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  1. lol. Because I can't do Trip Reports if my life depended on it. I have no sense of humor. or can't do anything funny. And like the person who posted the Gillians topic said. That it doesn't seem like an important enough event to warrant its own topic. Can someone please delete this. I feel like a $%& now. I can't even take credit for "finding" Gillians because James (CanobieFan) showed me the news article about it over the winter. I just checked an noticed you didn't notify RCDB about your find on Coney Island. Why haven't you emailed him? I refuse to email him for you because; To me, there's a certain sense of honor in this. I know, it is silly.
  2. "It is becoming OBVIOUS that those sites are all checking in on The Big Mike Road Show for thier info, as they should be since I am nailing these new parks at an alarming rate lately! " I'm sorry but this is really bothering me. It was me who went. I've known this park has been open since June 27th (which after watching the video. It didn't open on time. or the day the Gillians website said it would be; i've been following it way back when it was announced as just "plans") The only reason it took me so long to get there is because I've been sick. And I am not a "valuable Big Mike Reader". I was the one who e-mailed all the top websites confirming that the ride is open (coaster fanatics, I guess doesn't read e-mails). I'm sorry but it's really bothering me how you're trying to take all the credit for me going there. Thank You. Any Mods can delete this if it is too "anti-fun."
  3. LOL! The Marta tattoo joke was the finniest thing I've heard all year. I wonder how many people here actually get it. And yes, I know her.
  4. Wait, Centralia is actually a nice place? I thought Centralia was dead like the other picture posted. That was the only place in Centralia I went to for my Geography class. Took the temperature of the ground. (our highest recorded was 130 degrees if you were wondering) I'm also surprised you said Transformers sucked. I've only heard good things about it, and 3 people who hated it. Any reason why it was bad? Without giving away spoilers?
  5. It kind of seems lame that the park doesn't have it's own website. On the Gillians website there is a small notice that Fun Land has opened. I believe all it tells you is that it opens at 4pm daily. and that it is in Sea Isle. The park really needs a good marketing team. I'm a marketing major here... hint hint if Gillians reads this.
  6. ^^^^ LOL. I'm the one who told RCDB that it was from Cypress Gardens. I find it really cool when I read the first post all talking about my information. I can't tell you how good it feels. The pictures on the site were mine and I know you can't tell, but when I was there. the ride is definitely used. the Zamperla logos were fading and well, it matched Cypress Garden's to the "T" whatever that means. Well, since there is a topic about it I might as well show off the rest of the park. ^^To Yoshi- No there is no maximum hight limit. I was able to ride no problem. No signs posted that you had to be under a certain limit either. The park was dead when I went. The reason the RCDB photos don't have the coaster running. There were maybe 3 families there. and one of them rode the coaster with me. So, to have a better time on the coaster, i decided to over exaggerate everything and be like kind of yell "WEEE!!!!". So when I got off, the little girl who sat behind me toldl her mom "That guy in front of us is wierd!" The most thrilling ride there. Definitely used. Didn't even want to ride it I was thinking of the TPR index when i took this picture, and realized how bad it is. This is actually taken OUTSIDE the park. YAY! FunLand! Those two people in the picture were still finishing off the landscaping around it. Yeah, the size of the park. It's all Zamperla. If you like Zamperla, you'll love it here if you don't... umm... You won't And lastly. the delays it causes everyone else. I'm just glad it looked like no one got too injured at either of those. Oh. And EZ Pass ROCKS in NJ. I love our express EZ pass lanes. And since I'm no fun. I decided to end this on a serious note. Don't tailgate. On my way home on the GSP. TWO major accidents. This one you can't see, because of all the emergency vehicles, and because I kind of just... didn't even look. The tallest ride in the park! YAY for sliding!
  7. The above quote is from Ghost Towns home page...minor modifications on July 4th weekend after its already opened? They should have been ready it seems since the inspection was passed. Why would they do this??? Oh I just heard why, they are installing R-I-N-G-S. What are R-I-N-G-S?? I'm assuming it is an acronym.
  8. I'm not going to lie, seeing Medusa green again ALMOST brought a tear to my eye. Oh the good old days. I kind of wish more new old TRs could happen. That doesn't make sense, but I think you get what i'm saying.
  9. This is a fun topic. So I will add my most recent. Goliath at La Ronde. If you want to have an interesting day, wear a hockey jersey to this park, or probably any park in Canada. I got people giving me the thumbs up, saying nice Jersey, and even people cheerfully coming up to you and saying "Nice Jersey, they lost" Let's Go Devils!!! I love showing off the logo
  10. I would say you would most likely need it for SFNE if any park. It is very possible to do Gadv in one day without a flash pass. The employees seem to be faster this year than most. But when it comes down to it. Just use your own judgement. If you can just feel that Gadv is way too crowded for your liking, then get the flash pass, and skip SFNE's flashpass. SFNE only has 2 rides that are worth riding (sros and Cyclone) so it's no big loss if your flashpass wasn't able to get you on mind eraser or Flashback. But really, in all my years of living here, besides fright fest, there hasn't been a day I've gone there when I've known I wouldn't get on everything.
  11. I'd say do all 3. SFgadv for one day. Lake Compounce/SFNE the next. I don't see how anyone could stay an entire day at Lake Compounce without getting bored. Don't get me wrong, it's one of the best parks I've ever been to. It's just too small to occupy your time for the entire day. SFGAdv is closeby and I've been to it quite often. You won't have any problem getting on everything you need(even without a Q-bot), and unless you REALLY want to re-ride everything over and over and over, you only need one day. SFNE on the other hand, they don't have much but if you just want to get credits, it's rather awful. The lines whose that times are the longest are the rides that aren't really all that good (The Vekomas). SROS of course will have a huge wait but that is expected. I know I'm probably too rushed for you, but I would say go to SFgadv (don't buy a Q-bot unless the crowds really look THAT bad) first, then drive up to Lake Compounce stay until you're bored and satisfied and head up to SFNE (only about 30 minutes away) and buy a Q-bot gold or just a Q-bot. Use your own judgement. That way you get on everything and have a pretty darn good time.
  12. I haven't had any success with "great" food within the park. There are indeed many fast food options just seconds outside the park. The one place within the park I thought was decent was the Italian type place right next to the big wheel. But I only recommend that if you absolutely want to stay in the park and eat. I'm sorry I can't remember the name of the place, but it looks kind of like a castle.
  13. The title is very misleading. I got a facebook email from GTITS on Sunday showing it off, so I thought it actually did reopen. It's not open yet, although darn close. I've been holding off my trip to Dollywood until i'm 100% sure Cliffhanger will be open.
  14. I'd advise NOT to do that. There isn't really anything to see that I can think of. I haven't really traveled down on it past Monmouth Mall but if it gets better. Then I'd say to take the parkway down to the Mall Exit which i believe is 108. Then catch up with route 35. The best part about it, is that from Exit 114 (where he'd get on) traveling south to that exit, you don't have to pay any tolls. Only if you are travelling north do you have a 70 cent toll. The only thing cool about traveling down 35 from Keansburg to Red Bank is that if you've seen the movie Clerks 2, the opening scene shows every fast food restaurant nearly in order. I just thought that might be interesting to know for some.
  15. Also, if you go to Gillians' website (they don't have a website for Gillians FUnland. In the side bar it said "Gillian's Funland openeing this weekend" now it says that the park is open. I'm just assuming that means the coaster is open also. Also, since Keansburg is just a 2 turns down the road away from me, tell me which day your going and around what time and I'll hang around the park to meet up with someone for a minute or two. I'm rather bored right now. Haven't been to the park this year yet either, might just get some double-shottage (which gives you two rides, not one like most double shots) on while I'm there.
  16. I just went this year. It really isn't so bad. I spent the entire day there and got on all the rides (Goliath twice and Monstre twice). It helps to just get a flash pass. I bought mine later in the day after i got nervous i wouldn't get on everything. But it was good for getting on the rides you really don't want to wait for (Tobbagan Nordique) when i saw that line, I knew... just have the darn thing wait in line for you. I actually really enjoyed the park. Goliath was running through trains really well. Monstre could've been better, but at least it was running two trains. But those two alone were worth the trip. Here's one review you probably will never hear again. but hopefully they're still doing it if you go. Le Cobra, operating one train, went REALLY fast. It was as fast as if any other park was operating it with two trains. Keep in mind that it is a stand-up and the time it took for people to get off and on at least felt like less than 30 seconds. Later in the day they even added 2 trains. But at that point I was just too focused on getting on the rest of the rides.
  17. Just curious for those that live around Holiday World. Because, we're talking about wooden roller coasters here. The great thing about wooden coasters is that they always give a different experience. I personally usually have worse rides on wooden roller coasters when it is really hot. But to Holiday World fans, do these coasters produce different rides depending on weather? I've been noticing at least to me, that the newer wooden roller coasters seem more "immune" to weather changes while old ones changed big time. My biggest example of of this, is Hercules... It was horrible.. rough, not enjoyable. But for some reason once it started to cool down I decided, why not. and it was actually.. a decent ride. I'm just curious because Holiday World rides seem to get very mixed reviews and if it really depends on the weather at that particular day whether you like teh ride or not.
  18. I'm really enjoying those driving shots. Getting there is usually the most fun part of the trip for me. Were any of those bridges from crossing into other states or just random bridges?
  19. I'd say a lot of that re-ridability can depend on different factors. Because TPR Hershey Park ERT on Lightning Racer. I couldn't wait for the next dispatch the moment we arrived at the station because it was just THAT much fun. But would I get bored of lightning racer before 5 consecutive rides without TPR member? Absolutely. So in the context of riding a rollercoaster consecutively without getting bored or slightly bored for 5+ times alone. There isn't much to choose from in my opinion. Storm Runner possibly. Although it's not here anymore, i'd say the only ride I could honestly say that on, is Hypersonic XLC. Just because it's over that fast. Right when I got off of it, I just wanted to go back on because it was like "wait, I missed it, what just happened?"
  20. I live Hazlet, as you can tell. But you may not know is that it's the town right NEXT to Keansburg. I personally haven't had a problem getting on Sea Serpent (I don't try often since.. well it's a kiddy) But I have heard some people getting denied. So if you go early and get denied, and then go to Jenkinsons. Just return to Keansburg, you probably won't get denied again. I could give you traffic advice, but it would be more helpful if i were there personally since the roads are "my" roads, I know them in and out.. I have yet to get denied on any NJ kid ride. But if you do. Here's another tip. You probably don't have the new kiddy coaster yet. It's in Sea Isle City, just opened this weekend. So you can always go there. I personally will probably wait for next year, and hit it on my way down to Wildwood for the new woodie.
  21. Agreed with majority, last week of august. and really the lines are so small that it really doesn't matter. just DON'T do Raptor first. When I first went I thought to myself "darn, am I going to get on everything?" but it's just that everyone goes there first. My trips during the last week of august were in 2003 05 and 06. I haven't been there since. And I got 3-4 rides on all the "big" rides and even left a few hours before closing.
  22. I'd have to agree. The Cesari's pizza is a must there. My friends want to go back to Knoebels this year, not because of the rides or Flying turns, but because of the pizza. I'm kind of confused on that, but it was really good.
  23. Didn't want to start a new thread, and this was the closest to the news. If you're not facebook friends with Ghost Town in The Sky. Here's the news: Cliffhanger is now testing! http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=1933378&op=1&o=all&view=all&subj=53104733242&aid=-1&oid=53104733242&id=833537435 A nice shot of it testing, I'm not sure if non-facebook users can see it though. I think it's time for me to start planning my trip to GTITS and Dollywood now.
  24. My highest Great American Scream Machine (Sfgadv) with approx. 75 2nd highest Nitro with 69 times. And that number IS accurate. I used coastercounter.com for that, i just estimated the amount of times i've been on GASM when i started it. Nothing else really comes close... Medusa is at approx. 54.
  25. Most anticipated "kiddy" coaster ever! I feel like the picture is just bad, because the ride looks rather large. Are there any stats to this ride yet? It's kind of sad, I actually probably will take a special trip out to Knoebels by the end of the summer just to ride this.
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