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  1. I hate all of you guys... my "early bird" Six Flags Great Adventure season pass costs me 80 dollars (excluding taz) and a whopping 45 dollars for PARKING! Not only that.. but now my favorite rides are gone... yeah, i kinda want a refund now. I really do not understand how I have to pay double the price for my season pass than one for Georgia. Just thought i'd throw that out, so you all see how fortunate you all are. And it's more expensive for renewals because they want the sales that are not specically from the park to be cheaper, so more people will buy one... since.. "it's hard to pass up a good deal"
  2. Nope, even then you couldn't bring cameras on ride.. the policy was located in the back of the park map. That sign has nothing to do with anything in my opinion. Just state law BS. just like Cedar Fair doesn't have a sign about line jumping, but then in the park map it has in big letters "line jumping is not a sporting event"
  3. Great American Scream Machine at SFGAdv. It's always the last ride of the day for me (unless the last ride was after park closing eg. Kingda Ka 3 hours after the park closed)
  4. Thunderhawk: 1923 Does that count even though they pretty much rebuilt it?
  5. El Toro opening day. 1 hour and 1/2 using my exit pass. Estimated time between each train, about 20 minutes. Kingda Ka on October 29th would've been the worst wait, but i met some incredibly cute girls, so it's one of the best lines i waited on. TTD is a close 2nd, 3 hour line in scorching heat.
  6. All American Rejects at Six Flags Great Adventure... it was embarassing. But the music was good.
  7. The New Super Mario Brothers. I'm surprised no one mentioned it. It's probably my favorite Nintendo DS game i have right now. (And no, I don't have Meteos, I've only played the demo, and I really enjoyed that game too)
  8. I always seem to talk to everyone around me in line, even if i'm with a group. It's the only way I can social with anyone. I know they won't run away after waiting 30 minutes for a ride already. I'm very social with strangers, but not people I sort of know.
  9. An Orgy of Critics - Say Anything Best band ever.
  10. I've videotaped a man getting punched in the face for confronting a line cutter. I'm not sure what happened though. And it was the Jackson police that looked at it, not really Gadv. I'm sure they probably got kicked out of the park, but I left their station before anything happened.
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