruins game). -Last Year's first was Python Pit at a Jeepers in the Detroit area..
  8. My favorite part of that webpage "Duties: RCPro Marketing Liaisons are responsible for designing and promoting marketing campaigns to increase market awareness of RollerRoasterpro.com and it's services and features." I searched, and rollerroasterpro.com doesn't exist..
  9. Lightning Racer + "wank" = Memory.. long term memory? TPR day at Hershey was life changing?
  10. woah you reply fast, I was about to delete my post, because I think i realized it was an on-going joke to those that didn't get it, and wanted to see how many more people didn't get it. I feel dumb now, I see this stuff happen all the time on TPR, but this one, I for some reason thought, that people were being on honest and not silly.
  11. Wow, do you guys believe everything posted on the internet? I know people who have gone to Japan on different days than TPR and have seen/been on these coasters. Mostly Fuji-Q WHICH IS in Japan. And well, I hate to go back to the one week where I visited 4-chan, but I believe their statement sums it up the best; "Pics or didn't happen"
  12. I'm disappointed in this poll. TPR so screwed everything up. Excalibur at #261??? I'm not sure if people care too much at the rankings after top 10, but really, I felt this ride was short but very sweeet. That's the only ride I thought was misplaced. I feel, that this coaster deserved to be around 155, I'd be satisfied, since I know that Excalibur for me is that one coaster that I love that many people don't care too much for. The other rides that I ranked, I felt were "close enough" I don't like the Intamin plug-n-play woodies but I understand why people love them so much, so when I read the top woodies, I pretty much ignore them and see that Boulder Dash (my #1) is (in my count ignoring the Intamins) #2, only to a woodie i never rode; I'm satisfied. But really, how is Wild Thing rated higher than Excalibur? Excalibur needs the "TPR bump" but I don't know how they could even plan a trip there since there aren't many parks for miles. Yeah, i just felt like being the one person to complain about a coaster ranked farther down than #50
  13. YAY! I found mine in that picture, I'm glad it got there alright! Nice to have something to make me smile for the day.
  14. Oh no, these facts get read to the class, I'm embarrassed and nervous. I don't remember what I wrote, But i sure hope that they were good. So glad that I don't have to read them, I just know I kind of wrote the first two things that came to my mind before I walked to the post office.
  15. I agree, I get headaches a lot when i go to far away parks. Because I never eat. I'm cheap, I will wait until i get home to fill up or if i left a few crackers or cookies in the car I will eat those, But it doesn't fill me up. I don't think I have any problem with eating a full meal before going on coasters though. I never really tried it, maybe just for fun I will eat like a thanksgiving dinner and immediately ride something to find out what happens.
  16. I don't really see what's so bad about it. I guess it will promote copycats, but if these really are park employees that do it, then I don't see it as that bad. I mean that these people know the ride more than anyone, and from what it looked like, he knew that this one turn is the only part of the ride where it's calm enough to do it. But yes I do agree, they never should have taped it and never should have put it on youtube or any internet source. Things like this should just be like their little secret.
  17. I agree, It is the best thing ever!!! I'm in a pic while on Fahrenheit and it's the best thing ever! I'd like pay for a picture like that!! Best picture ever...
  18. To big mike: Hey... I may not know what i'm doing completely and may be a bit of a procrastinator, but I finally did my part and got it in the mail and sent all correctly. We'll just have to see who came up with better NJ facts... My postcard is from Sandy Hook in Monmouth County! The best county in New Jersey! >= P
  19. Looks nice, I'm even more excited, I really hope to go on the Scandi trip next year. That does look like a ton of fun!
  20. Ok, so i was about to send my postcard into the mail.. and then I realized, I have no idea how to write one out. Which side do you put the address on and which side do you write the words in? I've never done anything with postcards in my life.
  21. I just got around to getting on the NJ turnpike and stopped by to pick up a postcard. None of them had 2 facts.. But i got one with some really long facts about the Sandy Hook lighthouse. I also think I'm surprisingly the first person from the great state of NJ to do this. Could I write in another fact to make it work? For example: Did you know, that people from South Jersey have never even heard of Sandy Hook, while it's relatively popular in North Jersey. It would also help if we could get a list of places that we already have, I live in an area where I could easily access a few states on the way to other parks. Also just wanted to say, I really wouldn't do this, but I don't know if i feel "giving" or just competitive, But I want you to win, whatever it is.
  22. Duh, I don't know why i asked that, It wasn't until later that I saw "Hey.. That is a Princeton hoodie he has on". Well that's the kind of intelligence that comes out of Rowan University! Just so you don't have to look up where that is located, It's about 10 miles south of Clementon Amusement Park. It's an hour south of Princeton. I'm surprised Princeton doesn't have any trips you can sign up to go on that heads to amusement parks or anything, at Rowan we've had trips to Hershey (freshman) Sfgadv (sophmore) and Dorney park (Junior) year. Maybe you could check that out so you can get on some more rides. Arg, i was really hoping i'd found someone that goes to Rowan...
  23. Hey, what school do you go to? Just curious since I'm at college in the NJ area, although I also kind of live in NJ. Just wierd, never even heard of taking public transportation to anywhere in NJ, it's usually just to go to Phili or NYC. We're a very.. we like to drive our cars everywhere kind of state.
  24. I guess I'm the first to vote that have been on both. I've been on Griffon which was cool, but it was just lacking... something. It wasn't really fun, it kind of just did it's stuff. The drop was cool and all. Then I've been on Spongebob's Rockbottom Plunge. That was extremely fun the entire way through. The drop was really fun, and unlike Griffon, the ride is fun the rest of the way through. What Gerstlaur does with the ride makes the experience far greater, the inversions are all well placed while B&M dives seem to just be just "filler" track to make it more than just an Oblivion. I also don't find the holding brake before the drop all taht great, and i feel it kind of detracts from the drop experience.
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