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  1. #1 Anubis #2. Mega Coaster at Hamanako Pal Pal, Because I miss Viper.
  2. Looks fun. Maybe a trip to Las Vegas will be worth it now. I bet the cost to doing this would be very expensive. I assume it will cost $60-$70 per... jump, fall, ride or whatever they call it.
  3. #1 Big Thunder Mountain Railroad #50 Mantis #100 Volcano: The Blast Coaster #200 Le Monstre. Right Side. (Left side was #199)
  4. I agree with someone above. 2nd row to back, left seat, so you can actually see how high up you are. Front is good too, but it feels too much like any other impulse coaster.
  5. Phoenix has the best airtime for me, mostly because of buzz bars. El Toro's airtime is... not fun. The ride ops always staple you, so it's just pain during the airtime. Before the slowed lift, El Toro's airtime used to still be painful, but kind of so extreme I didn't mind it. As for steel coasters, none have given me good airtime, That includes Apollo's Chariot, SROS (two of them), Nitro, Steel Force, Wild Thing. I'd actually say Magnum XL 200 did the best for the steel coasters.
  6. I was also there today, No wait at all for any of the rides. I was rather surprised by the ride. It was done better than I expected, and I bet the ride will be really fun once the park is open after dark. But the consequence of this sound system, is that it makes the ride completely not re-ride-able. It may be okay if you ride it during the same day, but coming off the ride and back on. I rode it 3 times in a row, and already the voices were getting annoying. "Am i taking crazy pills" was one of the lines that was getting annoying and the ending line. I also think the fire effect is a complete waste, you really have to look for it to see it, But again, it my potentially be awesome at night. I would also like to know if this counts as a new credit because after all, every ride operator has been saying to ride the "all new" Bizarro.
  7. Not sure what you want, but I've been to Dorney Park on a rainy day, and all the rides were open. I couldn't see throughout the ride because it was just that bad, but it was open. I think they close if lightning is in the area, but otherwise it's open. I've never had any problems with lines at Dorney, you will most likely be able to get through everything and some before half the day is over. Hershey is more busy, I've always been able to get on everything but Fahrenheit will be a pain, the line fills up quickly at opening and doesn't seem to let down at all. But you are going early in the year on a Monday while all the highschoolers are in school (at least on the NJ side) so probably just have a great day. Both parks are about the same when it comes to cleanliness and friendliness of employees, but i can't help you with the food part, I tend not to pay for overpriced food. Dorney is very simple to navigate, you pretty much see the ride you want to go to and walk there with few obstacles in the way. Hershey Park on the other hand, is slightly harder but would only result in walking for a few more minutes if you don't know your way around the park, not too bad.
  8. UK trip for me next year. I'm glad there's an estimated price for this one. I was going to try for the scandi trip this year, got the passport and everything, but ended up, not thinking I would have enough money by that time; turns out i'm way better at saving money than I thought. The only reason I put that I cannot commit now is because I'm going to be a senior at Rowan University and on the off chance that I get a job straight out of college. I'm just glad that the deposit is relatively low, if I do some how get a career right out of college I can afford, (even though I would hate to) the deposit I guess would be about $200?. Or maybe I should have said that I'm ready to commit if putting a deposit on it is commitment? On a side note, I would really love to go to Fantasy Island, there's something about a giant SLC that excites me, if it's not on the trip, I guess i'll just arrive a day earlier, rent a car and go.
  9. Umm, Why do i see sooo many females in these pictures? This is a roller coaster event, wasn't it? Am I missing something?
  10. I'd pleasantly decline. How would I ride it and where would it go? If the ride could be placed at a local amusement park, I'd choose to have Crystal Beach Cyclone, Yeah it was considered to be dangerous and whatever, but at least one ride would be alll worth it.
  11. Just curious, Canyon Blaster, would taller people normally get denied the ride? Or would one have to go to a next year's bash event in order to get the credit?
  12. Because names of inversions are common knowledge.... I'd also like to point out, that the word "inversion" in common usage among coaster enthusiasts, it's not really often used. The only time I ever hear "invert" used is in math classes. Before I got into coasters, everything was either a loop, a corkscrew, or just upside down. I feel like this topic has kind of lost it, none of this is even "wierd". I don't know about you guys, but don't you feel kind of a loser laughing that these people don't know as much about roller coasters as me. I find it weird when people claim that they got stuck upside down on a coaster(s). Yes, believe it or not I've found many people claim that they've gotten stuck upside down on multiple roller coasters. Now, it's one thing to lie to make a good story, but when even GP begin to doubt this, that's just odd. One particular claim that they got stuck upside down in the 2nd inversion, which isn't really possible since it's on a decline.
  13. I've driven from Carowinds to lets just say Phili, so you know where i'm talking about approx. and that was approx. 12 hours, so shave about 6-ish hours off. So 6 hours away. It's a pretty boring drive, very flat nothing happening. I didn't encounter any police, but yeah, with these economics times, I agree, don't drive even 1 mile over. I actually think I saw more in North Carolina than Virginia. As with radar detectors, if you use em right they won't ever catch you to fine you! I don't have one... I'm just saying...
  14. #1 Bored #2 Gives me a reason to travel #3 Gives me something to count #4 Sometimes i actually have fun #5 I like the view from high places.
  15. Ok, so what do you do? I was just playing the original, and it becomes a ladder, but to get over what? There's nothing underground, and it's not high enough to get over the hospital or clinic or whatever that was.
  16. Hmm, i've been on two of the GCI modded coasters, Boulder Dash, which was AMAZING! Thunder Road which was.. half amazing.. because the non GCI part was disappointing after a very smooth turn. I don't know how GCI did anything with J2, The brake on the first drop? I haven't been on it with the mod yet, but it's apparently not as bad as say Mean Streak or Hercules. As to which rides should get a GCI overhaul, I want to say mean streak, but unless you get rid of the brake on the first drop, it's going to suck anyways. There are too many rough wooden coasters that I would think need it, but even with their layout I don't think would even improve it to be much better to make it even worth it. Although I haven't been on it, I'd say GCI could make Shivering Timbers even better. After experiencing the Boulder Dash changes, there is so much airtime at the section they did and from what I hear, Shiver Timber's trick track is kind of weak and worn, So GCI getting that section of track to play with, I believe would turn out to be amazing.
  17. BEST NEW RIDE: Behemoth BEST EPIC FAIL: Dark Knight, SFgadv. BEST SPIN: Any Intamin Halfpipe BEST NAME: Flight Deck BEST CLASS ACT: Six Flags America
  18. I think it can.. probably needs upgraded trains, but it just doesn't work. Batwing doesn't do it anymore. I believe that was why both X-Flight and Batwing were constantly closed because of problems with it. So I guess if Vekoma got all the bugs out of this system, it would help capacity a whole lot, but if I were CF or SFA, I wouldn't try to reinstate that system
  19. nope, the questionnaire was just "do you like the name Dixieland Fun park?" and then next question "Do you like the name Big Bear Adventure Park?"
  20. So, I went to Atlanta to watch the Flyers beat the Thrashers and decided to check out Dixieland Fun park while there for the day. So after I got my Scream 'n Eagle credit, we went into the arcade since we got 4 free tokens and had the possibility to get even more tokens for DDR by taking a survey. The whole point of the survey was pretty much to consider a name change. The name they are considering is Big Bear Adventure Park. Big Bear to me just sounded like it belonged in PA so I voted it down. I don't really know what Dixie means, I just know that it's not a "good" thing in the South, so maybe that is why? Any thoughts? If you've never heard of the park, it's a pretty small place with one coaster I thought was fun. It's got a Screamin Swing, A zipline,and a cool employee named Thomas S. that is about it.
  21. There's nothing wrong with those colors, and the first thing that came to mind was Invertigo. I liked the older colors more, and here's my reason. Nighthawk was/is the "best" roller coaster at the park. This is according to a bunch of people I overheard while waiting in lines. The older colors were more aggressive and threatening. They kind of gave the impression that "This is a big aggressive ride and you should think twice about riding". The new colors are more friendly and now give the impression that "This ride is just fun, don't be scared of riding this". Cedar Fair's Millennium Force shows that they are willing to have "aggressive colors." I really do feel that if Millennium Force were to have Nighthawk's new color scheme, impressions on how "hardcore" that ride is, would be diminished. On a sort of side note, I'd be interested to find out patrons reactions to it. Will people start thinking that Top Gun.. err Afterburn is THE ride at Carowinds? I think most people would agree it's the better ride, but would Afterburn be the highlight of the park, like Nighthawk was.
  22. ^^^ I was just being stupid. I know it's completely unlikely that that would ever happen. Just trying to show how it was a complete waste of money (in my opinion) for CF to do what they did to Geauga Lake. I don't know why i have to explain my un-seriousness about my post but whatever.
  23. CF would buy the park to then remove the rides side of the park claiming to make it a high quality water park where they would decide not to build any more slides in it? My assumption is to remove competition from Kings Dominion.
  24. Isn't it kind of a violation of the rules? Since it's clearly not the first 100,000 that got it, more like random 100,000. All well, I guess I won't be going to Florida for some coasters and hockey.
  25. I didn't win. >= ( stupid me waited until the commercial DURING the superbowl to register. Should've done it with everyone else.
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