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  1. Surprisingly , I doubt anyone would believe me, but Mind Eraser is actually the 2nd most popular ride there. I've only been to the park once, but waited over an hour for the ride. Just check out the line that we waited in, in this picture: http://www.coasterwiki.org/pics/six_flags_new_england_05_12_2007/Image00089.jpg It is probably a BETTER idea to make SROS even "better" but giving Mind Eraser new trains would also be a good idea. Perhaps they could do that next year for an "off" year. I know that with the Premier Ride's lapbar-ed trains, there was very little advertisement about it, which the parks really could've taken advantage of, but Morey's Piers did an excellent job of promoting the new trains on Great Nor Easter, I'm sure the marketers over at Six Flags could come up with something that would make a big deal out of it.
  2. I feel like i am using this internet just to dump my opinions, but whatever. I agree withe some users here, I would be more than happy if say... The boomerang and the SLC got the ultra sweet trains that make the rides fun again. But having been to SFNE.. making SROS "better" will just make the longest line in the park even longer. I haven't been to SFMM, but I know X was having ridiculous wait times. Did the transformation to X2 make it more unbearable? Or is it possible to go and wait less than 2 hours for it now? I've got to wonder about the fire effects though, where would they be placed and would you even notice them? I won't lie, the idea does sound fun, but the last time Six Flags told me they were going to make a fun ride (Dark Knight, SFgadv), it failed completely and I prefer outdoor wild mice to that thing.
  3. I also thought it was a joke. I still don't get it... fire? Why? and sound? I just hope that sound isn't the Superman theme... I'm starting to feel like this is going to be happening around all Six Flags parks. Like Six Flags found out a way to make a "new ride" without having to build anything.
  4. I got a valley on dragon at Bowcraft Amusement park. The 2nd set of wheels wouldn't spin... It was so fun, but it was my first time on the ride and i was worried if I can count it that i've been on it. But then later that day they fixed it and i got a full ride on it.
  5. So, here's a picture of it, all sad and gone, I'm really upset that they couldn't have just waited for the water park to close, I was hoping that i'd get on it the last day it was ever open. I kind of wish it was announced earlier like "last day" or i wouldn't have driven so far to miss out on it. >= ( So sad....
  6. So no one ever told me this... but Flying Super Saturator is now half-removed, i went September 1st
  7. They have an Intamin 1st gen... I want to go. I will agree the paint job is amazing, that they're doing that for each and every support. I don't really care how many SLCs there are in the world, as long as they add on those nifty new trains, it's an amazing ride.
  8. Just thought I would put in my 2 cents. I'm from New Jersey, I've been to quite a few parks, and honestly, i see nothing wrong with Six Flags America. It could just be because the only time i go is during the spring or fall, but the people there seem friendly in general. I even went to the public relations building on my way out and wrote how much I appreciated the Wild One crew. During my visits the only problems with stacking seem to be S:ROS and Batwing, but every park seems to have those few bad crews. I will agree with someone before, that the park is actually really nice. But after you go under Wild One, that's where it kind of tappers off to be just.. flat land with rides on either side and a long walk of nothingness just to get to them. The only problem I have with the park is that it seems to be suffering, the same way Geauga Lake did. It was going well and then they stopped adding attractions to it. Then I'm sure SF management says "Hey, attendance is on a decline there and it's not making us so much money, lets focus on the better parks instead." It does kind of confuse me why the company hasn't tried to work on the park since it has 3 major metropolitan cities to get guests from (Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington D.C.). My feelin about the park, is that it's just a few short additions away from being a destination park. like cleaning up the pathways to make the park more round, add "That big ride", and just general tweaks here and there.
  9. I must agree with you, you probably haven't been on a good wooden coaster. If you're saying "ouch" to each one. I'm fortunate to live within a few hours of a few good woodies. If SFMM really is getting that GCI that I sometimes hear about. That just MIGHT change your ride. To me, a good woodie is one that doesn't hurt, and one that isn't completely smooth (El Toro). There's just this certain feel about them that makes them more "fun". Wooden coasters are rides i can ride over and over again without becoming bored, while steel coasters.. I tend to get bored. Just curious if anyone that goes to SFGadv a lot, if they now find El Toro to have gotten boring after riding it so many times?
  10. With Six Flags Great Adventure as more of my "home park" My answer is kind of biased. I think I would've picked El Toro if i wasn't there so many times. But I picked Great American Scream machine, because It's just one of thsoe rides that to me.. I can't go wrong with. Sometimes i'm just not in the mood for any of the others.. But Scream Machine is like.. Sure.. that's a good ride.
  11. I'm kind of surprised that no one mentioned the ride I thought of. Steel Venom at Valleyfair! (and most likely all Intamin impulses with a holding brake). I rode Superman Ultimate escape and i had no problem, But when i went on Steel Venom.. I guess it was just at the wrong place at the wrong time.. But It hurt so much, i was walking funny for a few minutes after i got off the ride.
  12. I finally got there this year but didn't get on any of the other coasters besides Cyclone because well.. long story short, my friend had to come home when I finally got there after paying 20 dollars in tolls. I really hope that it will stay open for at least one more year.
  13. I also made a trip to Dutchy while i was there, without our ERT the lines were insane, Sooperdooperlooper looked like it was 3 hours! I must agree Lightning Racer ERT was awsome. I feel bad for those employees at Wildcat i don't know if anyone was there. That ERT affected my voice so bad, i couldn't speak too well the next day after yelling at the opposing train (which I later became a traitor and switched to Thunder) I just wish more people would've moved to Thunder to make it more or a race, we lost by a whole train length. I really hate that the night ended, that hour of ERT didn't seem to last long at all. Thanks again for one of the best days EVER, although the drive home was horrible.. barely able to stay awake.
  14. The weather is looking horrible for Friday.. Scattered T-storms all freakin day... Does that mean.. no ERT if they come?
  15. Yeah, I rode the Flyers at Knoebels and was too scared with all those policies about no snapping. So i guess it is really hard to "snap" them if you have no idea what you're doing?
  16. Oh Dodge Challenger... If only you could test drive one inside the park... I don't really get the slogan though 1970 to 2008 in 4.3 seconds. But ewww why the pics of the Dodge Caliber? Such a lame car...
  17. never for money, but i've asked kids to ride with me for: Road Runner Express (TGE) PROOF!: a pic that got on rcdb.com http://cache.rcdb.com/pictures/picmax/p20779.jpg I'm the one in the 2nd to back seat. 2nd was Kiddie Coaster at Lake Compounce 1 that almost counts, Road Runner Railway at Sfgadv, the ride op said i could sit with the kid. It may be creepy, but it's fun and a fun story to tell. Also, a tip, older males that are still below the height limit tend to be the nicest.
  18. Seriously, who is that cat-like girl supposed to be, I've been seeing that character around at other parks and i can't figure it out. I thought i watched enough super hero cartoons to know this, but i'm having the hardest time.
  19. One price-both parks for Dorney. Dorney Park's "kids" area is decent enough, and big enough that Hydra kind of is "in the area" the other area with a bunch of kids rides is near Laser and Voodoo, so that's 3 "big" coasters you can get on. Land of Make believe just has one coaster, although Kiddy, it's a "rare" credit. If you haven't been to Dorney, You should go to Dorney, there's almost no wait for any ride but if you have, I'd choose Land of Make Believe.
  20. I also never got an email back, i'm hoping that i put the correct email address or something. I'm assuming since i'm not the only one with the problem, it isn't a big deal. But here's my reciept: "Transaction ID: 00276701BM831513M Item Price: $52.00 USD Total: $52.00 USD Order Description: Order #984 Buyer: Robert Sherman "
  21. YAY! I registered, I hope I did it right. It was an event, so i am assuming I didn't need shipping, unless you were sending me the ticket or something, so I guess i will get an email if you need a few dollars for shipping. I'm now really excited to have my first "ERT" ever, and to get a general idea of how TPR trips are run for perhaps a trip next year. Thanks Elisa for pointing out my error and it's too late for me to pretend that never happened.
  22. "4. Mission Beach For summer fun in San Diego, head to Mission Beach where a popular beach strip is paralleled by a 2-mile-long cement boardwalk" I thought that a boardwalk was supposed to be made of boards.. not.. cement. I've been to all the boardwalks in New Jersey and I must say that Atlantic City is the worst one, But I bet it just had to be #1 because it's the first. I'd say Seaside is probably the nicest... for the non-amusement park people. But Wildwood tops my list. The reason I don't like Wildwood as a boardwalk, is that those trams seem to be everywhere and always pushing you off your path because of other people trying to get out of it's way.
  23. From beginning to current: 1 Jeepers (Auburn Hills, Michigan) 2 Busch Gardens Europe 3 Go Karts Plus 4 Six Flags Great Adventure 5 Nikelodeon Universe 6 Valleyfair! 7 Keansburg Amusement Park 8 Blackbeard's Cave 9 Gillian's Wonderland Pier 10 Playland's Castaway Cove 11 Morey's Piers 12 Krazy City 13 Rye Playland 14 Quassy Amusement Park 15 Lake Compounce 16 Hershey Park 17 Dutch Wonderland 18 Knoebels 19 Land of Make Believe 20 Pocono Whatever.. the thing with Pocono Lightning 21 Baja musements 22 Jolly ROger Park 23. Astoland 24. Wonderwheel Park 25. TL*3 park.whatever it's called 26. Adventureland (Long Island) 27. Boomers I guess that sums it up for the year, 27, not bad
  24. Awww, Where's the love for Volcano: The Blast Coaster? Alpengeist was real close for me, But I also haven't really been on any of the other coasters that topped them, I.E. katun, dueling dragons, or Montu
  25. First coaster; Big Thunder Mountain Railroad #100 Volcano: The Blast Coaster #200 ????? (I'll update this this fall hopefully) It didn't work out as well as i planned, But i got my friend to make a "zero" out of his hand while i make a "1" and another "zero"
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